Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Have You Laughed At A Liberal Today? Moonbeam & Gavin's Stormy New Bureaucracy.

Yes, that dummyhead in Sacramento and his partner in crime have formed another job killing bureaucracy, ready to rob you of profits while stuffing their pockets with your hard earned cash.

Governor Moonbeam and his airheaded troll Gaffing Gavin have hatched the bureau CASQA aka California Stormwater Quality Association.  What is CASQA?  It's a bureaucracy that raids businesses to force them to follow ridiculous and intrusive regulations, designed to force businesses into bankruptcy.  If you're a business that uses chemicals such as WD 40, for example, you will be forced to buy state approved containers in the event the spray can accidentally explodes in your facility, and runs the risk of contaminating the ocean.  It doesn't matter if your business is a repair shop, or if it's a television or radio station.  In other words, YOU'RE SCREWED!  You can be a landscaper working out of your home, for all CASQA cares.  They can raid your home and force you to comply with their money laundering regulations for all they care.

So, what happens when you tell them to screw themselves?  You get tossed into prison, they raid your bank accounts, seize all your assets for pennies on the dollar, sell them off, then they sue your estate for what value they did not get in the sales of your assets.  Now, let's say you file for bankruptcy.  FAT CHANCE that will help you.  They'll just find some way to suck your finances dry and then charge you interest on that as well.

Oh, and here's a real beauty that will make you angry as a beast:  If you are leasing an office space, and they deem it necessary to retrofit it for earthquake protection,  they have a rule where they allow the property owner to charge you 144% the cost to retrofit the building.  Yes, they will allow property owners to make their tenants pay for safety retrofits and make a profit off their backs.


Here are his accomplices who helped screw us over:

John Perez, ex Assembly Speaker, yes, the Dimwit running for State Controller.

Assembly Speaker Toni Atkins, yes the fat cow wearing pink.

And finally, this Dimwit in the State Senate, Darrell Steinberg, the headcheese of the Senate.  Steinberg gives us the finger, while living like a King.

Saturday, June 21, 2014

Commie Red China, Leave Vietnam Alone!

Communist Red China aggression seems to have no boundaries in Asia.  Friday evening, as I was driving through Little Saigon in Westminster & Garden Grove California, I happened to see a public rally going on.  I decided to stop and see what was going on.  The local Vietnamese Community came out to rally against the communist red Chinese aggression going on in Vietnam's territorial waters. If there is something to learn from this, it's the sense of community. The Vietnamese community stays active, and won't be beaten down by aggressors. Red China better learn before it gets a big political spanking for its acts of aggression. Bullies tend to get socked.

John Perez: The Truth Unravels

Oh my, John!  What are you cooking up? You just passed a budget which gave Governor Moonbeam more money to waste on the bullet train to nowhere. Keep up the good work, Johnnie! You like screwing people in the rear, don't you?

Monday, June 2, 2014

John Perez For California State Control Freak

Oh Johnny??? Did you say you reached across the aisle and touched someone when you became Assembly Speaker? You claim you & Moonbeam balanced the budget? What other fat lies are you going to pass out when you try to become the state control freak? Johnny, please tell us the truth about who you really are.

See Johnny? Doesn't it feel good to confess? Tell us who is funding your campaign.

Neel Kashkari: Public RINO Number One?

Remember that June 3 2014 is primary day for California. And here is Neel Kashkari, running to become Governor Moonbeam's opponent in the November elections. Hey, I agree with a number of Kashkari's points, but sadly, "Kash & Kari" is an establishment candidate. Kashkari, says he's not a politician. WAIT A MINUTE! Kashkari worked under President Bush, which makes him a politician. Kashkari is right about the train to nowhere, yet He hasn't said how he plans to derail the plan.

You can bet that some of Moonbeam's supporters are funneling cold hard cash into "Kash & Kari"'s campaign, knowing that if Tim Donnelly gets nominated, Donnelly will give Moonbeam a political beating in the November elections. I'm standing behind Tim Donnelly.

UPDATE:  I will now back Kashkari after hearing what he had to say on Good Day LA in Los Angeles.  While I don't agree with him on some issues, I still see some hope for California if he wins.  He has shown he's at least fiscally conservative, but socially, he's somewhat liberal, but not as much as the kooks who run the supermajority in the state government.