Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Another 10 years of moonbattery for California

Am I the only one who is wondering what's wrong with these pictures? What happened in California? What for the life of me went wrong? What went wrong in the nation as well? Now that the dust has settled, I am back to thinking about what to say next.
Who let this old windbag get back into office for another 6 years? Doesn't anyone in California care that she wasted 28 years in the political offices as a Rep and Senator? Did you know that this windbag was one of the dummies who could only stare at the TV, when the 9/11 terrorist attacks were going on in New York City? Old Blimpie had no clue on what to do when al-qaeda struck the Twin Towers on that fateful infamous day.
And what is wrong in the nation? The fruitkooks in Taxachumpsetts re-elected this old homo brothel keeper back for another term! They re-elected the Grand Marshall of the Fruitcake Brigade for another term of shameless bank overdrafts. Just remember that Mr. Loopyfruits poked his "business" into the Fannie and Freddie before the crash and bailouts occurred in 2008, then he acted as if he didn't have any blood on his hands!
And what's wrong with 0bama's big ears? Didn't he hear what the people wanted? Is he so deaf that he thinks we want to pay more taxes? Or did the Speaker blow out all his senses along with his eardrums?

Yes, this is what the Emperor will be saying, when the loons attack the United States again!

Rattrapper out!

Monday, November 1, 2010