Tuesday, June 27, 2017

MOONBAT ALERT! Queer Frisco State Senator's Booze Bill SB384 PASSES

STAY OFF THE STREETS OF SAN FRANCISO, MOONBAT SLAYERS! This braindead Queer Dingbat Scotty Wiener has opened another moonbat pandora's box. Wiener has poked us from behind by pushing for a more liberal boozing law, allowing booze to be sold until 4 AM. The old law stops places from selling booze at 2 AM, but now the new law will allow liberal communities to decide if they want to allow places to sell booze up to 4 AM and endanger those who are on their way to work by 6 AM. THAT WAS REAL BRIGHT OF YOU SCOTTY!

Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Queer Assemblyman's Cow Fart Control Bill Passes

Duckys Here Wants A Blog Rikishi Stinkface

Ducky's here has gotten quite unruly on a number of conservative blogs. It seems that Quackobyrd is longing for a Blog Rikishi Stinkface. Blog Rikishi feels an itch that needs to be scratched. Blog Rikishi also feels plenty of gas building up, ready to be released at a moment's notice. Quackobyrd gets high on sniffing flatulence and swamp gas. Update: Quackobyrd has stolen an identity off Facebook: Victor Schenke. Back to the original blog: Quackobyrd, if you're reading this, Blog Rikishi has a message for you:

New James Comey Ad To Air

Get a large bowl of popcorn out. The smackdown is about to rumble. NOM NOM NOM NOM! I'm roaring with laughter!

Friday, June 2, 2017

In Honor Of National Doughnut Day

Captain Underpants Characters

Oh looky! Dervish Sandbaggerz has come out! Who else is going to expose himself? Come out, come out where ever you are!

Hey look! Pookie Toot Toot is begging for a nuclear blast from Blog Rikishi! Nursie Poo Poo brought his "wife" and their spawned grand offspring. They brought some stink treats to Quackobyrd to gulp down his beak.
I smell rotting pig slop. Shenehneh from Boston Piggy's dragging her carcass over here too.
Oh looky looky! They're getting ready to prance around in a pride parade!

Dingbat Assemblyman Kansen Chu's Bill Barely Passes