Sunday, March 8, 2009

Obama Trying to force socialism on us?

As I surf the internet and read various articles through sources like World Net Daily and Newsmax, I find it interesting to look back at what happened last September, when Senator John McCain and Governor Sarah Palin started gaining ground against Barack Obama and Joe Biden.  As I look back, I recall how they kept on saying there was an October surprise waiting for them, during the campaign; various rumblings have cropped up lately, saying that someone deliberately pulled out millions of dollars out of the United States the day that the economy crashed.   Allegedly, the Treasury Department tried to halt the electronic transfers, but were electronically locked out, and could not stop the transactions.  Some suspect George Soros of as the mastermind behind this alleged scandal.  Soros and ACORN have been considered the primary culprits who allegedly bought votes to get Barack Obama elected.  If there is enough proof in these allegations, and if these things turn out to be true over a period of time, you can bet that the public will turn their votes against Barack Obama in the next Presidential election in 2012.  Now please note that I said these are allegations; it is not proof that this actually happened!  If these allegations are false, there is nothing to lose; however if it's true, we have plenty to lose, and must do things within the law now to stop the damage!


Elroy said...

Hey, Mystere – thanks for the respect back The Political Jungle but it was misplaced. I wasn't avoiding thee topic, the truth is I've been banned. Guess I was just too much for them – too much logic, too much common sense – so they had to shut me down.

As for your post, really, is this the best you guys can do? George Soros conspiracy theories? Any, y'know' proof?

And please, please, PLEASE try to keep up and understand that the 'ACORN bought votes!' meme was just a little bit of retail politics from an RNC facing annihilation – they knew it wasn't true, ACORN knew it wasn't true, everyone knew it wasn't apart form the faithful who wanted so, so badly to believe it was.

It wasn't. It isn't. It couldn't be. Literally. Really. Take a little time out to research your posts just a tad, please, and then you won't embarras yourself or anyone else.



mystere's moonbat slayer club said...


I hope you're doing well! As for some of the things I'm writing here, these are allegations so far; like I said, it's not proven yet. There are some rumbling going on the internet sites; also, I have a family member working for a financial institution...some things are not being said publicly for reasons of security; however, things are pointing toward George Soros. Right now, I'm keeping an eye out to see where this is going. We'll just have to see where the thing goes.