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Barney Frank's Thrill Up His Hands:

Miss Moneypenny (@moneypenny008) tweeted at 4:18 PM on Tue, Dec 04, 2012: http://t.co/ozbYxVsB Testicle Screener of Amerika touched Rivera's Junk http://t.co/HafemL0E #TSA #Sgp #tCot (https://twitter.com/moneypenny008/status/276118212721119232) Get the official Twitter app at https://twitter.com/download

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Jerry Moonbeam Diagnosed With Prostate Cancer

Bad news for Governor Moonbeam...You have all heard that Jerry Brown has prostate cancer in its early stages.  Cancer is no joking matter for anyone, whether you agree with them or not.  So I extend an olive branch to you lefties...feel free to bend over and take it!
Moonbeam, I hope the suffering stays at a minimal level.  Satan may have stuck you from behind, but you can fight back hard and win over cancer.
Let 'er RIP Moonbeam!
By the way, your favorite doctor is in the house!  He just gave Barry 0bama a prostate exam!  He's still bent over, but he'll get over it soon.
Albert Horsass also got a close up inspection.  Unfortunately for him, he's stuck, and can't get out.

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Zimbra android apps

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A Blogger Needs Our Help!

ROLL CALL! Amusing Bunni needs us RIGHT NOW! | MareZilla.com
Hi readers!  In case you haven't seen my other blogs, I am posting this on behalf of Zilla Of The Resistance.  Blogger Amusing Bunni is facing a tough fight for her life with terminal cancer.  Zilla has the details on this; check the link above.

Update:  as of April 30 2013, Our Amusing Bunni has passed on to the heavens, and is looking at us from above.  Rest In Peace Bunni!

Friday, November 30, 2012

A Fellow Conservative Needs Our Prayers And Help!

ROLL CALL! Amusing Bunni needs us RIGHT NOW! | MareZilla.com
Zilla of the Resistance posted this a few weeks ago shortly after the November 2012 Elections.  A fellow blogger Amusing Bunni is facing a life threatening struggle and needs your prayers and other help.  You can find out more and help by clicking on the link above.  This is serious, and not a laughing matter.

Update:  As of 4/30/13. Amusing Bunni passed away from cancer.  Carol Mackie is now resting in peace, watching us from Heaven.  Her blog site Amusing Bunni remains up for all to see.  RIP Amusing Bunni!  You will be forever missed, but oen day, we will see you again when our times come.

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Michael Moore misses his Ding Dongs

Fred Thompson (@fredthompson) tweeted at 7:30 AM on Mon, Nov 26, 2012: Michael Moore open letter asks of Obama "that 2nd term not resemble your 1st". Man... Michael's taking Hostess bankruptcy REALLY hard. #tcot
I tip my blog post to you Fred!  It's not a good year for the blimp!  He lost his Ho Hos, his true love: the TWINKIE, and he won't see his Ding Dongs ever again!  Mikey will now bully Little Debbie for his sugar fits.

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Libbie @$$wipes Call The Death Penalty "Cruel And Unusual" Punishment

O.C. killer wins partial death-penalty review The Orange County Register
Oh the libturds have gone onto a big hissy fit by calling California's Death Penalty a form of cruel and unusual punishment.  Let me ask you libbies this:  what's more cruel, a guy waiting on death row for his day, or the family and friends of the murder victim having to wait to see if the sentence will be carried out or tossed into the sewer?  Think of Leonora Wong's family, and the cruel and unusual punishment Ed Morgan inflicted on them because he went off in his Mr. Hyde mode.

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Have You Laughed At A Liberal Today? What The H...Did Jesse Jackson Jr Hide?

I'm borrowing a line from the Tim Conway Jr. Show heard on KFI 640 7-10 PM Pacific Time.  Conway has a game on Thursday nights called "What The Hell Did Jesse Jackson Say" in which he plays some hard to understand audio clip of Jesse Jackson mumbling something. But that's another topic.  Now the question comes up:  What the h... is Jesse Junior hiding?

Long before the election, people wondered where Jesse wandered off to.  Jackson has been under investigation by the feds for allegedly misusing his campaign funds to furnish his home with new furniture.  Did Junior embezzle his campaign dough to redecorate his home?  We will find out soon.

Earlier, Junior said that he would consider resigning if he could retain his benefits for treatment of bipolar depression.  HUH???  Retain benefits for seeing some head doctor?  There are times when one does something and hides his dirty deeds, he will start having physical symptoms of illnesses cropping up, and some symptoms disable a person.  Some wondered before the election whether he would wait until after the election to resign, so that his conservative Republican opponent Brian Woodward would not be voted into the seat, and that Junior would help his left wing extremist candidate win in a special election.  Now that he got voted in, he put his dirty political tricks into action.

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Have You Laughed At A Liberal Today? Obama Toys

Muh-muh-my!  OH MY!  The funniest toys are starting to hit the market!  Mr. E and I just came across stupid.com and saw these 0bama items for sale.


Friday, November 9, 2012

Where's The Thief? Where's The Thief?

As you have all heard, Nancy Pelosi's vacation cave has been raided by another moonbat thief, an opportunist who didn't know he was smuggling goods from a fellow moonbat.  This dud (yes, DUD) got his goose egg cooked when he tried to burglarize others in the neighborhood, and got caught by law enforcement.  The thing that got this dud Kevin back into the the pokey was a watch he helped himself to from Pelosi's hideaway. Kevin Michael Hagan will forever be remembered as the guy who raided Nancy Pelosi's vacation hideaway.

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Key Words Used For Democratic Brainwashing Points

I have found there are many key words used in Liberal campaigns to convince the voter to vote in a certain way.  Here are some of their key brainwashing points:

1:  Fair share of taxes....liberal code to swindle money from the rich
2:  Lower taxes for the working class:  liberal code to raise taxes so that the government can waste it on union kickbacks.
3:  Separation Of Church and State:  code to brainwash people into doing what the government says.
4:  Equal Rights to marry:  code to allow gays to hunt down underage boys for sex...same with lesbians hunting down underage girls.
5:  Right Wing extremists:  code attack word against those who don't condone the liberal views of the power hungry far left.
6:  Hate Speech:  code used to attack those who do not condone immoral behavior and speak out about it.
7;  Palestinian Rights:  Code word used to attack those who support the right of Israel to exist.
8:  Tolerance:  code word used to excuse left wing extremists' radical attacks against those who oppose all forms of immorality.
9:  Racists:  code word used against those who oppose the policies of Barack Obama or any other Democrat Politician in any given State.
10:  House Negro:  racist term used by the left wing to attack conservative African Americans.

Remember these terms when you see them being used to attack your views as you vote.

And remember, liberals attack Fox News, calling it unfair and biased, while they drool over the liberal chumps I've pictured above.
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Have You Laughed At A Liberal Today? Obama's After Halloween Party

(A special thanks to el Sooper (@SooperMexican of Twitter) for giving me permission to use his artwork) http://soopermexican.com

Word is out that B0B0 had a raging Halloween Party at the White House a few days ago.  He went through several costume changes during his gala.  Here was his first costume.

He got hungry soon after and started having serious cravings for dog meat.  So he got his team together to go to his new business hide out from Shelley.

 He went out on a hunt, and captured Adolf Hitler's pet Fluffy.

 He made several dishes out of Fluffy, including a frozen dessert for himself.

 Word got out to Hitler that Obama ate his pet Fluffy.


 Adolf hit the roof, when he found out that David Axelrod aided Obama in capturing Fluffy.  He summoned Axelrod and gave him more than an ear full.  Axelrod then broke some shocking news to Hitler.

Obama got his Choom Gang posse to deflect the rage of Hitler:
Chrissi "Tingleleggs" Matthews
 Obama bribed him with another thrill up his scrotum.

Joey Big Bird Biden

Rachel Madcow
Jesse The Nut Chopper Jackson

 And last but not least, Shelley was not amused over his mutt hunting.

 His mutt Bo sent word to Mitt Romney that 0bama wanted to eat his dog Seamus.

 Mitt sent 0bama a message to stop him from eating Seamus.

Mitt rounded up 0bama's posse, and made Donkey burgers out of them.

 Chrissi Matthews saw Romney mince 0bama's posse, and suffered constipation that night.

Joey Big Bird Biden started flapping his wings and let out another gaffe caw to Paul Ryan.

 So when you get out and vote, remember this:
 Pimp Daddy's going to get fired on November 6 2012.
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