Friday, March 9, 2018

"Mein Blog War"

image As my alterego Shoichi Funaki says, I am fighting evil in the blogosphere.  In the past several months, I've been on several blog sites commenting on various posts, only to encounter a vile blog troll who comes by to get a rise out of others by hurling vile insults.  A blog troll named Dervish Sanders has been hijacking other bloggers' identities, creating hate blogs, and slandering those he hates. image image Dervish's butt buddies have joined in on the blog attacks, spewing hate and gay pornography in their vile mean spirited retorts. One of his targets, a blogger named FreeThinke, has come up with a clever nickname for him, which fits him to a tee: Fartbreath. That name describes the blog stench he leaves behind with his mean spirited baseless attacks. image image image Pictured above are 2 of his mutts: Buttstink and Schweinhund. Dervish has a fixation of which you can see with one of his flea ridden mutts. image image Pappy Dervish often stops by to counter his queer son Fartbreath al Dervish Sanders and keep a leash on him. image Pappy Dervish usually comes by when Fartbreath al Dervish Sanders passes his stinkiest flatulence on Who's Your Daddy. Dervish is usually getting ready to snort more men's crack whenever he spews another cheap retort. Fartbreath al Dervish Sanders is fixated on sticking his head up Rikishi's rear end when Rikishi is full of gas. Fartbreath also likes to probe himself, as indicated in his vile sexually graphic insults he posts. image image image UH OH! Looks like Fartbreath al Dervish Sanders is having second thoughts? Naaah! Dervish is just playing spin for gold with his 0bama toy. image image image Dervish forgets he can't return used sex toys. Poor Fartbreath al Dervish Sanders! He runs the risk of getting a fatwa on his back from his imam at his local snake mosque. The vipers are flicking their tongues towards him as they smell the dog stink on his head, and the stink on his gay sex toy. You play, you pay!