Friday, March 20, 2009

AIG Congressional Tax Swindle

"Make the AIG bonus recipients pay a 90% tax!!!!" Oh the cries from the moonbats who approved the spendulus bill! Muh-Muh-My!!! This is best shown by moonbat Congressman Earl Pomeroy, calling the AIG folks losers, and telling them "GIVE US OUR MONEY BACK!!!!" Now congressman Jeff Flake (R-Ariz) couldn't have said it better when he called the debacle a "bad comedy routine"! KUDOS CONGRESSMAN FLAKE!!

Now who else has their dirty hands in this deal? of course! That liberal dumb ape George Soros thinks he can distance himself from this, but let's not forget that he had his you know whats stuck up the big Fannie and Freddie! If he thinks he can wash the stench off his hands, he is mistaken! Soros, you've been the cheerleader to Obama, Pelosi, and Dodd, so fess up you dumb ape!

Okay, now that I've calmed down a bit, here's what makes me boiling mad: Congress thinks they can pander to the public, and retroactively raise taxes to an obscene rate, even if it's for a select few people! This showboating is a dangerous precedent for all of us: what happens if they decide that they can target a certain individual or group for high taxes? Another thing that they failed to mention to the public: there were already provisions in the spendulus bill to allow the AIG executives to receive the bonuses...these executives were already promised bonuses before the bailout! Funny how Christopher Dodd has his foot smeared with the stinkers! And Pelosi? What a piece of work!

Here are your 3 mules:

Rattrapper out!