Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Treasury Nazi Geithner getting Power Hungry?

Heil Geithner! The Democratic Treasury Nazi has gotten power hungry! He wants to poke his stinkers into the coffers of the Insurance companies, and every other industry not involved directly in banking! Unholy Spit! This is bad news for all of us! First, the donkey clowns tax the AIG managers 90% for the bonuses they received...that is beyond obscene! In fact, that is dangerous! If the clowns decide they want to penalize you with an obscenely high tax for making a profit, what's next?
This administration has gone the way many conservative folks have predicted: they are true socialists, bent on destroying the nation, and taking away our freedoms! If we don't step up and take a stand against the liberal apes, we will be sorry soon enough!


Lisa Krempasky said...

If Geithner had any sense he would run as far away from the Treasury Department as possible as fast as he can. Obama is going to throw him under the bus. It's just a matter of time.