Saturday, March 14, 2009

Flipping the tables on Embryonic Stem Cell Research

Well, it's official! Barack Obama has turned his back on protecting the unborn! All in the name of science! Apparently, the President thinks that whatever is in the womb of a woman is not human until it's born. He thinks it's okay to hack up an unborn "fetus" for stem cell experiments, all in the name of progress!

Well Mr. President, since you think it's fine, I have a proposal for you: Why don't you get some doctors to harvest some donor eggs out of your wife? Then you can donate your sperm to fertilize the eggs..oh by the way, I'm making it easier for you: Here is a picture of the official Obama panties to make it easier for you to do your first part of the experiment.

When the eggs are fertilized, and they develop, you and your wife can get the knife out, and hack the fetus to pieces, and look at under a microscope! Do you have the stomach and guts to do so Barry? The challenge is in your court Mr. President.

Perhaps if you leave the eggs alone, should you back down, maybe one of the results will look like this:


Red S Tater said...

lol, give 'em hell!

mesohony said...

Oh Yeah, this Chinaman Jap Gook's not racist! HA HA HA HA HA! GO HOME CHINAMAN!

mystere's moonbat slayer club said...

Mesohony, if this were about race, I'd being dropping the n-bomb around, or ranting like Jeremiah Wright against White folks. Now anyone regardless of race can be as dumb as an ape...Obama's a political dumbo!

rattrapper said...


Way to stick it to Barry Obama! Anyone who encourages abortion needs to have his or her head examined! If only Obama knew the history of Planned Parenthood's founder Margaret Sanger...she was a member of the Ku Klux Klan, and wanted to exterminate African Americans, Asians, and all others who are not Caucasian. Planned Parenthood encourages embryonic stem cell research, and I'll bet they're jumping for joy with Obama's dumb decision!

As for another matter, mesohony, you don't want to tick mystere off. Using anti Asain racist names, especially the g-bomb will set his fury off against you. This guy does not like racists, and neither do I. Mystere will give you a whooping on his blog if you launch racial attacks on him or anyone who responds to his blogs.

rattrapper said...


mystere did show me your latest reply to me...did it ever occur to you that YOU STARTED THE WAR BY THE NAME CALLING IN THE FIRST PLACE? Had you been civil in the first place and stated how you disagree with him in a civil manner, you wouldn't have poo in your face. Taek this as a lesson next time you reply to someone's blog, including mystere's blog. Now let's get back on topic for everyone else. By the way, if any of you who are reading this happen to see the President in person at the Orange County Fairgrounds, I'd be curious to find out if anyone asks him about his stand on why he wants to slaughter babies in their embryonic state! Babies should be allowed to live, not be a discarded scientific experiment!