Thursday, July 29, 2010

Half baked protests go on over SB 1070

TThe moonbats have gone pinko!  They have started spewing their half-baked brains out onto the streets, protesting the Border Protection Bill that Arizona has pushed for, and started enforcing.  Despite the loose screws inside libtard activist judge Susan Bolton (my, what a name...Bolton...should be Skruoff), Sheriff Joe Arpaio has gone on the offensive against the soft on crime pinkos!

Let's face the facts:  over 70% of the crimes committed in the United States are from illegal aliens...we have a serious problem with criminals crossing the borders!  Yet President 0bungler and his crew of nimrods want the crooks to enter into the country.  This has got to STOP!

The time has come to support Arizona!  Just how many of these protesters read the Bill, and know what it says?  ZERO!  Like in!  Liberals need to stop drinking the FoolAid!  Rock on Sheriff Joe Arpaio!

Haole Howard Dean Plays Race Card On Fox News Sunday

Haole Howie has done it again.  Haole Dean has gone off howling on Fox News that they have been pushing racism.  How does that clown get away with this?  He goes off saying that Fox News cost that Black Klanther Sherrod her job, when 0bama's House of Libtards actually fired her.  Then Haole Dean says that the Black Klanther case should be dismissed by the 0bama DOJ!  The clown school of libtards has spoken!

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Illegals Running Away From Arizona to Sanctuary States

Check out this email I just received:
Grassfire Nation
Arizona Update


Illegals fearful of Arizona's new "get-tough" immigration
law that goes into effect this Thursday are reportedly
selling off personal belongings and heading to liberal
sanctuary states where benefits are bountiful...

Places like California?

       "Everyone is selling up the little they have and
       leaving," said Wendi Villasenor, an illegal
       alien headed to Pennsylvania. Villasenor told
       Reuters, "We have no alternative. They have
       us cornered."

       Mystere, Arizona's solution is likely to cause
       problems-not just for neighboring states, but ALL
       states that don't have similar immigration
       policies in effect.

That's precisely why we are urging members of Grassfire
Nation to stand with us in support of Arizona's new
immigration law, and other states that are considering similar

+ +  Your Message of "No Amnesty" to California

This Thursday Grassfire Nation and ResistNet will be
participating at the National Immigration Policy Summit
in Phoenix, and we want to impress on everyone present
that grassroots Americans want tough immigration policies
in place!

This vital summit will explore ways in which your state
of California can adopt the same law that Arizona
has enacted to sweep out the illegal aliens who have
been stealing benefits reserved for citizens.

       Unless other states take up with Arizona to
       confront the swelling illegal immigration
       crisis that is choking our nation, the rights
       and benefits reserved for you and your family
       will be undermined, compromised and threatened.

That's why we are urging ALL members of our team to take
immediate action with us so that we can represent you and
your state at this important summit.

Take a moment right now to forward this message to as many
of your California friends and family - urging them
to add their names to our petition so that we can send
a message DIRECTLY to your lawmakers telling them to
enact Arizona's trailblazing path to protect our
sovereignty and way of life as well!

Have them click here now to be included:

We literally have just hours to reach our goal of 200,000
petitions and we are counting on you to help us reach our
goal by forwarding this message to your California
friends and family urging them to sign as well by clicking

We've pushed our deadline as far as we possibly can without
jeopardizing this presentation to the masses of citizens,
government officials, and media that will be present.

So don't delay. Forward this message right now to ensure
that your California, friends, family, co-workers are
all included - to ensure that a strong message can be sent
to your state lawmakers that you will not tolerate a
illegal aliens flooding into your state and threatening
your way of life.

Again, our team will be in Phoenix to represent you and
the tens of thousands of American citizens who are
demanding our border laws are enforced!

Thanks in advance for your tremendous support.

Your friends at Grassfire Nation

P.S: Unless we inspire a mighty movement whereby ALL states
in the union move to adopt Arizona's new immigration law,
California may become the next home for thousands of
illegal aliens!

Don't let that happen. Alert your California friends.
We are counting on you to help us reach our goal of 200,000
petitions before Thursday's Phoenix summit!

Grassfire Nation, a division of Grassroots Action, Inc., is a
million-strong network of grassroots conservatives that is
dedicated to equipping you with the tools that give you a real
impact on the key issues of our day.
Copyright 2009 Grassroots Action, Inc.

Note that the one illegal alien doesn't fit the so-called
Hispanic profile!  This is about ALL RACES of illegal aliens
running from the law!

Monday, July 26, 2010

McCain Has The 'Big Mo' (reprint)

Here is an article from Newsmax that really got my attention:  (my jabs are in yellow).


McCain Has the ‘Big Mo’ in Arizona Race

By: John Mercurio
Using the political calculus of today, Sen. John McCain should be facing the political fight of his life.

Instead, the four-term incumbent holds a significant lead over his main opponent and appears to be breezing toward a big win in Arizona's Aug. 24 Republican primary.

The Arizona Republic newspaper recently summed up the trend, headlining that McCain held a “devastating” lead over his challenger, former GOP Rep. J.D. Hayworth. A July Rocky Mountain poll by the Phoenix-based Behavior Research Center showed McCain with a whopping 64 percent of the vote, compared with 19 percent for Hayworth.

At first, pundits thought the war hero and Arizona Republican would face a tough challenge from Hayworth, who became a Phoenix radio talk show host after losing his congressional seat in November 2006.

But McCain is one of the few Washington Republicans riding high on the tea party wave, and he probably will not suffer the fate of Utah Sen. Bob Bennett, who was ousted by grass-roots conservatives at the state's GOP convention in May.

According to McCain's supporters, he was a “tea partyer” long before the term became fashionable, having acted as a fiscal and deficit hawk in the Capitol for decades. For example, McCain is one of a mere handful of senators who has eschewed political-pork earmarks.

He also earned praise for being one of President Barack Obama’s fiercest critics from the earliest days of the new administration.  GOOD FOR JOHNNY MAC!  HE GIVES ODUMBO A POLITICAL "CAINING!"

"I am proud of the leadership position I have taken fighting this administration," McCain said during a recent debate in Phoenix.  DID OBAMA FEEL THE "CAINING", OR DID HE STUFF HIS FAKE BIRTH CERTIFICATES IN HIS PANTS TO PAD HIS 'FANNIE'?

During his more than two decades in the Senate, McCain has not been a hard-line partisan. So his criticisms of Obama’s uncompromising ways are striking a nerve.

In a July New York magazine article, McCain expressed his frustration with Obama, saying: “This administration has decided to govern from the far left without any consultations or negotiations or any compromises to be made with the other party! You know how many times I’ve been asked to go over to the White House to negotiate on any issue? Zero. Zero."

During his first debate with Hayworth on July 16, McCain went on to recite a litany of ways he's fought to defeat the "change" agenda that carried Obama to victory two years ago. Hayworth had a sharp response.

"John, if you had told the truth about Barack Obama the way you're spreading falsehoods about me," he quipped, "you might be president of the United States right now."

But Hayworth’s invective against McCain hasn’t been gaining traction with Republican voters.

Hayworth has tried to present himself as the tea party candidate. But he experienced a serious setback in March, when Arizona's four largest grass-roots organizations — the Tucson Tea Party, the Greater Phoenix Tea Party, the Flagstaff Tea Party, and the Mohave County Tea Party — issued a joint statement that they would not be making any endorsement.

Meanwhile, Sarah Palin, one of the tea party’s de facto leaders, strongly endorsed McCain. In a joint campaign event in March, Palin declared the tea party phenomenon "a beautiful grass-roots movement that is putting government back on the side of the people . . . Everybody here today supporting John McCain, we're all part of that tea party movement."

While conservatives have had some differences with McCain through the years, Hayworth also has a Washington record after 12 years in Congress. Some tea party activists say Hayward does not completely reflect the small-government emphasis that they are pushing.

"The tea party is a nonpartisan, grass-roots movement that stands for limited government, free markets, and fiscal responsibility," said Robert Mayer of the Tucson Tea Party.

Everett Wilkinson, a member of the national leadership council of Tea Party Patriots, tells Newsmax that his organization has chosen not to endorse candidates in Arizona or elsewhere.

"We think it's in the best interest of our country and our movement to allow activists and local groups to endorse," he says. "We're a bottom up rather than a top-down organization. As a nonprofit, there are certain legal hurdles that we have to overcome to endorse candidates, and we've chosen at this time not to deal with those."

Hayworth claims endorsements from about a half-dozen tea party organizations. A third candidate for the nomination, Navy veteran and conservative Jim Deakin, is considered a long shot. Deakin has received limited tea party support.

The polls seem to show the momentum is with McCain. In addition to the Rocky Mountain poll, a June Rasmussen Reports survey showed McCain enjoying a commanding lead of 47 percent to 36 percent.

That's impressive considering that Arizona's most controversial issue this year is immigration. In April, the Arizona Legislature passed SB 1070, requiring law officers in the state to determine a citizen's residency after a "lawful contact" or arrest, when a reasonable suspicion exists that the person is

illegal. Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer quickly signed the measure into law, and the Obama administration has filed a lawsuit on the grounds the law pre-empts the federal prerogative to protect the borders and control immigration.

Hayworth often notes that McCain strongly backed a moderate immigration compromise as recently as 2006. But McCain acknowledged almost two years ago that his support for the immigration bill was a mistake. He said that he should have demanded that a border security program be implemented first and has made that a legislative priority.

McCain also strongly embraced SB 1070, and has won Brewer's endorsement.

"We have to address the issue of the people who are here illegally. No amnesty,” McCain declared on the “Jon Justice Show,” a popular radio program for conservatives in Tucson. “Many of them need to be sent back.”

McCain has likened himself to Theodore Roosevelt, a popular Republican who occasionally broke with his party on some issues but was revered for his staunch Americanism. McCain likes the populist and “straight talk” tack, one that seems to be working this year.

Interestingly, McCain garnered support from another plain-spoken celebrity: Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi of MTV's "Jersey Shore" show.

Polizzi recently told McCain's daughter Meghan she voted for him in 2008 because "he was really cute and I liked when he did his speeches."  REALLY CUTE?  OH MY!

That prompted McCain to quip on Fox News: "'Vote for me, I'm cute.' I think the days are long past when I could use that as a slogan."  HA HA!

And this year it won’t help. Voters are looking for fighters who won’t accept the establishment line. McCain appears to fit the bill.

© Newsmax. All rights reserved. 

What's next for Johnny Mac? 

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Soros-funded terrorist, ACORN pushed felon vote

Soros-funded terrorist, ACORN pushed felon vote
You can bet that 0bama used crooks to put him to the top!

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Ask Daddy


Tuesday, July 6, 2010

FEMA Workers Blow Disaster Funds!

FEMA Workers Blow Disaster Funds on Birthday Gift Cards

Via the Hirschen Left Coast Report/Newsmax

by James Hirschen

Employees at the Federal Emergency Management Agency ran up more than $247,100 in “improper” expenses using FEMA credit cards — including $4,318 for two “Happy Birthday” gift cards.
The Department of Homeland Security Office of Inspector General examined purchases between October 2007 and June 2009 by FEMA employees who used “disaster-purchase” credit cards provided by the agency.
“Disaster purchase cards can be used only for disaster needs, using disaster funding, and are the preferred method to pay for disaster-related micro-purchases,” a report from the inspector general stated.
“With more effective internal controls, FEMA could have prevented more than $247,100 of improper purchases or detected them more quickly.”
Among the purchases deemed improper:
  • Two “Happy Birthday” gift cards, each for $2,159, were bought with funds designated for Hurricane Ike disaster relief operations in Texas.
  • 19 portable ceramic heaters were purchased for $1,098 with funds allocated for disaster relief efforts in Oklahoma. Homeland Security prohibits cardholders from buying personal convenience items such as heaters, according to the report.
  • 360 golf umbrellas costing $9,000 were bought with Hurricane Ike disaster relief funds. Similar umbrellas were available for half the price. At least 60 of the umbrellas were never used.
  • Cardholders spent more than $20,000 on software, printers, and other office supplies using funds designated for other purchases.
  • More than $2,800 was spent on purchases “that appeared to have been made by individuals other than the cardholders,” the report discloses.
Not surprisingly, the inspector general recommended that FEMA “increase oversight.”

Friday, July 2, 2010

"Brilliant" Democratic Orators

Recently, I got this email, and I thought I'd pass this one along!

Great Orators of the Democrat Party

 "One man with courage makes a majority." - Andrew Jackson

 "The only thing we have to fear is fear itself." - Franklin D. Roosevelt

 "The buck stops here." - Harry S. Truman

 "Ask not what your country can do for you; ask what you can do for your country." - John F. Kennedy

 And, from today's genius Democrats...

 "It depends what your definition of 'Sex' is?'' - Bill Clinton

 "That Obama ... I would like to cut his NUTS off." - Jesse Jackson

 "Those rumors are false ... I believe in the sanctity of marriage." - John Edwards

 "I invented the Internet." - Al Gore

 "The next Person that tells me I'm not religious, I'm going to shove my
 Rosary beads up their ASS." - Joe Biden

 " America is ... Is no longer, uh, what it ... It, uh, could be, uh, what it
 Was once was ... Uh, and I say to myself, 'uh, I don't want that future, uh,
 Uh for my children." - Barack Obama

 "I have campaigned in all 57 states." - Barack Obama (Quoted 2008)

 "You don't need God anymore, you have us Democrats." - Nancy Pelosi (Quoted 2006)

 "Paying taxes is voluntary." - Sen. Harry Reid

 "Bill is the greatest husband and father I know. No one is more faithful, true, and honest than he." - Hillary Clinton (Quoted 1998)

 And the most recent gem of wisdom from the "Mother Moron":
 "We just have to pass the Healthcare Bill to see what's in it." - Nancy Pelosi (Quoted March, 2010)


 ''Life's tough ... it's even tougher if you're stupid.'' - John Wayne

Oh My!