Monday, October 22, 2018

Spooking Dervish Sanders…

Thursday, October 4, 2018

Who Paid Off Gil Cisneros' Accuser?

Who paid off Melissa Fazli to shut her mouth up and call the allegations of sexual harassment a misunderstanding?

Fazli claims Cisneros didn't pay her off. However, she didn't say that she didn't accept a bribe from the DNC or any other DCCC Super Pac.

Monday, September 24, 2018

Blue Or Red?

Blue or red? What color do you like? What do these colors remind you of? Let's start with blue. What do you see with the color blue? Someone choking and turning pale from getting strangled? Someone desperate for a life saving act? Someone choking the livelihood of your life with unbearable and unjust rules and regulations? Death? Sounds and looks like the Democratic Party.

Let's now look at red. What do you see? Blood flowing through a body, giving it life. Vim and vigor. Happy lively people going about their business freely, being productive. A huge bounty of fruit from the labor of those who have a purpose in their life. A business friendly climate. Sounds and looks like conservative principles working for the people.

The Democrats are flailing and desperately clawing their way, blaming the GOP for their failures and the rebellion from true patriots. The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC) has started flinging turds at GOP Congressmen and Congresswomen in California. But the truth is this: The Democrats choked the livelihood out of California with their stupid acts of treason against Californians. It started in the 1970s with the first 2 terms of Governor Moonbeam. Moonbeam struck a fat laden deal with the Service Employees International Union (SEIU), given them bloated pensions at the public's expense. Californians showed their disapproval when property taxes skyrocketed to pay for Moonbeam's big booboo by passing Proposition 13. Moonbeam ran up a huge tab of debt by the time he left Sacramento. It took 2 terms of Governor George "the Duke" Deukmejian and 2 terms of Governor Pete Wilson to stop the bleeding and create a surplus. The state treasurer sent rebate checks to all taxpaying residents to encourage them to work hard and prosper in California back in the 80s. Then, from 1999 to 2003, Moonbeam's old buttboy Gray Davis squandered the surplus built up by George Deukmejian and Pete Wilson, putting California back into a massive debt. Davis got voted in for a second term in 2002, but got recalled in 2003 shortly after he started his second term, when Californians saw him in the news daily, going from 1 fundraiser to another for the DCCC. Arnold Schwartzenegger led the recall, then fought against the establishment. However, the establishment kept choking businesses out of their livelihood, driving them out of California for good. In the meantime, Moonbeam's hair fell out along with any little sense of decency he may have had. Moonbeam came back in 2010 to choke businesses until they were blue in the face and eager to leave California and stay out. In 2014, the Democrats got a supermajority in the State Senate, Assembly and Governorship to further strangle honest hard working families of their livelyhood. And now, the DCCC tries to blame Republicans in Washington DC for the filth created by their own party.

While Baldy Moonbeam and Gaffing Gavin continue to commit acts of treason against Californians, a number of Californians are silently ready to turn the tables on the DNC & DCCC.

Thursday, September 13, 2018

Loose Lying Left Wing Extremist Bimbo Barbie Community Organizer VS Patriotic California Congressman

Seriously, Democrats? Is this all you come up with? This community organizing Bimbo Barbie Katie Hill pukes up a bunch of liberal whoppers about Tax Cuts! The GOP did what they could to initially start cutting taxes to jump start the economy. Seriously? The Democrats want to put some loose woman into Congress in place of a steady principled patriot. This loose bi-sexual woman in a loose open marriage is the best that the Democrats can produce? Compare Katie to the GOP Patriot Stephen Knight.

Congressman Steve Knight has been fighting to keep the liberal insanity at bay in his district. How else do you expect businesses to stay in California when liberals recklessly go on spending sprees, taxing businesses to bankruptcy? Fewer businesses in California mean less work and fewer opportunities in California and more poverty and welfare. If that's what you want in Palmdale and the Santa Clarita area of California, then vote that loose moral Bimbo Barbie Community Activist Katie Hill into office. Steve Knight's been trying to protect you fools from sliding downhill into the abyss.

Maxine Waters Threatens Trump Supporters

America's Energy And Other Things Headed Our Way…

God's Next Order: Are You Ready?

The God Fearing President Donald Trump Tossed Satanic Idols Out Of The White House!

Liberals call this President evil. OPEN YOUR EYES, EARS AND HEART, LIBERALS!

President Trump WAS In Danger…

Indian Prophet Sadhu Sundar-Selvaraj Speaks On The False Prophet The Anti-Christ

Monday, September 10, 2018

California Quake

This is just one of many prophetic videos about The West Coast throughout North America.

Jack Van Impe Returns From Near Death To Healed 5 years ago, Jack Van Impe spoke out against Pastor Rick Warren without doing proper research before charging him of doing spiritually wrong things against the Kingdom of God. When you go back to the commentary posted in September 2013, you will see the details. Make sure you click onto the link above, so that you will get the backdrop to what I'm about to say next. After you return, make sure you click onto the link below and watch the video. What I say afterwards will make more sense if you watched the video of Jack Van Impe.
Now that you saw the video, I wonder if our Lord God permitted Satan to afflict Jack Van Impe with serious illnesses while sparing his life, just like what happened to Job. Van Impe spoke out against a servant of Christ when he didn't take the time to give Rick Warren a call to dialogue about his concerns for Warren's remarks. That is just my speculation, not a fact. I'm not saying that God judged Jack Van Impe and used Satan to chastise him over the comments he made about Pastor Rick Warren.

It is good to see God's grace in Jack Van Impe's life. Van Impe's wife Rexella must have shed many tears while staying by his bedside 5 hours a day for the past few years. Now, is Van Impe the last appointed prophet before World War III? That remains to be seen. We will see President Trump serving as President until 2025, bringing in righteous folks to serve the USA and protect both the USA & Israel. Prophet Mark Taylor made that very clear. You can see what I and my blog team mates wrote about Mark Taylor's prophecies on Donald Trump on this blogsite and the sister blogsites we write on. In Van Impe's program, he spoke about the Pope breaking 7 rules as a Catholic leader. The prophecy Mark Taylor got from God is that the Pope is corrupt and will be removed from the papal ranks. Van Impe and Taylor are both saying we will be seeing God clean up the churches soon.

Let's see where the chips fall. God is about to use Donald Trump, Mark Taylor, Jack Van Impe, Rexella Van Impe and others to expose crooked church pastors, cult leaders, thieves and politicians to Israel, America and other nations.

Sunday, September 9, 2018

CBS CEO Leslie Roy Moonves Leaves CBS Over Charges Of Sexual Harassment And Rape

Even CBS reported about the spiraling down of Moonves. But, Fox News brought out even more details from the Associated Press that CBS and the Chicago Tribune edited out: more stories from the women whom Moonves allegedly sexually assaulted. Even Ambulance Chaser Gloria Bloom Allred is doing the right thing, helping the women (while lining her pocketbook with more loot… uh, cash).

Thursday, September 6, 2018

Dervish Alert! Dervish Alert! CODE ORANGE! CODE ORANGE!

Originally Published On Liberal Troll Watch…

Dervish Sanders has flipped out again on Lisa's blogsite Who's Your Daddy. As you can see, Little Hoochie Toot Toot, the wandering little blog chihuahua has freaked out again, passing gas, setting off the Dervish alarm.

Dervish has been hitting up on the Moonbat Hooch, guzzling down at every moment possible before playing the rusty trombone with his flea ridden mutt Kwyjibos.

Dervish and Rational Nation USA got together this weekend to engage in an orgy of giving each other rusty trombones with Dervish's flea ridden mutt Kwyjibos. However, during the moments when Dervish spanked RN's monkey, Kwyjibos escaped, hopping onto a freight train heading to the West Coast.

Dervish's mutt Scooter accompanied Kwyjibos and brought her to the SPCA West Coast headquarters near Blog Rikishi and Blog Rocky's safe haven for flea ridden mutts. Kwyjibos was treated for fleas, ticks, flukes and tapeworms, Dervish's favorite crunchy snacks. Kwyjibos got her sinuses cleaned out, free of Dervish's fecal matter which made her ill. Nursie Poo Poo and Dervish went apewol when they heard the freight train taking off after they noticed Kwyjibos and Scooter were gone.