Sunday, March 1, 2009

Setting The Record Straight

I'm going to set some records straight about things I say on my blogs. Lately, some people have made some remarks out of concern for things I've been saying on my blogs, wondering if I'm racist, a hate monger, and un-Christ like. Now I appreciate those who have voiced their concerns, so let me tell you where I stand.

First thing, I do go after things like an attack dog, when I think it should be pursued harshly. As an example, I have dogged "The Governator" and California's so called "Head Cop" for condoning gay marriage. First of all, homosexuality is morally wrong! There is nothing that makes it right in God's eyes, and I will never condone homosexual activity under any circumstances! Now there are so called cries for protecting the homosexuals from being attacked by others - some things are legitimate: no one should be brutally beaten up - however there is a law against murder, assault, and other things. Homosexuals should not have any favorable treatment if they're robbed, beaten up in public, or even murdered. The law already prohibits such acts: it should be equal to all folks. Most Hate Crime laws are wrong, and should be repealed. However, it is a good idea to at least review the various laws to see if there is some merit to keeping it enforced.

As for discrimination laws, some should be dumped: each one needs to be reviewed case by case. Any law that condones homosexuality or favors a gay person because of his or her sexual preference of being gay, should be repealed!

Now, these are just examples of things that I have gone after, like an attack dog. I have repeatedly gone after Jerry Brown and Arnie for their preferential treatment for homosexuals over what is morally right. Now those two have condoned gay marriage, which is morally wrong! Also, the voters have spoken: NO GAY MARRIAGE! Yet these clowns choose to usurp the will of the voters, not to mention they are sticking their heads into a you know what! The voters who said yes to Proposition 8 took a stand based on morality, and spoke out loud and clear. So I will keep attacking and ridiculing those who show themselves to be moonbats and rhinos!

Second thing about my blog: I have said I will go after those whom I consider moonbats. Anything that promotes a socialist agenda goes against the things our forefathers fought for. I am not politically correct, and I don't play the PC game. Playing the PC game is a farce and an insult to being honest! It goes against all principles of integrity, and that's something I personally don't like to mess with!

One more thing: you better hope the Fairness Doctrine gets eliminated! If that thing passes, those losers who are promoting it have expressed the desire to go after the internet as their next target! If you want the Fairness Doctrine to be reinstated, don't go whining like a moonbat once the internet gets regulated, and you get censored! Sometimes you get more than what you asked for! Take California for an example: the moonbats are running the government, and now the businesses have either left the state or dropped dead like flies!


christdiedforme said...

I found this blog while doing a google search on bob dutko's top 10 proof cds. After reading your newest post I decided to review some of your previous posts to see what all the fuss is about. I too am Christian and also a fan of Bob Dutko. However, as a brother in Christ I do have significant reservations about your blog for the following reasons. First, most of your posts contain either vulgar pictures or personal attacks against people who hold different views then yours. While I would agree in many cases that their viewpoints are unbiblical I would not agree that the way you go about denouncing those viewpoints shows the Love of Christ. There is a difference between not being politically correct and being rude, demeaning and obnoxious. Secondly, there is a difference between non-christians asking for special treatment and asking for the same protections that any other american citizen has. While I do not agree with homosexual marriage, I also cannot agree with homosexuals being discriminated against because of their sexual orientation in the workplace, etc. I listen to Bob Dutko alot and while he may disagree with someone's position he never personally attacks them or ridicules them like I see you doing on this blog. So, as a bellow believer in Christ I would urge you to reconsider the way you debate these issues because you are not currently reflecting well on the body of Christ with the way you are currently engaging people on this blog.

Biggerslick said...

Keep the freedom of speech. If the words slip out and feel great, speak em all ;)