Saturday, March 14, 2009

Jump On The Bandwagon Jerry!

Jerry Brown has jumped onto the bandwagon again! Now he is going after the folks who were around Anna Nicole Smith, just to make himself look like he's doing something worthy for California. Now, some of you readers are going to accuse me of being mean to Jerry! Let me say this: I'm not the first one to come out and expose this idea! I happened to be watching KTTV Fox 11 when TMZ's Harvey Levin said he thinks that Jerry Brown is using this as a platform to run for Governor in 2010. As a life long California resident, I haven't forgotten what it was like to have him as a Governor in the 70s to the early 80s: it was miserable! That moonbat kept taking money away from schools, and made it hard to learn in classes! He took away the Driver's Education training session from High Schools, and now parents must pay for private driving schools to teach their kids to drive, if they want to have a license at 16. Look at the results now: we have a bunch of lousy drivers on the road! That's just a tip of the iceberg with the damage that Brown will do. He will do things that harm our pocket books...look at the businesses leaving the state...he'll add more to the misery index! Jerry, we haven't forgotten what you already did. Now, let's remember his campaign in 2006:
Poochigian: TOO EXTREME FOR CALIFORNIA! I say Jerry Brown is too extreme for California! Say Jerry, after you eat that pink doughnut that Homer Simpson gives you, you'll be getting a pink slip from the voters!

The Red Dogs are about to bite back Jerry! I'm saying this to you in blood red!