Saturday, March 28, 2009

FREE FOOD LINK!!!!!!! (and making Obama useful)

Are you guys hungry for some beefy burgers? Go to this blog site to get a link to some free food and a discount for either a Carl's Jr. or Hardees burger. Here's the link to a post I did on rattrapper's blog:

I hope you're all hungry!

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Treasury Nazi Geithner getting Power Hungry?

Heil Geithner! The Democratic Treasury Nazi has gotten power hungry! He wants to poke his stinkers into the coffers of the Insurance companies, and every other industry not involved directly in banking! Unholy Spit! This is bad news for all of us! First, the donkey clowns tax the AIG managers 90% for the bonuses they received...that is beyond obscene! In fact, that is dangerous! If the clowns decide they want to penalize you with an obscenely high tax for making a profit, what's next?
This administration has gone the way many conservative folks have predicted: they are true socialists, bent on destroying the nation, and taking away our freedoms! If we don't step up and take a stand against the liberal apes, we will be sorry soon enough!

Friday, March 20, 2009

AIG Congressional Tax Swindle

"Make the AIG bonus recipients pay a 90% tax!!!!" Oh the cries from the moonbats who approved the spendulus bill! Muh-Muh-My!!! This is best shown by moonbat Congressman Earl Pomeroy, calling the AIG folks losers, and telling them "GIVE US OUR MONEY BACK!!!!" Now congressman Jeff Flake (R-Ariz) couldn't have said it better when he called the debacle a "bad comedy routine"! KUDOS CONGRESSMAN FLAKE!!

Now who else has their dirty hands in this deal? of course! That liberal dumb ape George Soros thinks he can distance himself from this, but let's not forget that he had his you know whats stuck up the big Fannie and Freddie! If he thinks he can wash the stench off his hands, he is mistaken! Soros, you've been the cheerleader to Obama, Pelosi, and Dodd, so fess up you dumb ape!

Okay, now that I've calmed down a bit, here's what makes me boiling mad: Congress thinks they can pander to the public, and retroactively raise taxes to an obscene rate, even if it's for a select few people! This showboating is a dangerous precedent for all of us: what happens if they decide that they can target a certain individual or group for high taxes? Another thing that they failed to mention to the public: there were already provisions in the spendulus bill to allow the AIG executives to receive the bonuses...these executives were already promised bonuses before the bailout! Funny how Christopher Dodd has his foot smeared with the stinkers! And Pelosi? What a piece of work!

Here are your 3 mules:

Rattrapper out!

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Flipping the tables on Embryonic Stem Cell Research

Well, it's official! Barack Obama has turned his back on protecting the unborn! All in the name of science! Apparently, the President thinks that whatever is in the womb of a woman is not human until it's born. He thinks it's okay to hack up an unborn "fetus" for stem cell experiments, all in the name of progress!

Well Mr. President, since you think it's fine, I have a proposal for you: Why don't you get some doctors to harvest some donor eggs out of your wife? Then you can donate your sperm to fertilize the eggs..oh by the way, I'm making it easier for you: Here is a picture of the official Obama panties to make it easier for you to do your first part of the experiment.

When the eggs are fertilized, and they develop, you and your wife can get the knife out, and hack the fetus to pieces, and look at under a microscope! Do you have the stomach and guts to do so Barry? The challenge is in your court Mr. President.

Perhaps if you leave the eggs alone, should you back down, maybe one of the results will look like this:

Jump On The Bandwagon Jerry!

Jerry Brown has jumped onto the bandwagon again! Now he is going after the folks who were around Anna Nicole Smith, just to make himself look like he's doing something worthy for California. Now, some of you readers are going to accuse me of being mean to Jerry! Let me say this: I'm not the first one to come out and expose this idea! I happened to be watching KTTV Fox 11 when TMZ's Harvey Levin said he thinks that Jerry Brown is using this as a platform to run for Governor in 2010. As a life long California resident, I haven't forgotten what it was like to have him as a Governor in the 70s to the early 80s: it was miserable! That moonbat kept taking money away from schools, and made it hard to learn in classes! He took away the Driver's Education training session from High Schools, and now parents must pay for private driving schools to teach their kids to drive, if they want to have a license at 16. Look at the results now: we have a bunch of lousy drivers on the road! That's just a tip of the iceberg with the damage that Brown will do. He will do things that harm our pocket books...look at the businesses leaving the state...he'll add more to the misery index! Jerry, we haven't forgotten what you already did. Now, let's remember his campaign in 2006:
Poochigian: TOO EXTREME FOR CALIFORNIA! I say Jerry Brown is too extreme for California! Say Jerry, after you eat that pink doughnut that Homer Simpson gives you, you'll be getting a pink slip from the voters!

The Red Dogs are about to bite back Jerry! I'm saying this to you in blood red!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Nancy Pelosi: "WHERE'S THE AIR FORCE ONE JET....!#@% IT!!!????"


Pelosi is on the war path with the Pentagon, according to Government sources. On today's (3/11/09) Good Day LA report, Gossip reporter Dorothy Lucey reported that an aide of Nancy Pelosi sent an email to Pentagon officials, demanding that an Air Force One jet be available to Nancy Pelosi at all times, especially for the Memorial Day Congressional Recess. Apparently, Nancy Pelosi has been having a tantrum over having to fly commercial flights back to Washington D.C., and wants to spend the taxpayer's money to shuttle her back and forth! Nancy, if you're reading this post, take a look at the top of the post!

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Obama Trying to force socialism on us?

As I surf the internet and read various articles through sources like World Net Daily and Newsmax, I find it interesting to look back at what happened last September, when Senator John McCain and Governor Sarah Palin started gaining ground against Barack Obama and Joe Biden.  As I look back, I recall how they kept on saying there was an October surprise waiting for them, during the campaign; various rumblings have cropped up lately, saying that someone deliberately pulled out millions of dollars out of the United States the day that the economy crashed.   Allegedly, the Treasury Department tried to halt the electronic transfers, but were electronically locked out, and could not stop the transactions.  Some suspect George Soros of as the mastermind behind this alleged scandal.  Soros and ACORN have been considered the primary culprits who allegedly bought votes to get Barack Obama elected.  If there is enough proof in these allegations, and if these things turn out to be true over a period of time, you can bet that the public will turn their votes against Barack Obama in the next Presidential election in 2012.  Now please note that I said these are allegations; it is not proof that this actually happened!  If these allegations are false, there is nothing to lose; however if it's true, we have plenty to lose, and must do things within the law now to stop the damage!

Friday, March 6, 2009

Slaying A Moonbat's Identity

As I was replying to some posts on The Political Jungle, I came across some hateful blogger who kept replying under different names. I overlooked a reply that Jenn posted, where she told us that Lester, Joe The Man and Liberaldude were the same. Whoever this blogger is, he has deleted his hate site If you've ever been spammed by this blogger, just remember that you can report him to Google. So "LesterLiberalDudeJoeTheManMcCainFlipper: Jenn slew your cover. And now I've dumped your moonshine!

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Feinstein Should Run For Governor

Now that 2010 is coming very soon, I know I'm shocking some of you by saying that Diane Feinstein should run for California Governor. Here's one reason why I'm saying this: there are too many far left moonbats who are likely to run for the head cheese! Feinstein at least has more brain cells than closet queen Jerry the Brown-Noser, and more morals than Phony Tony Vivalaraza! Even if you don't agree with Feinstein, you know where she stands. The Sacramento moonbats need to put someone who at least has some morals on the ticket. I'll have more to say later about this.

Now to those who have expressed some concerns about my blog: thanks for your concerns! Now if you think I'm still being mean, it would be even meaner if I pretend to be a nice guy to moonbats, and bite them behind their backs. At least with this, I'm not back biting a moonbat, and exposing myself to their rabies! It would also take away any integrity, for being dishonest is bad enough!

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Welcome Back Carter Part 2: The Official Cast

Here is the official cast from the Moonbat Slayer's Most Wanted List:




Vichy Goofarino:

Principal Mr. Woodyman:

Mr. Kotter:

Oh! Oh! Oh! Oh! Mr. Obama!

And yes, there was a last minute casting nominee! Ha Ha!

Leave "Octo-mom" Nadya Suleman Alone!

Leave "Octo-mom" alone! Leave Nadya Suleman alone! This has gotten to be an out of control circus, and it needs to stop NOW! This feeding frenzy has gotten a Georgia lawmaker to write a bill which would limit the number of embryos implanted into a woman's uterus...wrong decision! While Nadya Suleman made a bad decision to have more children at this time, she made the right decision to not let any of her human embryos die! We're talking human lives here! Human life is valuable! You don't kill innocent human lives! God has given us the ultimatum by instituting the death penalty for those who commit murder! It's one thing when one dies in military combat, in self defense, or by accident; it's another to murder someone including babies by abortion. Suleman just had enough sense to keep her babies alive; NEVER TAKE AN INNOCENT HUMAN LIFE! IT'S CALLED MURDER! ABORTIONS ARE MURDER! Nadya had the guts to let her babies live; those 14 children will all do something special for humanity in the future! God has His hands in this!

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Wacky Call signs.

I was just reflecting back on some of the craziest comedies I have watched while growing up. One of them was WKRP in Cincinatti. Since I work in the media, I have seen various call signs either in radio or television. Lately I've been reading political blogs and also writing some, and I've taken some heat for doing so. I also remember something from MAD magazine which influenced this post, so how about this? If you're conservative, here are some call letters that are perfect for liberal radio and television stations: WKRP (yes, that's from the old comedy), KRAP-TV (From MAD Magazine), KASS; KDUM, KDNK; WDUM, WDNK, WIMP, WASS, KOOK, WAKO, KMA, KMAD, WMAD, WHPD, WUSS, KSAS, WSSA, KJKL, WJKL, WKMA, WPAS, KBRF, WBRF, KBUM, WBUM, KSSA, KMAF, KDMY, WDMY, WHIP, KRNO, WRNO, WDMB, KDMB.

Oh My!

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Setting The Record Straight

I'm going to set some records straight about things I say on my blogs. Lately, some people have made some remarks out of concern for things I've been saying on my blogs, wondering if I'm racist, a hate monger, and un-Christ like. Now I appreciate those who have voiced their concerns, so let me tell you where I stand.

First thing, I do go after things like an attack dog, when I think it should be pursued harshly. As an example, I have dogged "The Governator" and California's so called "Head Cop" for condoning gay marriage. First of all, homosexuality is morally wrong! There is nothing that makes it right in God's eyes, and I will never condone homosexual activity under any circumstances! Now there are so called cries for protecting the homosexuals from being attacked by others - some things are legitimate: no one should be brutally beaten up - however there is a law against murder, assault, and other things. Homosexuals should not have any favorable treatment if they're robbed, beaten up in public, or even murdered. The law already prohibits such acts: it should be equal to all folks. Most Hate Crime laws are wrong, and should be repealed. However, it is a good idea to at least review the various laws to see if there is some merit to keeping it enforced.

As for discrimination laws, some should be dumped: each one needs to be reviewed case by case. Any law that condones homosexuality or favors a gay person because of his or her sexual preference of being gay, should be repealed!

Now, these are just examples of things that I have gone after, like an attack dog. I have repeatedly gone after Jerry Brown and Arnie for their preferential treatment for homosexuals over what is morally right. Now those two have condoned gay marriage, which is morally wrong! Also, the voters have spoken: NO GAY MARRIAGE! Yet these clowns choose to usurp the will of the voters, not to mention they are sticking their heads into a you know what! The voters who said yes to Proposition 8 took a stand based on morality, and spoke out loud and clear. So I will keep attacking and ridiculing those who show themselves to be moonbats and rhinos!

Second thing about my blog: I have said I will go after those whom I consider moonbats. Anything that promotes a socialist agenda goes against the things our forefathers fought for. I am not politically correct, and I don't play the PC game. Playing the PC game is a farce and an insult to being honest! It goes against all principles of integrity, and that's something I personally don't like to mess with!

One more thing: you better hope the Fairness Doctrine gets eliminated! If that thing passes, those losers who are promoting it have expressed the desire to go after the internet as their next target! If you want the Fairness Doctrine to be reinstated, don't go whining like a moonbat once the internet gets regulated, and you get censored! Sometimes you get more than what you asked for! Take California for an example: the moonbats are running the government, and now the businesses have either left the state or dropped dead like flies!