Saturday, December 31, 2011

Bare Naked Islam Gets Banned by Wordpress

Looks like the porkers at Wordpress have decided that Bare Naked Islam should be permanently banned from their site.  Apparently, BNI fried CAIR's Ham, Pork & Bacon by exposing them for what they really are.  CAIR has issued a fatwa against Wordpress to ban BNI or face a blogger's jihad.  Well CAIR, fatwa this:

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

New Haven CT Democrat Mayor Wants Illegal Aliens To Vote

What is it about the left wing moonbats wanting laws to be broken for their own benefit?  New Haven CT Democrat Mayor John DeStefano has asked for a real whopper:  VOTING RIGHTS FOR ILLEGAL ALIENS!  This moonbat wants to ignore the Constitution and allow illegals to vote in elections, saying that they pay taxes and should be able to vote in elections.

Apparently, left wing moonbat mayor John DeStefano has no regards for the rights of those who are legally born here and those who take the legal path to becoming an American Citizen.  He believes that anyone who crosses the borders into the United States should be voting in New Haven.

I have an idea:  let's invade New Haven and demand the right to vote in their local elections!  Tell them that you're a citizen and demand your right to vote in their elections.  When they refuse to let you vote, tell them Mayor DeStefano insists that you have the right to vote in the New Haven elections since you live in the United States.  OCCUPY NEW HAVEN!!!

Monday, December 19, 2011

Bad Kim Chee? Hath the death angel dealt a stink bomb to hell?

As you have all heard, the NOKO moonbat has died!  Even the liberal Keith Olbermann has come up with a great tweet:  "Medical News:  Kim jong il has been downgraded to Kim Gone Dead!"

I usually don't agree with the Ogerboi, but this time, I got a laugh out of his tweet.

But now, I wonder how the souls in hell are dealing with this.  For one thing, the angel of death has stuffed Satan's stocking with some dead Korean cabbage.  It is a lump of stinky coal to keep the fires burning.  When KJI went straight to hell, he became a nasty Kimchi stink bomb that sent some souls reeling and gasping.  And worse yet, his little boi is going to be even worse and more cruel, for he will suddenly feel the urge to light off a few nukes to clear the air of the stench his daddi left behind.

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Which Goose Egg Will The Liberals Kooc Next?

As many of you have been watching, you can see that the occupoopers have been raiding various places of businesses, slowing down the productivity around the nation.  They are literally doing damage by screwing over every one of us.  So what will they "Kooc" next?  Yes, this is no spelling error on my part.  What will the liberals "kooc" next?  What is on their nutty agenda?  Let's just wait and see.


Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Occupoop Port of Long Beach

It looks like the hippies haven't taken a bath and gotten jobs.  These liberal whackjobs thought that the Longshoremen union and the truckers would have their backs.  Wake up moonbats!  Just how clueless are you freaks?

Have You Laughed At A Liberal Today? The Laughs Continue

Ho ho ho!  Ha ha ha!  Hee hee hee!  Oh my!

Monday, December 12, 2011

Have You Laughed At A Liberal Today? The Laughs Continue Again

Group Calls For 'Occupy Clear Channel' Action |

Group Calls For 'Occupy Clear Channel' Action |   Oh my!  The libturds are having a temper tantrum!  Clear Channel dropped their money bleeding left wing liberal talk format for a money conservationist profit generating conservative truth telling format.  And now, the lefty loons are pissed off!  These money wasting jackals continue to march over to the messengers of truth in an attempt to shut the truth up.  Now let me borrow a line from a Metro PCS ad to describe the cries fro the liberals:  "HOLY SHISHKABOB!  STOP THE EMBARASMENT

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Governor Jerry Brown Says "Raise Taxes On The Richest Californians" AGAIN...

Moonbeam has hatched another ROB THE RICH TO FEED THE BEAST plan on voters again.  Moonbeam Jerry in his usual money grabbing scheme has made another one of his typical failing blunders again.  Moonbeam plans on raising taxes of those who make more than $250,000.  Moonbeam also wants to raise sales taxes again.
Okay Jerry, since you want to rob the rich to feed your greedy beast, why don't you ask your moonbat duchess of Oakland the Jeannie to help you by raiding your home town with the first sales tax hike.  Then you can raise the taxes on your neighbors in Oakland Hills.  Next, you can raise the taxes in Sacramento County.  After you rip off Oakland and Sacramento, go after the moving companies.  You will see a mass exodus known as from moonbeam Jerry to Rick Perry.
Moonbeam has as many brain cells as he has hair on top of his head.  Jerry, follow the moving vans, and see where they end up.  Perhaps if you have a brain cell to get a clue, you will see a lone star at the end of the move, DEEP IN THE HEART OF TEXASS!

Sunday, December 4, 2011

The funny side of Occupy

I admit I have humiliated liberals with my recent posts on the Occupy groups...they have loaded the political cannons with fodder.  But there is a lighter side I found on laughzilla's blog.

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Occupoop Los Angeles

Funny how things turned onto the camp out at LA City Hall.  Nearly 300 people got arrested for loitering at City Hall after 61 days.  Let me boldly ask some questions to any person who illegally camped at city hall:  did you get a thrill by hanging out with a bunch of other moonbat hippies?  Did you video yourselves for some whacked out porn sites when you publicly pooped on the city hall lawn?  Oh, don't deny the facts...the clean up crew recovered over 20 pounds of human feces when they picked up after the messes you all left behind.  And to the queer hippies who hooked up in an outhouse:  did the stinky outhouse give you a natural high while you engaged in oral sex while pooping on the throne?

How many of you liberal clowns went to see a doctor after you got staph infections?  My guess is 0.  Did contracting syphilis and gonnorea send a thrill up your leg like mentioning 0bama's name to Crissy Matthews?  Are you looking forward to having Tiny, Momo and Big Bubba hooking up with you when you go to your new cages?

As for the nightly meetings with your liberal gurus, did your "genie" grant you your 3 liberal wishes?  Or did the bloodsuckers wash your brains clean?  And how did you all sleep at night?  There happens to be a huge lice infestation at city hall after you all got chased out.

For you lesbians who shacked up under some open tarps:  how was the public strip tease you showed to a bunch of perverts?  Did any of them offer you some "work" at a fully nude strip joint?  Did a Hollywood agent offer you a role in a big movie in exchange for a night in bed?

Oh well.  I hear some of you liberals plan to head up to Oakland to get Mayor Jean Quan voted out.  Go ahead, head up and do what you want.  You can drag your carcasses up to can call your group the Moonbeam Raiders!

Take a look at the damage you did to city hall before you head up to Oakland.  Just remember that the moonbats up north are even meaner.