Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Olbermann for Senate? Bloggers Draft Combative Host to Replace Lieberman

Olbermann for Senate? Bloggers Draft Combative Host to Replace Lieberman

What a perfect job for the OLD BEAST!  Maybe he'll run?  Will he win, or get a TKO from the voters?

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Remember, Lefties blame the innocent when one of theirs kills an innocent victim.

Let this be a reminder to the left wing dumbos who politicized the Arizona Shootings of Congresswoman Gabby Gifford, and the murder of 9 year old Cristina Taylor Greene:
May Gabby Giffords fully recover and heal quickly!

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Mystere's First Moonbat Hall Of Shame Class. (+ Mystere's Hall Of Fame)

Well here is the first moonbat hall of shame class I have ever posted.  However, there is one person here who is not in the moonbat hall of shame class, but he is part of my hall of fame class.

Now let's go down the list here (not necessarily in any order):

I have Judge Vaughn Walker for not listening to California's voters who voted for the Defense Of Marriage Act.  He didn't tell us that he leaned towards having a taste for Fruitcake!

Next, we have the infamous Barney Frank, who stuck the people in the rear with a bunch of sub-prime loans.  He let his then-boyfriend Herbie the gay-love bug Moses run the show, and at the same time, Herbie ran a Queer Brothel out of their gay-love shack!

And now we have a real squirrel running around, being funded by a bunch of nut-jobs:  ACORN'S Bertha Lewis!  While a couple of bold activist journalists got hot on her nut trail,  Bertha tried to fund the murdering of baby girls, by giving the undercover couple advice on how to not get caught committing statutory rape.
(No, she's not the troglodyte woman known as Bertha Butt, one of the Butt Sisters in Jimmy Castor's song Troglodyte!)

Next, we have Steny Hoyer  committing political voodoo with his head witch, Nancy Pelosi!  Looks like they have a brew wafting over here!
And it looks like the stench of the delusional hooch has gotten to Obama's pet Press Monkey, Bobby Gibbs.  My!  The brew's stench must have wafted over a huge area, since he is several doors away from the House and Senate!  It must have been so bad, that he wants to make an exit out of the Press Secretary job now...Oh wait, he must be upset that the Republicans control the house!  His incompetence can't be blamed on the lawmakers now!

 Oh look!  The hooch turned Dr. Howard Dean's nose bright red!  It glows like an incandescent light bulb!

Hey Howie, the House wants to repeal Obamacare!  I heard you hated that bill, unlike most other liberals, and you told them to Kill The Bill!  I take it the bill would have made you work much harder for your money, and that they would likely not have paid you 1 cent for your services?

Now that I mentioned the bill, let's see, who voted for it?  Why here's one of the guys now!  It's Chucky Schumer!  I know you were more than happy to please your bosses Nancy and Harry...wait, where's your hooch?  Your left hand is empty here...oh wait.  I see.  One of Nancy's little gophers took your glass for a big refill.  Carry on Chucky!

Oh Nancy, is your gopher being a bit slow today...oh wait, What???  She dropped several bottles of your $1,000.00 hooch?  Whoa, wait Nancy!  Now don't get so upset woman!  You what???  You wish you still had a gavel to whack her for this?  ANGER MANAGEMENT Nancy!

Now George, you know you're not allowed to cash gift any of these folks, since you're not a citizen here!  We're gonna kick your CA$H out of here...Oh wait, I forgot your name is Soreass!  The name fits you well!

Harry, calm down now!  We'll make sure you're fired in 6 years...Uh Harry, calm down now...HARRY!!!

Hey, don't give us the finger Harry!  That's not nice...HEY!

Now look what you've done Harry...you got your cow angry!   Elena's gonna be charging at the public because of you Harry!

Hey, Hakim! Behave yourself...HEY!!  Oh now you've done it Hakim!  The public's waking up to your party's scams!

Harry?  Harry?? Harry???  Oh there you are!  Hiding from the public, and paying a visit to your boy, Rory!  Harry, you need to come back, and answer to the public for that Health Care Scam you and Nancy created!  GET BACK HOME!  And how dare you attack a fine lady Sharron Angle!

Mr. Waxman, what happened to your nose?  Did you get plastic surgery from one of the doctors approved for the Obamacare package?  WOW, you need to sue for negligence!  Oh wait, there's something in the bill that prohibits suing the approved doctors?

Hillary, why are you laughing about this?  Oh, because you're not a Senator anymore?  Oh, you still had your hand in this scam!  But I understand you think Hank's nose looks funny for now.
Or are you laughing at Al's wardrobe?  

Oh wait, Al tried to ride Mr. Ed.  Uh Oh!  He did what?  Now how are we going to pry him out of Mr. Ed?

Hey Jesse Jr!  Hanging with your pappy?  Good for you!  At least you can protect Obama from getting his nuts chopped?  Oh wait!  The public did that to him, not your daddy!  Carry on Junior! 

Jerry, you wanted Obama's job for a lifetime!  But your wife says no!  But why did you have to run for California Governor?  Moonbeam, you keep screwing things up!  You're not getting my vote when the term ends.

Joey, quit crowing and gaffing off!  You're supposed to be the "experienced one!"

  John, you said you have a plan!  Are you trying to forget what your plan is?  Oh wait, you want to forget you ran with John a few years ago?

Uh Oh! Shelley's ticked!!  Is she still ticked off over Barry looking at that girl, over a year ago? 


Barry, are you trying to put on a bad puppy face for Shelley?

Hey, what is "big sister" doing asleep at the guard?

Barry, it's time to go to church!  And not one of these black panther churches!   And no, Pastor Eric's Church is off limits!

Now Ted's place is full of  gospel truth!  He comes from my Hall Of Fame!  Way to go Ted!

Ted, you rule over these guys in the moonbat asylum!  You are the MAN, Mr. Hayes!