Thursday, March 5, 2009

Feinstein Should Run For Governor

Now that 2010 is coming very soon, I know I'm shocking some of you by saying that Diane Feinstein should run for California Governor. Here's one reason why I'm saying this: there are too many far left moonbats who are likely to run for the head cheese! Feinstein at least has more brain cells than closet queen Jerry the Brown-Noser, and more morals than Phony Tony Vivalaraza! Even if you don't agree with Feinstein, you know where she stands. The Sacramento moonbats need to put someone who at least has some morals on the ticket. I'll have more to say later about this.

Now to those who have expressed some concerns about my blog: thanks for your concerns! Now if you think I'm still being mean, it would be even meaner if I pretend to be a nice guy to moonbats, and bite them behind their backs. At least with this, I'm not back biting a moonbat, and exposing myself to their rabies! It would also take away any integrity, for being dishonest is bad enough!