Sunday, February 28, 2010


"LIST: 10 Most Liberal, Conservative in Congress" - Patriot Update

Here's a list of moonbats and RINOs to pour through folks!  In So-Cal, we have 2 moonbats who made the list:  Linda Sanchez and Henry Waxman!  Now, it's time we get a horsewhip out to get them out of office!  I'm ready to get into action here.  However, I'm surprised that Linda Sanchez's sister Loretta didn't make the top 10 moonbats list along with Nappihead Grace Napolitano.  Looks like Linda and Hank have an 8 way tie of being the biggest libtards in the House...will one of these 8 clowns replace Nancy Pelosi as the cackler of the Liberal House?  Wonder why Pelosi didn't make the top 10?  But I did notice that Jacko's boy Junior made the top 10!  And Vichy Goofarino's big boy Rolly Obama Burris became libtard #1 to the Senate Libtard list, in a 4 way tie! 

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Al Haig passes away at 85 - Harry Siegel and Nia-Malika Henderson -

Al Haig passes away at 85 - Harry Siegel and Nia-Malika Henderson -

Now here's a story that is somewhat balanced and fair!

Moonbats Attack Alexander Haig's Reputation

Oh, the moonbats are on their old dirty attacks again! These cowards are out smearing the reputation of a deceased patriot, with shameless and reckless abandon. Old Tommy-boy thinks he can spew out his lies without any consequences, but anyone who is politically sane knows that the Huffy-Puffy Post is nothing more than a big stinky belch from the left field of lunacy! Need I say what end they're belching from, or not? I choose to stay quiet about that!

Rest In Peace Alexander Haig! Well done faithful servant! Enter into the Joy of the Lord my good comrade!

And to you Tommy-boy, whoa to you, before you face the Almighty and hear Him say to you "Depart from Me Cursed One Into The Lake Of Fire prepared for the Devil and his angels." I hope you wise up before it's too late Tommy Shachtman!

Friday, February 19, 2010

Newsmax - Media Use Austin IRS Terror Attack to Slam Tea Party Movement

Newsmax - Media Use Austin IRS Terror Attack to Slam Tea Party Movement
Oh the moonbats are exploiting this one to the max! Why is it that when one of their own commits something so horrendous, they like to pass the blame to the other extreme? This kook was nothing more than a deranged moonbat terrorist, and albeit in his last stages of moonbat lunacy! What he did was beyond sick, and the media wants to call it a right wing tea party act of terror? These clowns need to stop listening to their King Olbermann and his whack job minions!

And let me state this once again for the record: That pilot was mentally ill, and what he did was absolutely horrible and wrong!

Monday, February 8, 2010

Democrat Pennsylvanian Congressman John Murtha croaks @ 77

My condolences go to the Murtha family for their loss.  And like it says in the murtha must go blog, I agree with the author 100 percent!  The Murtha Mutt has croaked, thus opening another opportunity for Conservatives to get in, and bring some balance of power back! Oh yes, and let's not forget the Abscam scandal in the 70s; click on the link above to go to the blog, and see the video!  Oh, and when Murtha Mutt is buried, will he be in the casket face down?