Sunday, November 27, 2016

"I Wanna Recount! I Wanna Recount! I Wanna Recount! HYAH GYAH GYAH GYAH, GYAH GYAH GYAH!"

Please stop, Jill! Don't play the game, hoping Hillary will steal the election and give you some loot for your temper tantrums. Hillary is not your friend. She isn't going to upright your gravy train. You're going to be played for a bigger fool when she pretends to team up with you and yanks the carpet from under you. You'll stumble and fall with her, because she won't be able to carpetbag her way into the White House. Your whining sounds like a screech from the late Dr. Gene Scott's old parishoners who threw a bunch of hissyfits when he asked them for much needed funds to stay on TV & radio in the early 80s. He once wrote a song and mocked them on the air: "HYAH GYAH GYAH GYAH, GYAH GYAH GYAH!" Believe me, it was hysterical! I only heard him sing it once, but it never left my mind. Get out of the clown suit! Mystere, Rattrapper and I are begging you to use any common sense you have, and stop the clown parade!

Fidel Castro Has Croaked

Bad news for liberals!  Fidel Castro has croaked.

Are you done freaking out?

Friday, November 18, 2016

Are You Finished Yet, Liberals?

Are you done, Liberals? Have you stopped throwing your infantile temper tantrums? Have you grown up and started acting like adults?

Saturday, November 12, 2016

Have You Laughed At A Liberal Today? Hillary Admits She Shouldn't Have Called Trump Supporters Basket Of Deplorables It's too late to say "OOPS!" Hillary Clinton opened the door to her defeat by mouthing off the classic Hillary Clinton way. Ha ha ha ha! POOOOOOOOOR HILLARY! Did you forget to buy pallets of Depends for the other night?

Friday, November 11, 2016

Friday, November 4, 2016

Final Argument For Trump (via Townhall)

This is it folks!  Remember that Trump didn't put our troops in harm's way.  Hildebeest did!  And there are more scandals here

Political Chit Chat With A Twitter Follower

Today, I had an interesting chat with a Twitter user I've followed for a long time:hipEchick. She and I have followed each other since my early days on Twitter, and she is a Southern California conservative, just like I am. We got into a discussion when I saw a tweet of hers regarding California businesses that have gone to Mexico to flee from Governor Moonbeam's greedy paws. She has a legitimate concern over what might happen when Donald Trump wins the election on Tuesday November 8th 2016. We both agree that Donald Trump is not perfect, and tariffs can play a negative role especially if we're not careful. HipEChick and I differ in how we see California's future turning out with what's happening right now, but we both want to see California return to being a pleasant prosperous state again. I'm 1 county further north than hipEchick, (Orange County), and hipEchick is in San Diego County. So it's not surprising to see some of the local small businesses in her area moving across the border to escape the political tyranny instigated and inflicted upon them by Governor Moonbeam and his dumb ape thugs up in Sacramento. In my area, Anaheim and Buena Park have lost some great businesses to out of state locations: Nabisco's corporate bakery moved out of Buena Park, and Fluidmaster, a company that makes aftermarket replacement water fill valves for toilet tanks moved out of their founding home in Anaheim. We keep losing mom and pop businesses to out of state and out of country locations, thanks to the Democrat Superidiocy in Sacramento. HipEchick sees plenty of trouble still looming, and I partially agree with her. I agree there's a nasty turbulent time ahead of us, but I also trust God to open the eyes of a number of those who are blind to this, and see what they need to do to turn around.

I'm a bit more optimistic over the future of California than hipEchick. She asked me why I'm calling out for God's help when we should have stopped 0bama and his liberal goons years ago. I believe God has been patient with us, and is ready to cash in and make us pay for the sins of the liberal goons in the State Senate and Assembly. I have hope for the businesses that fled Moonbeam's bloodmoney collectors. We have some smart people who are running for office: Ling Ling Chang and Young Kim. Chang is running for an open seat in the State Senate, and Young Kim is the Conservative incumbent in my Assembly district. We need to fight off slimy Sharon Quirk Silva who voted to allow boys into girl's bathrooms and showers, as she thinks she should be voted back into office after suffering a well deserved defeat from Young Kim 2 years ago. I suspect Slimy Sharon's thugs broke into Young Kim's new campaign headquarters, stealing over 30 computers. Nothing good has come out of Slimy Sharon Quirk Silva. In the State Senate race, the liberal undermutt Josh Newman has tried to paint himself as a champion of veterans while getting wupped by Ling Ling Chan. While I commend Newman's alleged efforts to help vets, that doesn't mean he's a good candidate for an unbalanced State Senate seat. Chan is a smarter candidate for the open seat. I believe the gerrymandering done by the left wing extremists will soon strike them where it hurts. HipEchick, it's fun chatting with you! We'll have to celebrate when California gets back on track! Follow hipEchick on Twitter. She's a brillant soul!