Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Twitter has been hacked again

A heads up everyone!  There seems to be some hacking going on again on the twitter blogosphere.  If you are getting messages from anyone saying that something crazy or bad is being said, do not click onto the link.  Some Twitter libturd hacks are going after Conservative Twitter accounts and sending out tweets, slandering others.

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Arizona Teens "Swiss Cheese" An Obama Tee Shirt.

News has gotten out about some Peoria Arizona guys shooting up an Obama t shirt at a shooting range.  Peoria PD Seargent Pat Shearer took a picture of the teens, and has faced questioning by the Secret Service.
There are several ways to look at this.  It's freedom of speech.  The teens may not have been smart, but they have expressed their thoughts without committing a serious felony.
It's not racist.  There is no proof that race had anything to do with what the teens did.  The failed policies of Obama speak for themselves.  The liberal shrieks of racism and their childish temper tantrums scream vividly.
This is just a way to vent.  The teens have had tolerated 0bama's failed liberal policies long enough, and are tired of suffering under 0bama's epic blunders.
These are just a few thoughts among many.  I have chosen to post an uncensored picture instead.  I believe freedom to choose is very important, and back this right by choosing not to censor the picture.  I might choose to replace it later if asked.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Have You Laughed At A Liberal Today? Charging RINOS!

Someone has a sense of humor here!

Charging Rhinos! Meet Willard The Talking Rhino!

My goodness!  It's a miracle!  Even the National Enquirer missed out on this!  Special thanks to JC for this great find!  Boston must be quite proud!
By the way, Barry is pumped!  He wants to practice his skills as a matador. "0" has his superhero suit on, ready to volunteer his services.  0le 0bama!

Thursday, January 19, 2012

How Many Beatings Will Fredrick Douglas Get In A Week?

Who are these left wing kooks who thought of asking some third graders in Georgia this math question?  "If Fredrick Douglass gets 2 beatings per day, how many will he get in one week?"  Absolutely outrageous!  It turns out that the parents at that school in Georgia were really angered and upset over this math question.  Word is out that the ACLU has taken action, and is getting ready to bring a lawsuit against this school and the teachers who posed this question to the kids.

My take is this:  for once, I agree with the ACLU!  This question is an outrage, and the left wing kooks who wrote this question should be "taken to the woodshed" to say the least.  I say let these teachers suffer a financial beating!  When they suffer from a lack of greenbacks, perhaps they will get a clue, or an "education" to say the least?

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Occupoop DC: Throwing Smoke Bombs At 0bama

The Left Wing Nutjobs are at it again.  This time, they've gone off and attacked one of their own!  Seems like they're upset with their "Annointed 0ne" and the things he is doing.  So they decided to toss a bunch of smoke bombs to send a "SMOKE SIGNAL" to their chief!  Funny thing is this:  while they complain about polluters getting away with screwing up the environment, they release air pollutants at the White House.  Now did you notice that these Ass Clowns got a free pass from the security guys at the White House?  If some conservative group were to break a law and send a smoke signal to the head moonbat, they would be hauled off to the Gulag and labeled terrorists.

Moonbats, please keep up the "good work"!  That way, when November comes around, when you cry your shriveled balls off after 0bama loses, we will have a fun night to remember!

Ring Tones


Here's an mp3 file for a goofy ringtone.  Enjoy!

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Romney Helps Struggling Woman Pay Her Electric Bill

Let's look at this from a perspective that left wing extremist 0bamabots plan on attacking:  a woman out of luck comes across Romney's campaign; Romney reaches out and helps her out, and now the Obamabots have a big beef about it.  The bottom line is this:  Romney gave from his heart and personal wealth.  He did not buy a vote!  The Mormons have a reputation for helping people who are down and out.
Now, on the other hand, let's not forget that 0bama bought a house for one of his 0-bots in 2008.  Unlike Romney, 0bama used taxpayers' cold hard cash to pay for that 0-bot's house.

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Have You Laughed At A Liberal Today? Occupoop Los Angeles, Part Turd...The Stinky Aftermath.

I drove by the illegal encampment the Sunday before they faced eviction from Los Angeles City Hall.  I posted my thoughts on the sister blogsite Rattrapper's MyFox Trappings, so I'll spare you the detailed rant I wrote.  Go to http://ratrappersmyfoxtrappings.blogspot.com to read the details on what happened.
Now,  I drove by instead of parking and walking on the grounds for one big reason:  THE AWFUL STENCH!  I could smell the stench of poop, urine and vomit from the street as I drove by.  These ass clowns who squatted at city hall got away with an environmental crime and nearly caused an epidemic which could have killed an entire city.  Look at the mess they made...and these are just the tame things I saw.  The things I chose not to photograph were too vile for anyone to cover.

Have You Laughed At A Liberal Today: Occupoop Los Angeles - Part Duh!

Here are some more pics of Occupoop Los Angeles; I took most of these in October 2011, during the first week.  In one of these pics, a conservative guy is trying to explain capitalism to a clueless short haired old hippie.  The hippie couldn't grasp the concept, like every typical left wing extremist.

Have You Laughed At A Liberal Today? The Occupoop Los Angeles Hall Of Shame.

I am now loading something liberals cannot run and hide from.  I recently got some comments on a social media site from some of my personal liberal friends...yes, actual friends of mine who are hard core liberals.  These pics are all mine.  I am posting them without the funny captions.  And by the way, I only took tame pics...there were some absolutely vile things I saw which I chose not to photograph. There is more to follow; I can only load a limited number of pictures here.

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Democratic Jawbone

In one day, Samson killed 10,000 Philistines with the Jawbone of an Ass.  Today our nation dies with the same weapon!