Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Leave "Octo-mom" Nadya Suleman Alone!

Leave "Octo-mom" alone! Leave Nadya Suleman alone! This has gotten to be an out of control circus, and it needs to stop NOW! This feeding frenzy has gotten a Georgia lawmaker to write a bill which would limit the number of embryos implanted into a woman's uterus...wrong decision! While Nadya Suleman made a bad decision to have more children at this time, she made the right decision to not let any of her human embryos die! We're talking human lives here! Human life is valuable! You don't kill innocent human lives! God has given us the ultimatum by instituting the death penalty for those who commit murder! It's one thing when one dies in military combat, in self defense, or by accident; it's another to murder someone including babies by abortion. Suleman just had enough sense to keep her babies alive; NEVER TAKE AN INNOCENT HUMAN LIFE! IT'S CALLED MURDER! ABORTIONS ARE MURDER! Nadya had the guts to let her babies live; those 14 children will all do something special for humanity in the future! God has His hands in this!