Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Sickos Attack Sarah Palin's Downs Sydrome Child: Greatest Living American: A Children’s Treasury of Trig Crap On His Birthday

Greatest Living American: A Children’s Treasury of Trig Crap On His Birthday

See what these sick whackjobs do to a kid?  Absolute garbage!

A$$ KLOWN Earl Ofari Hutchinson Whining Over Chimp Obama Joke Email

Go figure! Earl Ofari Hutchinson has thrown another temper tantrum over somone "insulting" his dumbo emperor Obama. While no one condones racism here on this blog, let me post the picture which gave Hutch a painful wedgie this weekend:

Now don't think I condone this picture! It isn't funny! However, I think Earl Ofari Hutchinson tends to be selective when he goes on the attack. Where was he when people photoshopped George W. Bush as a monkey? NOWHERE! Now let's take a look at Bush being mocked:

Oh Earl, where art thou?

And where were you when some liberals attacked a black conservative at a Tea Party event in Portland Oregon? Oh Earl, where art thou? OH WAIT, IT'S SOMEONE WHO'S AN UNCLE TOM, RIGHT EARL? YOU DON'T DEFEND YOUR UNCLE TOMMY, RIGHT EARL?
So while "Uncle Tommy" gets attacked, you sit around and smile, don't you Earl? "he no deserve no protection becuz he turn whitey boy!"

My my Earl! Oh, and when Dennis Kucinich thought Obama should be impeached for bombing Libya, you thought Kucinich was wrong?? Why's that Earl? Oh wait, I know why: because Kucinich is a liberal who thinks Obama did the wrong thing, and Kucinich is a white guy! But since Kucinich is a liberal, you only gave him a slap on the hands in your Huff-Poop editorial.

"Muh name iz Earl! I slap da whitey boy when he get outta line! I don't like no uncle Tommy eethuh! They too smart foh da lazy man!"

Oh, your name is Earl alright! The one who chooses to pick on conservatives and liberal whites who call out when they see other liberals screwing up!

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Will Muslims Issue A Fatwa Against Carl's Jr. & Hardees?

The word is out! Carl's Jr. and Hardees have brought out an under 500 calorie burger to the market. However, they have gotten some people upset with their ads. But, before I get into what's happening, let me give you a link to some free food from Carl's Jr. and Hardees:

If you haven't noticed the ads yet, this is where the heat is on: They got Miss Turkey to do an ad for the new turkey burger. In the ad, Miss Turkey strips down to a bikini with the turkey burger imprinted on it. It turns out that Miss Turkey, Gizem Memic (Sorry folks, my computer doesn't allow for a French curve under the c), happens to like Carl's Jr. burgers; she said she grew up eating them.

Now, I came across a blog w
here a Turkish American said he was quite offended with the ad. I'll admit Gizem is quite the looker here! She has become quite the sensation on television with that ad! Now I'm wondering if any Muslim Imam has become a big cry baby and issued a Fatwa against Carl's Jr. and Hardees? Or have they enjoyed the ad so much that they've given a pass to them? If I were 1 of those nutjob Imams, I would probably still give a pass! Of course not all Imams are nutjobs, just the extremists!

Gizem, if you happen to come across t
his blog, I hope you enjoy the Turkey Burger!

No Fatwa from me!

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Friday, April 1, 2011

Shake It Up Before We Go Go!

e put the boom-boom into the sky,

He tried to bomb Libya solo, with a war-cry!

So he sent up U.S. planes...
the fails per mission have all been insane...
With moonbats flying into the night,
we'll be in trouble tomorrow all right,
His weakness going down in a flame,
We'll be the butt of the moonbat hall of shame!

Shake It Up Before We Go Go!
Don't leave us hanging on a war solo,
Shake It Up Before We Go Go!
Leave us watching in shame!

Bomb all night, in the hall of shame,
Don't let common sense enter your brain,
Bomb all night, in the hall of shame,
Just let Dubya be the one who's blamed...

Shake it up before we go go!
Just be the moonbat with the bombing solo!
Shake It Up before We Go Go!
We'll be dying tonight!

Sharia's not so fly!!!!
Yeah Yeah!!!!

Rattrapper Out!

How Did Jerry Brown Raise $$$ for his mansion?

How has Governor Moonbeam raised money for his "mansion" in the past? He has gone out on his RINO hunt again, looking for traitors to rob us again! Yet, he cannot find a single RINO, so now he's resorted to the name calling and blame casting game...What is it that Moonbeamer Jerry doesn't get into his bald thick head? Moonbeam's woman has also jumped into the mean streak by being a %*^(# around conservatives. It turns out that a number of Republican State Senators have gotten the witch's brew treatment from "Little Moonbeam Annie" for not wanting to increase taxes.

Word to Governor Moonbeam: You may have gotten away with raising taxes to pay for your mansion last time you were in the Governor's office; this time, we're not going to take it!