Saturday, July 16, 2011


Ha ha!  The hype is here!  Now can you imagine the freeways packed with cars like these?  By the way, tailfins are so 1950s!  What are the GM clowns thinking?  Caddies won't make them fashionable.  Now let's hope for Chrysler's sake that FIAT doesn't stand for Fix It Again Tony!

Friday, July 15, 2011

Did Earl do some modeling for a baker?

It is I, Rattrapper!  Mr. E just showed me a link about some interesting cake decorations.  Someone gave him a link to a site, and some of those images were great.  But this one got me wondering:  Did Mr. Hudnutt do some modeling for the baker who made this cake?  Here is a picture of the cake, as shown on the web:

Earl, or is your real name Dean?  Earl, did you model for this baker?  I must say the baker did a great job of creating this cake!  Now don't be shy Earl!  You can admit to modeling!  You can bask in the glory, knowing that you did something good for once!  I now give you the highest praise, Mr. Hudnutt, for doing a good deed for a baker's inspiration!  For once, I say to you:  Well done Earl!

Friday, July 1, 2011

The Dreaded Moves Of Rikishi

It is I, the Rattrapper! I was just saying to Mr. E, that it is time to do the "dreaded moves of Rikishi" onto the liberals that have been writing nasty comments on the replies! A huge stinkface awaits for a liberal clown who decides to spam the comment lines! So go ahead, libturds! Spam away! When you see the big carcass eclipsing your pimple head in a flash, you will get the stinkface you highly await for! It's coming, so don't say you didn't get a warning!
Word up: he just used the toilet! He's ready to deliver to you, liberals!

Rikishi's about to moon land!