Saturday, April 19, 2014

What Did Wendy Davis Do? Texas Voters Want To Know...
Way to go, lefties!  You want to stiff the Texans because Rick Perry brought plenty of businesses to Texas?  YEEEE-HAAAAAAH!

Saturday, April 12, 2014

Hildebeast Got Shoed?

Oh muh muh my! Someone's going to be on the Hildebeast's charge account for this! Hildebeast got smacked by a shoe wielding woman! Did Bubba try to make a pass on her, and fail? We'll never know. But I must say Hildebeast had it coming.
Hildebeast needs a nose job, now that she got smacked with a flying shoe. Did it look like some kind of red slipper? Perhaps it's a projectile from the land of 0b? Hildebeast is probably screaming "MY NOSE! MY NOSE! MY HIDEOUS NOSE!" News to Hildebeast: your Benghazi scandal is more hideous than your nose. In fact, your bully tactics are starting to come back at you, paying you back in full. When you milk the publicity of whether you will or won't run in 2016, your brain cancer from sniffing cocaine will likely catch up to you before you put your name in the Democratic @$$hat list. Muh muh my! Muh muh my! Rattrapper out!

Sunday, April 6, 2014

Bob Filner Is A Free Man

If You Like Your Policy, You Can SHOVE IT!

H/T to Jenn at The Political Jungle for the tip.