Thursday, May 24, 2018

GOP California Governor Candidate John Cox Gaining Steam For #2 Position

Moonbeam's minions are dumping in their Depends. The thought of a strong GOP candidate breaking their stranglehold in Sacramento has got them gasping for air. Moonbeam's kookoo gravy train is about to get derailed if John Cox gets into office. While Moonbeam's pet monkey Gaffing Gavin Newsom is likely to get the number 1 spot in the primary, John Cox is gaining steam to knock out the liberal's pet monkey Tony Tallywhacker VillaWeiner. Liberal John Chiang who is also running for the second spot as Governor has done serious damage to Tony Tallywhacker VillaWeiner's campaign for Governor by exposing Tallywhacker's dirty deeds done dirt cheap. Gaffing Gavin Newsom has hammered John Chiang's campaign by exposing Chiang's financial blunders, a vengeful move Newsom orchestrated after Chiang refused to pay State legislators for not cooking the budget in time. May the poo flinging continue as John Cox gains momentum.

Monday, May 21, 2018

Gavin Newsom Launches Half Truth Attack Ads Against Liberal Opponent John Chiang

It's time to send a message to the liberals: Baldy Moonbeam, YOU'RE FIRED! Moonbeam's sidekick Gaffing Gavin has launched a sleazy half truth attack campaign against his liberal opponent John Chiang. Apparently, Chiang hurt Gaffing Gavin's pocketbook when the ^$$Embly and $tate $enate screwed around with the budget, refusing to do their work and "balance" the budget. When Chiang refused to give Gavin some loot, he spanked the monkey's pocketbook. Now Gaffing Gavin is going ape, knowing that Moonbat Chiang is on his tail. Newsom's been flinging poo at 2 of his toughest opponents he fears: Republican John Cox and Moonbat Johnny Chiang. Newsom thinks he can make Antonio Villaraigosa eat beans in the November election if Tony Tallywhacker becomes his opponent.

Sunday, May 13, 2018

Remember The Democrats During The Midterm Elections

Remember Californians, a vote for the Democrats supports Governor Moonbeam's failed policies, especially when voting for Gavin Newsom and Antonio Villaraigosa.  Gavin Newsom is trying to knock John Cox out of the race, knowing that John Cox had the guts to expose San Diego Mayor Bob Filner's dirty sexual harassment allegations.  Even the ambulance chaser Gloria Allred got this one right by filing a lawsuit that took Filner down.

Gavin Newsom Flings Monkey Poop At John Cox

image image image image image image image Gavin Newsom and Antonio Villa are getting nervous.  Neither of those two want to face off the November race with John Cox as their opponent.  John Cox lead the fight in San Diego to oust Bob Filner from the mayor's office when he sexually assaulted a number of women.  Newsom's sleazy campaign camp has come out with slimy attacks against John Cox, calling him an extremist. image If either Antonio Villa or Gavin Newsom get into office, they will continue Governor Moonbeam's failed policies for the next 4 to 8 years, driving out more businesses to other states. image It's time to stop the monkey business in Sacramento by voting the 2 dumb apes out.  It'll be funny to see John Cox and Travis Allen become the top 2 contenders in the race for Governor.

Friday, April 13, 2018

Dervish Sanders Suffers A Mental Meltdown

image Dervish Sanders is throwing an infantile temper tantrum again. Sanders claims I've been faking comments on my Wordpress site, writing embarrassing remarks, using his name. Dervish has no proof, other than his wild accusations against me. image image Dervish likes to tag team with other vile libtards whenever he attacks Conservatives on his hate blogs. Dervish has made many blog enemies by launching personal attacks against people he disagrees with and slandering them by creating hate blogs with stolen identities. Dervish's previous favorite blogger to attack was a guy named Luke. Dervish kept stealing Luke's posts and twisting what Luke wrote. Dervish got cockier with each post he stole and twisted from Luke. As he kept looking for others to smear, Dervish made 1 serious mistake in his attacks: he messed with the wrong blogger and got smacked around. image Dervish sides with immoral groups such as GLSEN, GLAAD, LGBT and NAMBLA by calling conservatives homophobes, Ku Klux Klan members and haters. Dervish's snake mosque breeds plenty of hate in him. Dervish acts like a typical Ku Klux Klan member. image Dervish's cockiness and full blown arrogance has come back to give him a full blown blog stinkface. Why the stinkface? It's to show the vile nature of his arrogance WITHOUT using vile words such as the F or S bombs, yet being raw enough to expose him for what he really is: a vile pervert who feels a thrill up his groin whenever he smears an honest blogger. By the way, Sanders seems to be fixated on sniffing men's farts. He got the nickname Fartbreath from another blogger for passing gas on others' blogs. image image Since Dervish Sanders baselessly accuses others of being queer, it makes me wonder what's in his mouth as I look at this picture. Sooooo… Dervy boy, what's that in your mouth? Others want to know… eh Dervish? Is that one of the "Love Nibbles" you talk about, Dervy boy? image image image image image image Hey there, Dervish? Look at this: someone else is laughing at you. HA HA Dervy boy! Ohhhh, okay, so I'm rubbing it in by being a smart aleck! And if you're wondering who D--D--P is, watch the video of Booker T wrestling Rikishi, the 9+ minute version with the Rikishi pre-match ritual. You need to watch the whole thing to fully understand it. To make it easier for you to understand, you will need to know the cast: Booker T, Rikishi, Michael Cole, Jerry "The King" Lawler, Jim "J-R" Ross and "Diamond Dallas" Page aka "D--D--P". image What's wrong, Dervy? Did "Blog Rikishi" make you look ridiculous? Your whiny retorts on your hate sites remind me of the WWE incident where WWE's Stephanie McMahon got the stinkface from Rikishi, then angrily ranted the following week of being made to look ridiculous. Just so you know, as long as you keep taking cheap shots against other conservative bloggers, your flea ridden mutts are fair game for laughing at you. image image image By the way Dervy boy, I could care less about who's trolling you on my sites. You sowed your wild oats by baselessly attacking others, and now you're reaping it. You have someone or a group of people trolling you, just like Quackobyrd, Nursie Poo Poo and Pookie Toot Toot. Pappy Dervish, Uncle Quacker, Uncle RN and Fake Lester are just some of the anti-trolls spraying the Troll Be Gone to laugh at you and your species. If you have half a brain in your body cavities, I bet someone either hacked you or found an electronic bread crumb you left behind to exploit your weak spots. image

Friday, March 9, 2018

"Mein Blog War"

image As my alterego Shoichi Funaki says, I am fighting evil in the blogosphere.  In the past several months, I've been on several blog sites commenting on various posts, only to encounter a vile blog troll who comes by to get a rise out of others by hurling vile insults.  A blog troll named Dervish Sanders has been hijacking other bloggers' identities, creating hate blogs, and slandering those he hates. image image Dervish's butt buddies have joined in on the blog attacks, spewing hate and gay pornography in their vile mean spirited retorts. One of his targets, a blogger named FreeThinke, has come up with a clever nickname for him, which fits him to a tee: Fartbreath. That name describes the blog stench he leaves behind with his mean spirited baseless attacks. image image image Pictured above are 2 of his mutts: Buttstink and Schweinhund. Dervish has a fixation of which you can see with one of his flea ridden mutts. image image Pappy Dervish often stops by to counter his queer son Fartbreath al Dervish Sanders and keep a leash on him. image Pappy Dervish usually comes by when Fartbreath al Dervish Sanders passes his stinkiest flatulence on Who's Your Daddy. Dervish is usually getting ready to snort more men's crack whenever he spews another cheap retort. Fartbreath al Dervish Sanders is fixated on sticking his head up Rikishi's rear end when Rikishi is full of gas. Fartbreath also likes to probe himself, as indicated in his vile sexually graphic insults he posts. image image image UH OH! Looks like Fartbreath al Dervish Sanders is having second thoughts? Naaah! Dervish is just playing spin for gold with his 0bama toy. image image image Dervish forgets he can't return used sex toys. Poor Fartbreath al Dervish Sanders! He runs the risk of getting a fatwa on his back from his imam at his local snake mosque. The vipers are flicking their tongues towards him as they smell the dog stink on his head, and the stink on his gay sex toy. You play, you pay!