Wednesday, August 25, 2010

A Threat from B.O. - NO NOT BARACK OBAMA but the other B.O.!

Global warming fix equals 'smelly, dehydrated, unsanitary' people

From World Net Daily

Make sure you have some fresh gas masks my friends!  This B.O. attack can "kill" you!  And for once, B.O. doesn't stand for Barack Obama or his dog!  By the way, you might end up looking like this:

So please take your showers!


Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Libtards Quit Your Whiny Temper Tantrums!

My good conservative readers,

The so-called "news" media are aggressively targeting and 
attacking conservatives for political gain, and I'm not going to 
take it anymore!

I have just taken a stand with the leading media watchdog 
organization in America, the Media Research Center (MRC), by 
adding my name to their "Demand the Media End Their Attack 
Campaign Against Conservatives" petition, and I'm urging you to 
do the same by clicking here:

Organizations like the MRC are exposing and neutralizing these 
attacks, but it is crucial for conservative Americans to take a stand 
with them and demand an end to these attempts to demonize us 
and our beliefs. Take a stand right now by clicking below and join 
with me and thousands of other conservatives who are putting the 
liberal media on notice and taking this message across the nation.

Click here to sign this important petition:

Thanks for joining with me.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

North Korea attacking U.S. with fake $100 bills

North Korea attacking U.S. with fake $100 bills

If this is found to be true, we need to counter this in a smart way:  some office supply stores sell pens that test paper currency by turning into a certain color when they run a streak on the dollar bills.  You may have seen some merchants use this pen on money, to check for counterfeit $20.00 bills, $50.00 bills, etc.  It's bad news for us if the NOKOs are using counterfeits against the United States.  Remember to get a counterfeit detector pen, if you want to be safe.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

TV AD: We Must Defeat Harry Reid


Latest "Emergency" from our Imperial President

Liberty Counsel
Mathew Staver, Founder and Chairman

On Monday, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi called a special session of the House to pass a $26 billion dollar expenditure to solve another "crisis" and make sure that police, firefighters and teachers had enough money to continue their essential services.

It was the latest tactic from this out of control Congress
and the White House who believe that power and money must be centralized in the government.

In fact, the Imperial President has forced our nation through a constant cycle of "crisis" and "emergency" followed by a solution that centers on massive government spending and control. As a result, President Obama has grown the number of federal employees by over 350,000 -- the largest percentage of growth since the Eisenhower administration.

And while calling for sacrifice from the American people,
the President's wife and her staff spend over a quarter-
million dollars of taxpayer money on a lavish Spain vacation.

Friends, this is the definition of an Imperial presidency, as outlined in Ken Blackwell's and Ken Klukowski's important new book, "The Blueprint: Obama's Plan to Subvert the Constitution and Build an Imperial Presidency."

The analysis by Blackwell and Klukowski explains...

How President Obama can radically expand government and destroy the private sector while claiming to be saving the economy...

Why the President finds no contradiction between a more open and transparent government and silencing his opposition...

How Obama can blatantly ignore our Constitution under the guise of bringing "change" to America.

I want you to have this book. You can read an excellent overview of "The Blueprint" and see its cover by clicking on the link posted to this blog.

Here's how the writers describe our mounting crisis:

President Obama's blueprint is to remake this country, taking us from a free-market economy to a government-controlled economy, from a family-centered society to a government-centered society, and from a national philosophy founded upon the primacy of the individual to one founded upon the primacy of society's "collective good."

President Obama's biggest obstacle in this outrageous plan is the Constitution of the United States. The Constitution is a wall blocking the road to government expansion, designed to stop any president from fundamentally transforming this country.

Within the realm of federal power, the Constitution
defines the role of each of the three branches
of government legislative, executive, and judicial-
and strictly limits the powers of each.

Blackwell and Klukowski persuasively argue that many key parts of the Obama agenda are totally unconstitutional. For instance, the federal government CANNOT require you to buy health insurance without doing violence to the Constitution!

In short, "The Blueprint" conclusively proves that
Barack Obama is intentionally subverting the U.S.
Constitution. He's building an imperial presidency,
seizing powers far beyond those granted to him by
the Constitution.

++Liberty Counsel is working to derail the President's plan.

President Obama must be stopped. ObamaCare must be stopped.  Thankfully, Ken Blackwell and Ken Klukowski show us how to derail this outrageous assault on the Constitution in their new, No.1 best-selling book.

"The Blueprint" pulls back the curtain and shines a light on President Obama's game plan to destroy our constitutional safeguards. Further, the book suggests insightful, practical strategies to stop this calculated overthrow of our government - and put a stop to this overt war on our founding documents.

Here is this vital book's clarion challenge:

"We the People of the United States must choose whether we will allow our Constitution to be subverted. We need to choose whether President Obama's blueprint to reject and rewrite our Constitution will stand. We need to choose whether we will allow a permanent liberal government to emerge in this country, led by an imperial president of unprecedented power."

Join Liberty Counsel in boldly proclaiming that the Constitution is on the side of the American people! It's time to resolutely stand up to this outrageous assault on our freedom!

++Support our lawsuit and receive this No. 1 bestseller.

"The Blueprint: Obama's Plan to Subvert the Constitution and Build an Imperial Presidency," is available from Liberty Counsel for a gift of $30 or more to support our crucial lawsuit against ObamaCare. This book is an invaluable resource in shining a light on Obama's dangerous plans. It quickly catapulted to No. 1 bestseller status and we are pleased to be able to make it available to you when you join us to fight ObamaCare in court!

Click here to make your donation and to order your free
book with a gift of $30 or more. You can also see this
high quality hardback book's cover and read more about
its compelling content:

++Liberty Counsel's lawsuit against ObamaCare.

As many of you know, on the day ObamaCare was signed into law, Liberty Counsel filed the first private-sector lawsuit against the unconstitutional mandates contained in the "Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act," better known as ObamaCare.

I believe our lawsuit is ultimately headed to the Supreme
Court. We are more confident than ever that we can win this battle. Although the government has asked for an extension of time to answer our specific lawsuit, they have pretty much tipped their hand concerning their defense strategy by their response to Virginia's suit.

Of course, now having Elena Kagan on the Supreme Court will make every battle for our culture more difficult.

The recent California same-sex marriage ruling emphasizes that point. There, an activist federal judge legislated from the bench and overturned the will of a clear majority of California voters by declaring Proposition 8 unconstitutional. That case will likely end up being heard by the Supreme Court... with Elena Kagan seated as a justice.

++Obama exposed!

Americans are justifiably alarmed about the Obama
administration's unwillingness to fulfill its constitutional

The most recent USA Today/Gallup poll reports that only
41% of voters say they at least somewhat approve of the
President's performance. That's the lowest level of
approval so far for Barack Obama in such polls!

These growing concerns arise from the damage the Obama administration has ALREADY inflicted on our Constitution.

Time and time again, we have watched legislative processes being short-circuited by the radical congressional leadership working in concert with Obama administration arm-twisters.

They have employed unconstitutional power-grabs,
legislative trickery, backroom deals and
Chicago-style politics in burdening us with
plagues like ObamaCare.

And as you know, the President has surrounded himself with extremist, agenda-driven "czars" and other unelected, unvetted officials. He is blatantly manipulating federal agencies to sidestep the constitutionally prescribed checks and balances of our federal government.

When President Obama and the majority party in the 111th Congress were swept into power on a platform of "change," they managed to mask an underlying socialist agenda that aims to vastly increase government power.

But, thank God, Obama and his plan have now been EXPOSED!

For a gift of $30 or more to support our lawsuit against
ObamaCare, Liberty Counsel will send you Blackwell's and Klukowski's amazing book that totally exposes the Obama agenda and offers a practical path to recovery from the damage already done.

Liberty Counsel plans to continue playing a key role in
getting on the path to recovery, but our lawsuit against
ObamaCare is proving to be very expensive. We need your ongoing help to sustain our efforts.

Please join us in turning back the onslaught on our
Constitution and receive Ken Blackwell's and Ken Klukowski's powerful new book! Please click here:

Take heart!  We have all experienced the pain of watching our nation and our precious liberties being betrayed, subordinated to foreign interests, and forced to conform to the demands of shrill special interest groups like the pro-homosexual lobby.  But now, the tide has finally begun to turn!

We depend on friends who give $30, $50, $100, $500 - whatever the Lord leads - so we can stay involved in this crucial battle.

Will you help?

Please click here to make a tax-deductible gift to support
Liberty Counsel's lawsuit against ObamaCare - and to receive your copy of "The Blueprint" when you give $30 or more:

THANK YOU for all you do as a key member of the Liberty
Counsel team. May God bless you!

Mathew Staver, Founder and Chairman
Liberty Counsel

P.S. President Obama's goal to fundamentally transform America has been exposed. Thank God, the tide is beginning to turn!

For a gift of $30 or more, please order the No. 1 bestseller, "The Blueprint: Obama's Plan to Subvert the Constitution and Build an Imperial Presidency." If you have already made a gift to Liberty Counsel and ordered your book, please consider forwarding this vital message and offer to your friends. Again, thank you!

Comments? Questions?

Liberty Counsel, with offices in Florida, Virginia and
Washington, D.C., is a nonprofit litigation, education and
policy organization dedicated to advancing religious freedom, the sanctity of human life and the traditional family.
Liberty Counsel . PO Box 540774 . Orlando, FL 32854 .800-671-1776

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

FLASH! FLASH! Eric Holder Sues to Promote Spread of AIDS

 I just got this email today, and I thought you should all see what moonbat Eric Holder is doing in "DOJ City":

This is a shocking story.  You would think government would want to limit the spread of AIDS, everywhere, especially prisons.

"Some states long ago implemented policies to protect the uninfected part of the prison population while providing exceptional medical treatment and counseling to the infected population.

In South Carolina, it has worked so well since 1998 that there has only been a single transmission of HIV/AIDS to a noninfected prisoner. All that may change, however, thanks to a threat from
Eric Holder's Justice Department.

South Carolina received a letter from the now-infamous Civil Rights Division that the policy of keeping infected inmates at a designated facility, instead of scattered across the state in the general prison population, may unfairly stigmatize infected prisoners. To the Obama political appointees in the Civil Rights Division, this constitutes discrimination under the Americans With Disabilities Act.

The Justice Department objects to separate living facilities and specialized medical treatment for the HIV/AIDS prison population. Naturally, DOJ has threatened a lawsuit."

How corrupt is Eric Holder and his "Justice" Department?

"Apparently the Justice Department doesn't have the will or resources to follow through in cases against New Black Panther Party thugs brandishing weapons at polling places, but has no difficulty shaking down a state with an effective and humane policy toward prisoners.

"These folks are shameless," says John Ozmint, the no-nonsense director of the South Carolina prison system, referring to the Civil Rights Division at DOJ. He told me that every single new prisoner is tested for AIDS upon incarceration.

Ozmint says half of those testing positive never knew they were infected. The testing policy saves lives because treatment starts immediately, at state expense."

South Carolina is saving lives, stopping the spread of AIDS and all the Feds want to do is sue--just like they are suing Arizona, but have no problem with the Black Panthers, ACORN or SEIU or millions of illegal aliens stealing our national birthright.

Do we particularly care about prisoners?  Yes, they will almost all be released someday and, aside from humane considerations, they physical state they are then in effects us all.

Do you need more reasons for a regime change on November 2?  It is up to you, do not count on your neighbor.

See what that moonbat freak wants to do to all of us?  This is beyond disgusting!  This is every reason why N0BAMA will be out in 2012!  I have 0 tolerance for 0bama's failed policies!

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

California Judge Vaughn Walker Hands Victory to Proposition 8 Opponents | The Daily Caller - Breaking News, Opinion, Research, and Entertainment

California Judge Vaughn Walker Hands Victory to Proposition 8 Opponents | The Daily Caller - Breaking News, Opinion, Research, and Entertainment
The flaming pinkos have struck again!  Last time, the protest wasn't over until the fat lezzy shrieked; now we're back to square one.  There was a time when people had morals, and kept their disgusting bedroom secrets in the closet.  Now these libtards decide they want to flaunt their shame in public.  1 queer judge thinks that he knows better than the voters of this state, and 30 other states as well.  The battle isn't over yet, folks.

As for you, Judge Walker, and you too Moonbeam the closet queen:  In a queer marriage, which one is the husband, and which one is the wife?