Friday, February 28, 2014

Have You Laughed At A Liberal Today? Moonbeam Goes For A Rerun

It's official! Moonbeam has said he plans to screw up California for another 4 years. The bald clown plans on making a bigger circus out of California by insisting we build the bullet train to nowhere, and die of thirst by saving fairy shrimp and smelts while flushing the Sacramento and San Joaquin Rivers to the ocean. What will it take to get this power hungry bald old bozo out of politics? Moonbeam keeps making California a big laughing stock for the residents of the other 49 states to laugh at! He loves watching gay men parading around with their pants off in Frisco's gay area, loves doing gay marriages, loves to harass ordinary people standing up to the San Francisco freak shows, and he finds ways to tax everyone to death. His goonsquad union thugs shake everyone down after Moonbeam swindles every last penny an honest man earns for a living, and he poops his Depends when Texas Governor Rick Perry gives California businesses sweet incentives to move over to Texas. Will someone please get the electric fly swatters out, and send a big tingle up Moonbeam's L'eggs? When he rips a huge fart afterwards, perhaps the moonbats who voted him in will get a huge whiff of the moon gas he emits out, and become lucid enough to vote him out. And don't bother with Gaffing Nuisance either. Heeeeeez kummming! Wetha ya like it or not!

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Kentucky Snake Church Cult Pastor Croaks From Rattlesnake Bite

The fallout has now settled. It's been several days since the news broke out about Jamie Coots getting bitten and dying of a snakebite from a timberland rattlesnake. Pastor Coots added some more cannon fodder to the atheist anti Christian hate pile by playing with danger and getting killed as a result. The one thing many of these snake church people tend to ignore is the passage in the Bible where Jesus gets tempted by Satan after fasting for 40 days. When Satan told Jesus to jump off a high place, saying that angels would prevent him from getting injured, Jesus said to him that it is written "do not put God to a foolish test." Let this be a loud warning to anyone reading this who either attends or leads a snake handling church: STOP SINNING! Playing a game of russian roulette with Satan by handling venomous snakes in the name of Jesus are sins of pride, arrogance and the tempting of God, just to name a few things. Remember that the Lord God permits delusions to settle in, whenever one continues to keep sinning. If you keep sinning, you will be "handed over to Satan" for a season to face reality. Do you want to face God Almighty after going to one of these so called worship services, and say to Him that you were meant to die from the snakebite, only to find yourself in the herd of spiritual goats being sent to the lake of fire? Do you want to be one of those who get into the face of Jesus, saying you did this in His name, and hear Jesus say to you "I never knew you, so depart from me to the Lake Of Fire?" It's time to remember what Jesus said to Satan when Satan told him that angels would protect him if he jumped off a mountain to prove He's the Son of God.

Thursday, February 6, 2014

Lefties Suffer Massive Meltdown Over School Lunch Menu

Liberals have freaked out over an innocent oversight regarding a black history month lunch at an all girl Catholic High School in Concord California.  The girls at Carondelet High School along with the boys at De La Salle High School had planned a lunch consisting of Fried Chicken, Cornbread and Watermelon. The girls and boys planning the luncheon were members of the Black Student Unions at each high school. The teachers at both high schools missed a huge opportunity with this oversight: educating the youth about the stereotypes in history. The luncheon could have been used to teach the students about the culture and heritage of the Black Community. Instead, the moonbats threw a hissyfit, whining over what was being served for lunch. The moonbats played the PC card, saying that not all blacks eat fried chicken with cornbread and watermelon. Stupid moonbats need to learn to take an opportunity and use it to educate others. They've been listening too long to their media kooks from MSNBC & other leftard sites.