Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Jerry Brown's an unfaithful closet queen idiot!

Gross Dereliction of Duty

By the Editors

As attorney general of California, Jerry Brown has a duty to defend the state and its laws in court. That duty requires him to offer the best grounds in defense of any law that may reasonably be defended. In a brief he filed last Friday in the case challenging Proposition 8 — the ballot measure that amended California’s constitution to ban same-sex marriage — Brown grossly violated that duty. On Election Day, California voters approved Proposition 8. Opponents of Proposition 8 then rushed to court to invalidate it on the novel theory that it was a “revision” to, rather than an “amendment” of, the state constitution, and that this “revision” could not be accomplished through the ballot-initiative process.

The brief that Brown filed for the state last Friday properly rejects the claim that Proposition 8 amounts to a revision rather than an amendment. But instead of presenting the best grounds in defense of the legality of Proposition 8, Brown’s brief offers the crackpot theory — beyond anything the opponents of Proposition 8 have argued, and beyond the scope of the briefing that the supreme court invited — that the constitutional amendment achieved by Proposition 8 is itself unconstitutional.

Here is how Brown summarizes his argument in his press release: “The amendment process cannot be used to extinguish fundamental constitutional rights without compelling justification.” Brown invents this argument out of whole cloth: Further, how is it that a “right” to same-sex marriage that the state supreme court invented just months ago, and that even Brown’s brief concedes was not something “the Framers [of the state constitution] contemplated,” should suddenly be deemed a “fundamental” constitutional right?

Brown’s answer is judicial activism on stilts: Any right that the state supreme court has found to be protected as (in Brown’s phrase) “part of fundamental human liberty” under the state constitution is ipso facto a “fundamental” right. And, further, the fact that the court found such a right means there is no “compelling justification” for its abrogation. In Brown’s theory, there is no popular check on the judicial-activist invention of rights.

This is not the first time Brown has indulged his policy preference for same-sex marriage. In the marriage case that led to the supreme court’s creation of a right to same-sex marriage, Brown expressly repudiated the procreation-based argument for traditional marriage that had prevailed in some liberal courts. And he changed the ballot title for Proposition 8 from “Limit on Marriage. Constitutional Amendment” to “Eliminates Right of Same-Sex Couples to Marry Initiative. Constitutional Amendment” — a move seemingly intended to cost the initiative votes.

Brown’s brief is both a violation of his duty and professional malpractice. It’s good to see that some liberal law professors in California have already criticized Brown: One says that Brown’s argument “turns constitutional law on its head,” and another calls his position “extraordinary.” But Brown’s betrayal of the public trust deserves broader condemnation from political and legal leaders in California, including governor Arnold Schwarzenegger,
irrespective of their own positions on marriage.

Now why didn't Jerry marry Linda Ronstadt back in the 70s, when most red blooded men would have done about anything to get a date with her? Perhaps Jerry's a closet queen? You think? Jerry deserves the next award I'm just about to hand out to him:

America's Hottest Grandma

Congratulations to Sarah Palin for her first grandchild! May her grandchild be a wise adult and very successful in life!

Thursday, December 25, 2008

10 Minutes With Bob Dutko Dumbos Beat On Women

Those dumbos at 10 Minutes with Bob Dutko are at it again! Now they're beating up a woman on their site, since they have nothing of substance to pick on: Here's their brainless babble in a place where they can't edit it now, and the replies they got on the blog...Ha Ha moonbats - you've been exposed!

"Pamela Gets Around"

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I typically don't comment on WMUZ's advertisers. Of course, I make it a point to never give any business to the companies that help keep Dutko on the air.

But, recently I did notice something interesting about some advertisements that air during Dutko's show: the same person is doing testimonials for multiple, seemingly unrelated businesses. Specifically, "Pamela" is apparently a satisfied customer of both Independent Transmission and Dr. Grafton. So, not only did Pamela decide to join the "no car payment club" by getting her transmission replaced instead of buying a new car, but she's also wakes up rejuvinated every morning due to Dr. Grafton's magic touch.

So my questions are:
who exactly is this mysterious and opinionated "Pamela"?
what is her financial relationship to WMUZ, Bob Dutko, and/or the advertisers? why should I trust her advice on anything?
Blogger realemon said...

ya, whe works for MUZ. Her voice makes me crazy

December 18, 2008 12:06:00 AM EST

Blogger djtyg said...

Nice catch, Jeff.

December 18, 2008 1:40:00 AM EST

Blogger The Mule said...

Nothing could be more irritating than the Celeste Sue Benskey spots.

December 18, 2008 8:44:00 AM EST

Blogger Kramer said...

That "professional christian counselor" Celeste Sue Bensky is formally one of the stepford wives. I would hang myself after 10minutes on her couch. Something I noticed today on Bob's show since we are discussing advertiser's is Bob's advocacy for drug use, vanity, and body mutilation. I am refering to his support for "body Creation's" the body mutilation company. I wonder were Jesus comes down on injections of Botulinum toxin, or a brand spanking new pair of silicone funbags...okay being a dude Jesus might like the funbags, but no way is he getting behind Botox, and when did vanity stop being sinful. Bob is so confused.

December 18, 2008 6:17:00 PM EST

Blogger The Mule said...

Amen Kramer, I do enjoy hearing the verbal game of twister that Bob likes to play when trying to sell that one.

December 19, 2008 7:01:00 AM EST

Blogger dano said...

i think often times "pamela" is an aspiring voice actor. because she
probably is an intern, and not the
voice actor, she has to do as good
as she can do. :) he he he.

thats how the station gets paid and
"pamela" gets credit she can put on her portfolio :)

he he he

December 22, 2008 4:06:00 PM EST

Blogger mystere's moonbat slayer club said...

What's the matter you moonbats? Do you have to beat up on a woman now? Oh, did GM give you guys an unpaid vacation for jacking around the assembly line? Funny how you wanted Bob Dutko to never work again ever! Well maybe you got paid in full now! How does it feel to get the shaft now? Ha Ha!

December 25, 2008 4:25:00 PM EST

End of replies to 10 minutes with Bob Dutko: Pamela gets around. Copied under Fair Use act.

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Homer Simpson For Governor!

I just couldn't pass this one up! Ha Ha!
This guy wants to be California's Governor again? Remember the misery that "Moonbeam" caused back in the late 70s to early 80s before "The Duke" got voted in? Ha Ha! One great cartoon deserves to be shown again! One question Jerry:
why didn't you have the guts to marry Linda Ronstadt? Jerry, are you queer? Are you some kind of closet queenie boy? Is that why you don't have the backbone to back Proposition 8? Are you in cahouts with Barney Frank? Are you and Arnie doing the deeds together?

Friday, December 19, 2008

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas my good readers and bloggers! We know the reason for the season, do we not? If it weren't for the birth of Jesus Christ, we wouldn't have Christmas to celebrate. Merry Christmas Jenn Of The Jungle, Texas Fred, Cristy Li, Braden's Corner, Bucky The Moonbat Slayer, Jane Chastain, My Fox bloggers, Michell Malkin, Paul McGuire, and even to you guys--10 minutes with Bob Dutko!

It's time to put political and philosophical differences aside, so that we could be thankful for the freedoms we have here in this country.

Most of all, Merry Christmas to all of you reading this blog!

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Al Franken For Entertainment Secretary!


Al Franken For Entertainment Secretary! Nov 30, 2008 | 6:31 AM
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Humor me guys! Now that President-elect Barack Obama is choosing his cabinet, how about creating a new position? With people searching for work, and with Al Franken looking for a political job, this would be a great position for him! After all, he is a funny man, and what a great opportunity for Al, if there were a position for him! And my I suggest Obama Girl to be part of the office staff? She did entertain us on the web, and it would be a shame to see her fade away quickly! And maybe Al could address the issue of Barack Obama's official birth certificate, while Obama girl can redesign this one tee shirt I have pictured here. How about it guys? Al Franken for entertainment secretary!

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HybridTalk read my blog view my photos Dec 1, 2008 | 5:09 AM
“Humor me guys! Now that President-elect Barack Obama is choosing his cabinet, how about creating a new position? “ I believe they used to call these positions the Court Jesters. Or the fool of the court. That would fit Franken.

girlscout read my blog view my photos Dec 1, 2008 | 6:57 AM
I nominate Robin Williams for this position. We need a little humor these days.

dprin339 read my blog view my photos Dec 1, 2008 | 10:14 AM
Robin Williams would be FANTASTIC! hey, didn't franken once call himself stuart smalley? i vaguely remember that, he was a flop even then! this guy is a JOKE! (and not a funny one)

girlscout read my blog view my photos Dec 1, 2008 | 11:13 AM
He was funny when he was on Saturday Night Live. But Robin Williams is funnier.

stylegal read my blog view my photos Dec 1, 2008 | 7:55 PM
dprin don't forget that Stuart Smalley is a tax cheat pornographer. I don't just dislike Frankin; I despise him

dprin339 read my blog view my photos Dec 2, 2008 | 4:18 AM
ahhh style, i couldn't remember what the character did or was, thanks for the heads up. it doesn't matter now because HE doesn't matter. he'll just go back to bankrupting EVERY company he EVER works for LOL (ie: air america)

girlscout read my blog view my photos Dec 2, 2008 | 5:18 AM
A tax cheating pornographer? I watched SNL all the time and from what I remember, Stuart Smalley skits was him sitting in front of a mirror always telling himself that he was a good person. Kind of like a self-motivational speaker. Don't know where you got that pronographer thing from.

rickyw read my blog view my photos Dec 2, 2008 | 5:59 PM
we've had 8 years of disasters....america needs a break from pain....did you guys see the story about how george w doesnt have a single request for a speaking engagement after retirement...that hasnt happened in the history of the republic...this guy keeps making history....even nixon had requests....

rickyw read my blog view my photos Dec 2, 2008 | 6:00 PM and trust me donkey...no one is ever gonna mistake you for smart....im certain we all can agree on that

donkeysrevenge read my blog view my photos Dec 9, 2008 | 8:09 AM
Let me add one more to the office staff list: "Obama Girl's Mama!" Now who could forget her on the internet? Come to think of it, I need a picture of Obama Girl's Mama too! I'm glad you all have a sense of humor! Merry Christmas! RickyW: You crack me up!

donkeysrevenge read my blog view my photos Dec 14, 2008 | 4:28 PM
Oh yes, I forgot one more thing: the Obama panties! That was one wacky thing last summer on the West Coast! I think someone raided Obama Girl's apartment!

Originally Published by donkeysrevenge on MyFoxCleveland. Reprinted by permission.

Moonbat Radio

Jack Myer: Self Proclaimed "Radio Expert"
"Radio should borrow Wal-mart's playbook and cut prices." Jack Myers in 2003.

Oh really? I received this fax from the owner of the radio station where I work. The owner faxed us a copy of an article from "Inside Radio", an industry publication for radio stations. In this article dated Tuesday November 25 2008, Myers says that radio should borrow Wal-Mart's playbook and cut prices. Myers also told radio to direct its attention to listeners, not Wall Street. Oh Really? Myers also says that radio must become the "Walmart of the media industry'; it needs to be the place for advertisers to turn for cheap trusted reliable advertising! Myers also says that radio must cut back on research and overhead, while investing in local talent and new technologies like HD Radio.

Well Jacko, what happens when you cut prices? Huh? Well, what happens?


JACKO, you're cheating everyone who works in radio of their hard earned pay, when you tell the industry to have cheap advertising. You cheapen everything by telling the industry, and you send the message that you are really not worth the money spent to promote the advertiser's business.

Also, when you tell the industry to cut back on research and overhead, you're telling the people that the employees of radio stations are only worthy of being slaves, and that stupidity is the way to go. By not doing research, you're telling the radio industry to be stupid and die!

Jackie -boy, are you aware that a number of radio station companies have followed your half cocked advice, and are now in serious financial trouble? There is a religious radio company that is in danger of losing control, poised to having to sell its assets in stations, and there will be many employees in danger of losing their jobs! There are many commercial radio companies hurting for cash, and they're dumb enough to follow your advice, and bleed cash!

Low prices mean these things Jackaxx:
Less money to maintain the facilities of the radio station; Less money to invest in upgrades for the station to be competitive and state of the art; Less money to pay the salaries of the best qualified loyal employees; Less money to motivate employees to do the best job possible!

When you cut back on value, you chop away at the future! Wake up JACKIE-BOY!

Friday, December 12, 2008

Joey The Talking Chicken

Here's Joey the talking chicken.

You didn't know chickens can talk?

Speak Joey! Speak!


"Did you just call me Joey?"

It's a miracle!
Even chickens know Barack Obama!

Monday, December 8, 2008

Howie The Red Nosed Moonbat (revived)

Howard The Red Nosed Moonbat

Howard the red-nosed moonbat

had a very polished nose.

And if you ever saw him

you would even say it snows.

All of the other moonbats

Ask him to lead them in their game.

They always want Dean Howard

Leading them to the hall of shame.

On November's election eve

Barack came to say:

Howie with your plan not bright

won't you take a hike tonight?

Now all the moonbats hate him,

As they cower, run and flee!

Howie the red nosed moonbat

Will be ancient history.

The Reason For The Season:

The Reason For The Season:

It's that wonderful time of the year again. My, how 2008 has gone by quickly! We've had some historical events in the making: Alaska's Governor Sarah Palin as the first Republican female nominee for Vice President, Delaware Senator Joseph Biden being the first Delaware Senator elected to the second highest office of Vice President, Republican Senator John McCain being the oldest candidate for President, and finally, the election of the first Half African American President Barack Obama.

It is easy to take our freedom for granted, so we must remember the roots for our freedom: the birth of Our Savior Jesus Christ. If it weren't for the birth and death of Jesus Christ, we would not have the United States Of America as we know it. Had Jesus Christ not been born, we might still have a land, but it would be a land filled with tyranny and chaos. Mankind would be a civilization of lost souls, destined for destruction, based on mankind's track record of the lust for power and dominance. When you look at the societies which do not look to Jesus Christ and God for guidance, you will see the society become tyrannical sooner or later. Man has the propensity to sin in his nature, due to Adam and his wife rebelling in the Garden of Eden.

With the birth and death of Jesus Christ, we received the best gift of all to mankind: God's good will toward mankind, and his gift of eternal life. I will have more to follow, as the days progress. Merry Christmas my readers!

Sunday, December 7, 2008

"Happy Birthday Bobbo!" A Cheap Swipe against Bob Dutko

10minutes with Bob Dutko


It's interesting that you keep mentioning that the President of Iran, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, congratulated President-Elect Obama on becoming President-Elect. You keep intimating that if a harsh critic congratulates you on achieving something, then, somehow, we're supposed to see some horrible flaw in the person congratulated. I'm not really sure how that works, but, somehow, you make it work in your head. Seriously, what was President-Elect Obama supposed to do when Ahmadinejad congratulated him, resign?

On that note, Happy Birthday Bobbo!

(Are you going to resign now?)

posted by Irl Duhnutt at 9:13 PM on Nov 12, 2008

And the replies to DUHNUTT's posts:

Blogger Jeff said...

Happy Birthday Bob! May your retirement from talk radio be long and uneventful.

November 12, 2008 10:21:00 PM EST

Blogger mystere's moonbat slayer club said...

Jeff & Irl,

Be careful about what you wish for on your birthdays! You just might get your wishes one day, and at the worst time possible -- when you go broke and lose your jobs...wishing for something evil on someone has its way of backfiring painfully! And no, I'm not wishing anything bad for you guys, so don't twist things around like you almost always do.

December 7, 2008 4:31:00 AM EST


Just so you readers know what's going on here, some bloggers have been spreading piles of lies against a talk show host in Detroit; I've gone up to bat to offset this lunacy from these 4 moonbats! And since they enjoy lying to the public, and have no backbone for truth, I've archived some of their postings and my replies to them. This is just one of the mild ones...they can't listen more than 10 minutes to Bob, since he tells the truth, and these guys hate the truth. For those of you who listen to Bob Dutko regularly, you know he is hard hitting and honest. Yes, Bob can be gritty, but he's for real.
12/08/08 Updated replies on their blog:

Blogger djtyg said...

Yeah, Mystere. It would be terrible if we all resigned from our jobs and retired after we spent hours mentioning a non-existent connection between Obama and Ahmadinejad.

Karma's a motherf@@@#r.

December 8, 2008 6:54:00 AM EST

Blogger mystere's moonbat slayer club said...

Like I said djtyg: Be careful about what you wish on Bob! When you 3 get fired from your jobs, and find yourself in the poorhouse on welfare for years to come, remember just how you wished Bob and his family would never be able to work again and die. Yeah, maybe you didn't write it fully, but you sure implied it, and wished it in your hearts! I'll give your buddy lumberjack credit for not saying anything about it...he's the one smart one for not saying a thing!

Hey Irl, just remember next time you do a seance, curses have a way of backfiring into your face!

December 8, 2008 11:10:00 AM EST

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Texas Fred is asking for help

Blogger Texas Fred has called out to a number of bloggers for help. It turns out that there is a military veteran in the Dallas-Fort Worth area who is in dire need of blood plasma due to some very serious injuries. If you're a reader in the Dallas Fort Worth area, or if you know someone in that area, I have a link you can copy here to get the details: http://TexasFred.net/

This isn't about politics; it's about someone's life and well being.

Here's the email that Fred sent out (The Gift Of Life)

The Gift Of Life

I know a lot of you are NOT in the D/FW area, but you have emails and blogs and so forth...
PLEASE repost this on your blog, forward it to your list, ask them to forward it, and their lists, and so forth and so on... This man needs help, he needs blood, PLASMA, even if you're NOT in the D/FW area, maybe some of your list IS, maybe some of their list IS, you get the idea!!

Let's get this thing moving folks, and if you ARE in the D/FW area and can give blood, please do!!

Bcc: My List


Now if it's too dark for you to read here, go to the link, and look at Fred's blog.

Moonbats dump on Bob Dutko again!


Oh yes! The clowns are at it again, as usual! They're ranting and having a temper tantrum on their left wing extremist blog site again, calling Bob Dutko a liar because he says the earth is only a few thousand years old. Well, are you guys the one who created the earth? Were you there when the earth and the whole universe formed, Jeffy-boy? Show me the proof guy! Show the proof that you were around at the beginning of time, so that you can honestly call Bob Dutko a liar, and be honest about it! ...........What?.........You DON'T HAVE ANY PROOF? Oh My!!! Oh wait! I found some "proof" to support your "truth"; why yes, I guess you guys were around before anyone else:

Align Center

Just keeping it real, guys...in your style, not mine! Har Har!