Monday, September 29, 2014

Have You Laughed At A Liberal Today? Andrea Mitchell VS Crooksandliars: Why Aren't We Just Bombing ISIS... The kooks and libtards bloggers have gone bat spit crazy over one of their own voicing concern over her safety regarding ISIS. Liberal extremist Andrea Mitchell asked why the military wasn't bombing the ISIS libnuts who have engaged in carrying out acts of terror on every non Muslim. Heather, John and their left wing extremist dimwits at Crooks And Liars wet their pants and went postal over their left wing harpy speaking out against ISIS. Poor Kooks And Libtards! Their gravy train just derailed!

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Jerry Brown Creates 1.5 Billion Jobs? NOT!

Oh really Jerry? What "jobs" did you create, Governor Moonbeam?
Didn't you drive Toyota out to Plano Texas, Governor Moonbeam?

ISIS Issues Fatwa Against Twitter Employees
ISIS is nothing like this baboon going through elephant dung, looking for a morsel. They are much worse and dangerous. If they want to issue a fatwa, they will carry through with their threats.

New York Golf Clubs Say No To 0bama

While the world explodes, President Urkel tries to hit the links.

Urkel thinks the ice cream is "the bomb." ISIS goes out and drops the bomb.

Urkel sees himself as a strong leader.
ISIS sees Urkel as a crazy wimpy mouse!