Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Have You Laughed At A Liberal Today? Tweets From Liberal Twitter Apes

Keep up the good work, Jackie : ) RT @LiberalJaxx: @myfoxmystere has put me on his "dangerous libtard" list. I (cont) -- Tim (@SupermanHotMale)


Saturday, May 26, 2012

New Obama Biography Unsettles the White House » Biography » Biographile

New Obama Biography Unsettles the White House » Biography » Biographile

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Jesse, Al, Earl And The USC Grad Student Murders VS Trayvon Martin Case

Where are Earl Ofari Hutchinson, Al Sharpton and Jessie Jackson?
They're out race baiting against George Zimmerman over the death of Trayvon Martin, publicly charging Zimmerman with murder because Trayvon was a black man, and Zimmerman is a White Hispanic.
Compare this with the USC Grad Student murders:  2 Chinese nationals are dead at the hands of 2 Black suspects.  Yet these 3 race baiters keep their beaks shut about this.
I'm getting sick and tired of the "axis of race baiters" giving passes to their own, while acting like rabid dogs when one of their own does something and pays the consequences such as Trayvon Martin.
According to Jesse, Al and Earl (and their female counterparts Maxine Waters, Diane Watson, and Sheila Jackson Lee), their community should always have a free pass when gang banging thugs shake up or kill whites, Asians and Hispanics, but when one of their own dies at the hands of someone who isn't black, all hell should break loose until he gets hunted down and politically lynched.
Earl, where art thou?  Why do you give a pass to the USC Grad Student murderers?  Oh wait, I know why:  the grads were Chinese, and they didn't do your laundry, right?

Friday, May 18, 2012

Have You Laughed At A Liberal Today? Chrissi Matthews: The Jeopardy Genius!!!!

Chris "Tinglefoot" Matthews is a real genius...UH UH UHH NOT!  For several years, he's been running his vile mouth off, saying that if Sarah Palin were to be on Celebrity Jeopardy, she would be the dumbest person ever to be on that show.  As you all saw, Chrissi-boi became a contestant on Celebrity Jeopardy, competing with Lizzie O'Leary and Bobby Gibbs.

Hey Chrissi:  What's it like being Miss O'Leary's fat cow?  Did you like eating Moose Turd Pie on Jeopardy?  

Hey, even Anderson Cooper put you as the champ on his RIDICULIST!  

How did you ever lose to Boobyhead Gibbs?  Even he is smarter than you are?  OH MY!

Did you feel a thrill up your leg, Chrissi-boi?



The politically correct clowns in Oregon have struck again!  This goofball act they're committing is to get rid of native American mascots in their schools.

Are they beyond mad?  This report came via the Patriot Action Network.  The Associated Press reported these incidents going on in the Oregonian schools.  I shake my head over this one! 

Send a message to the clowns running the local school boards:  CHOP CHOP PC POLICE!  Your days are numbered, @$$ clowns!

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Governor "Moonbeam" Shoots Up Taxes

"You name it, we gotta cut it...I'm the oldest Governor in the country...I know what I'm talking about," says Governor Moonbeam.
Moonbeam Jerri wants to make us pay more taxes to cover up for the financial blunders his party has inflicted on us.  Moonbeamer piles on a huge guano dump on us, howling that he needs to cut back on critical services in order to keep California from going further into bankruptcy.
Tax the one who feeds you, Jerri!  Keep biting the handouts that feed you, Moonbeamer!
Jerri, what are you really covering up?  Actually, maybe it's better that we don't see it...we will likely puke! 
"Please, please vote to raise the taxes!" 
Yeah, right Moonbeam!  And you're now wearing the Emperor's New Clothes?  Are you really being transparent?  Or are you giving us a pile of baboon poop?