Sunday, February 20, 2011

Walker: Cheese Slicing Ranger...I Mean Governor!

The Cheese has rotted.  It is time to cut the rotted cheese out!  Enter Walker:  Cheese Slicing Ranger...I mean Governor.  While the Unions are having a huge temper tantrum over getting a financial circumcision, Wisconsin's Republican Governor Scott Walker is getting brutally attacked by the Wisconsin Democrats.  I just recently came across this picture from the Wisconsin Democrats website:
From the Wisconsin Democrats website.
ABSOLUTELY DISGUSTING!  Take a look at the Red section of this picture:  You can say it's Florida, but it also looks like the outline of a handgun.  As you look at the picture, you see 2 black lines going through Scott Walker's ears.  Then in the blue area, which liberals will say is Wisconsin, it looks like it's watching and smiling!  The 2 planes are drawn in a way to look like sicles coming toward Walker in 2 directions (perhaps to chop his head).  

Next, we have 14 moonbat senators flying out of Wisconsin to Illinois to hide in their moonbat caves, so that the Wisconsin State Senate could not vote on the issue of slashing collective bargaining for the public sector unions.  It looks like a temper tantrum from a bunch of left wing extremist cry babies, to say the least.

I do have some good news about this:  It turns out that the moonbats have a gaffer among their midst.  Moonbat Brett Hulsey has opened his beak, and cawed out to the Huffington Post some details on how the Democrats plan to attack the Republicans.  Hulsey has the gall to call the Republican Party dictators.

Courtesy The Badger Herald (Photo by Meagan McCormick

Hey Brett, why don't you go out, and get your moonbat buddies out of the moonbat caves?  Did you really need to bend over and blow out some hot air, calling Republicans dictators?  While you caw out recall threats against Republicans for doing their jobs, you and the rest of the Flock Of Moonbats think you can all hide in your bat caves until it's over?

Governor Scott Walker has the guts to slice out the rotting things in the State Of Wisconsin budget.  In fact, he has the boldness of Chuck Norris aka Walker Texas Ranger.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

What Did Al Franken Say?

 Well, I recently came across some of Liberal Senator Al Franken's schemes and thought it might be amusing (or maybe not amusing) to post them.  I have taken the liberty to disable any links to other pages, so have fun folks!

Here are some of Al's ventures and foibles:

Al Franken said these things over a period of several months:
Al: repealing healthcare would be a mistake
Comcast-NBC merger will increase cable prices and stifle competition
biofuel producers get grant to expand, creating jobs and reducing dependence on foreign oil
 I believe we are facing a growing threat of corporate control on the flow of information in our country 
 The Comcast-NBC merger is bad for consumers and bad for the Internet
 After hitting it off after the election, Al will mentor freshman Senator Rand Paul
Al talks healthcare, ethanol, education and his credit rating agency amendment
Al tours Viracon to discuss #jobs, #energy codes and international #trade in the glass industry 
#Comcast already preparing to pull #NBC Universal content from Netflix?
The decision made by the FCC & DOJ is a "tremendous disappointment" protecting corporate interests 
Al on Comcast-NBC: What we see today is an effort by the FCC to appease the very companies it’s charged with regulating
#education testing methods need modernization 
Grand Forks Herald editor reflects on his convesation with Al
The GOP plan to repeal heath care "doesn't make sense," won't pass in the Senate
We need to create an atmosphere where bullying isn't accepted in our schools 
 Comcast-NBC merger a big disappointment -- find out how to help Al fight back 
Bad news for consumers: Comcast-NBC approved. Al is fighting back -- find out how you can help!
Check out Al's op-ed: Small banks & businesses can benefit from new Small Business Lending Fund
MN has the resources to be a biotechnology center, leading to high value #jobs 
In his speech at NetrootsNation MN, Al discusses the necessity of & the danger of the Comcast/NBC merger
Franken to feds: Want new road signs? Help pay for 'em.
 Small biz manufacturing and rural jobs will help with economic recovery
44,521 ppl have co-signed Al's open letter fighting the Comcast/NBC merger in last 24hrs
The Comcast/NBC merger would be a "disaster" for customers
Al celebrates groundbreaking at the Kittson Cty canola plant that will help boost local economy
Al discusses new training programs at NCTC in Thief River Falls »
Growing small businesses will help to create new jobs
the tragedy in AZ won't stop those in Congress from doing their jobs and meeting with constituents
Health reform has already cut costs & removed barriers for Minnesotans; let's not repeal …
New food safety law will prevent foodborne illnesses and save lives »
Al's proposed change to filibuster rules would help non-controversial legislation move faster  
Al wants to put the burden on the minority to continue a filibuster not on the majority to stop it:
I sincerely hope the FCC will make significant improvements to their net neutralityproposal before Tuesday's vote
Star Tribune: Sen. Franken: An unseemly but necessary deal on taxes
Al on repealing DADT: "We've cleared the pathway to right a major injustice."
Al: The FCC's proposal needs major revisions and may do more harm than doing nothing at all.
Al calls on FCC to fix net neutrality proposal or nix it  
Al: "I am deeply disheartened by the Senate's failure to repeal don’t ask don’t tell
Al: "I'm not happy with extending tax cuts on millionaires and billionaires »»»
Al joins Dems in pressing the administration to protect ANWR
Al meets with principal and kindergartners at Apple Valley School 
Al, you got your bunny suit on for the kids, eh?  Quite an outfit for a kindergarten class, eh?

"Friend" the Department of Homeland Security? WHAAAAAATTT!!!!??????!!!!

Pajamas Media » The Department of Homeland Security Wants to Friend You?

If they want to "friend" us on Facebook, what are the consequences we'll be facing as a result?  Big Sister Napi is watching you!  These clueless dumbos in the DHS have supposedly launched a program they call "Einstein 3", which is to get rid of the color coding of terrorist threat levels, and rely on Facebook and Twitter to inform and stay informed of so called terrorist threats.  Uh Napi, do you know what you're doing?  Perhaps the name is appropriate for your idea of security:  Einstein?  What kind of name is that?  Einstein 3?  It must be appropriate for a bunch of buffoons running Homeland Security!

Napi, while I'm on the subject of Homeland Security, let me remind you of what you left behind when you took the job offer Emperor 0bama presented to you.  You left the Arizona borders open wide for America hating nutjobs who would gloat with glee in destroying the nation!  And your lib-bots poop their panties (or is it their Depends) when Sheriff Joe Arpaio and Governor Jan Brewer get tough and enforce the tough immigration laws! 

Einstein 3?  Albert must be flying nuts now!

No, not him! 

This Albert!

See what you did to him Napi?

Friday, February 11, 2011

Will Biden's Boondoggle Derail Him?

» Malkin: Who’s Policing Amtrak Joe Biden’s Rail Boondoggles? Commentary


Here comes another one of Joey The Talking Chicken Biden's infamous gaffes!  Will he roll through smoothly, or will his gaffe derail him?

Thursday, February 10, 2011

What Did Elton John Say?

Elton John Says Kids Don't Need a Mom and a Dad: Do You Agree?

Reggie!!!  Reggie!!!  Reggie!!!  Kids do need both a mom and a dad!  Now we know that your pappy was more interested in being an Admiral in the British Navy over being a dad to you, but the things from your past are clouding your judgment!  I take it you're the "wife" and "Mum" in your gay marriage with David Furness, since the article did state that David is your gay hubby?

MMM!!! Barbecue...WHAT THE...????? KAAHAAAACK!

Michelle Obama's Barbecue Hypocrisy

Now, I don't like to go after the First Lady, but this really raked the coals!  From what I read on the link, if she is pandering like they say (Charlotte NC has the best BBQ?), she really deserves these next 2 pictures I found on the web:

Shelley, please don't pander when you make the rounds as the First Lady!  It's perfectly fine to admit you're a grocery nanny!  At least if you admit you're a food nanny, the people will have some respect for you, because of honesty.  And you know your hubby has a taste for a great burger or two!  Why I think he's having a burger craving right now!

Grocery Taxes? Are You Nuts?

Which States Tax the Sale of Food for Home Consumption in 2009? — Center on Budget and Policy Priorities

What for the life of me is wrong with this picture?  TAXING GROCERIES FOR HOME CONSUMPTION?  Let's learn from a blunder that a certain RINO in California committed, and the backlash he received:  Remember when Pete Wilson was the Governor?  Well, let's say he allowed 1 serious mistake, which got Conservatives charging mad at him:  the Snack Tax!  That snafu only lived for a short time, and then suffered a huge defeat, when we Californians passed a ballot measure repealing the snack tax.  It stopped Pete Wilson from remaining a RINO, and after he learned the hard way, he redeemed himself by leaving California a surplus budget that George Deukmejian helped get rolling.  Of course, Wilson's follower Gray Davis blew it to bits, and started a deficit which we are still in, and sinking deeper into with Moonbeam (but that's another topic).  So let this be a lesson:  Taxing Food will bite you back!  Let's look at the States that tax groceries (taken from the provided link: 
  • Seven states tax groceries at lower rates than other goods; they are Arkansas, Illinois, Missouri, Tennessee, Utah, Virginia, and West Virginia. [1]
  • Five states — Hawaii, Idaho, Kansas, Oklahoma, and South Dakota— tax groceries fully but offer credits or rebates offsetting some of the taxes paid on food by some portions of the population. These credits or rebates usually are set at a flat amount per family member. The amounts and eligibility rules vary, but may be too narrow and/or insufficient to give eligible households full relief from sales taxes paid on food purchases.
  • Two states continue to apply their sales tax fully to food purchased for home consumption without providing any offsetting relief for low- and moderate-income families. They are Alabama and Mississippi.
  • Real brilliant, Guys!