Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Wacky Call signs.

I was just reflecting back on some of the craziest comedies I have watched while growing up. One of them was WKRP in Cincinatti. Since I work in the media, I have seen various call signs either in radio or television. Lately I've been reading political blogs and also writing some, and I've taken some heat for doing so. I also remember something from MAD magazine which influenced this post, so how about this? If you're conservative, here are some call letters that are perfect for liberal radio and television stations: WKRP (yes, that's from the old comedy), KRAP-TV (From MAD Magazine), KASS; KDUM, KDNK; WDUM, WDNK, WIMP, WASS, KOOK, WAKO, KMA, KMAD, WMAD, WHPD, WUSS, KSAS, WSSA, KJKL, WJKL, WKMA, WPAS, KBRF, WBRF, KBUM, WBUM, KSSA, KMAF, KDMY, WDMY, WHIP, KRNO, WRNO, WDMB, KDMB.

Oh My!