Tuesday, October 23, 2012


As the elections draw near, the photos crop up on the web.
Of course I have to feed you some of the wackiest pics...after all, moonbat slayers need to laugh as well.


Saturday, October 13, 2012

Have You Laughed At A Liberal Today? Libturds On Twitter

Oh boy!  I just came across some 

wacky liberal on Twitter and I just had 

to pull these Tweets and post them.

I shook my head when I read these

goofball gaffes.  Just saying!  Some

of the craziest things liberals say on 

Twitter!  OH MY!

If you have ever worried about your mom seeing yur d!<%... this is a fate worse than death..
Uh, perhaps getting an accidental Bobbit Job

from your zipper is worse than the humiliation?

Only Moms can get d!<%$ out of zippers... I learned this...

Wanna know the worst thing about getting your d!<% caught in your zipper? asking your mom to get it out... YES ...Oh God...

Oh God?  Since when did you start believing in

God, Superboi?  And no, I don't want to know the

worst thing about nearly giving yourself a zipper

Bobbit job.

Ok, settle down Superman.... ok....

Okay?  Okay??
 I'm f***king telling you dude.. PAIN....

Well, duh!  After all, you nearly gave yourelf a 

zipper Bobbit job...and you didn't have a Novacain 


Now why do libbies talk about their

sad little lives on Twitter?  Is this their

way of confessing their sins?

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Have You Laughed At A Liberal Today? Chrissi Matthews' Temper Tantrum

Poor poor Chrissi!  He just got a jolt up his scrotum, and it must have been extremely painful.  He got so upset over his boyfriend Barack 0bama getting a smack down on the first Presidential debate with Mitt Romney.

0bama put on his monkey suit and got gored by Romney.

Romney saw the chinks in the monkey suit arguments, and charged ahead at 0bama, goring him in the gas bags.

Poor 0bama!  He must be squealing in political pain right now.

But even worse:  Chrissi Matthews felt a pain up his scrotum, and is now screeching at 0bama.
Chrissi, you just stuck yourself with your own knife, so quit screaming.
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Monday, October 1, 2012


He struck up some dirty deals again!

He refused to cut the budget,
keep parents out of the dark 
with their kids, and let NAMBLA
go on a boy hunt in the schools.

 But, he did do one thing right:
he vetoed a bill that would give
kids more than 2 legal parents.

NAMBLA & the other fruitcakes
had a fit when he vetoed the bill.