Thursday, February 26, 2009

Grose Out!

Muh Muh My! Rattrapper here! What is with this Los Alamitos mayor Dean Grose? Is he mentally ill? Or has his brain gone south? He has just added cannon fodder to fuel the far left PC Nazis such as Earl Ofari Hutchinson, Jesse Jackson, and Al Sharpton! As much as I don't care for Barack Obama's far left wing policies, I still wouldn't dare make a joke about watermelon patches on the White House Lawn. Now I'll give the benefit of the doubt and call it a stupid move, but yeah right Dean! You didn't know it was racist? Are you an Ostrich with its head buried? Mystere had me post something so that he wouldn't go off the deep end.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Stupid cop confiscates anti obama sign

Cristy couldn't have written it better! Go read her post, using the above link. By the way, what's wrong with that Okie Cop? Is he related to Chief Wiggum? Or is he a monkey's uncle?

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Obama Monkey: Democrats Throw Temper Tantrum Over NY Post Cartoon

"Hyah gyah gyah gyah, gyah gyah gyah!"

Al Sharptongue is on the war path with the New York Post! That self righteous "Reverend" has something to wallow about! It seems he thinks this New York Post cartoon is calling Obama a chimp! Is this dumbo blind and deaf? Let's take a good look at the picture! Does that chimp look anything like President Obama? I DON'T THINK SO! Looks like Al's getting to be a blind and deaf old fart! Hey Al, here's what real chimps look like:

Okay, so that's just one chimp above! Now take a good look Al! Here's your fraternity with Jesse Jackson and Jeremiah Wright:
Get your hearing checked Al! Some people have called Barack Obama a chump, but never a chimp! Now maybe your fraternity is a trio of chimps, but Obama is not a chimp!

Obama Signs Pork Filled "Stimulus" Bill - The Political Jungle

Obama Signs Pork Filled "Stimulus" Bill - The
Political Jungle

Thank You Jenn Of The Jungle!



By the way, Farmer John and Oscar Mayer will not touch this! And this is no Honeybaked Ham either!

Be sure to click the link to read Jenn Of The Jungle's post on this!

Monday, February 16, 2009

Scandal Rock Burris

The Truth Be Told! Did Burris pay "The Vich" some kind of fee to get the Senate Seat? The scandal seems to be unraveling in front of us again! Did he 'roll some dough to "land" a seat in the Senate? Things are starting to get uglier again! Okay "Vichy Goofarino": Confess your sin! How much blood money did Burris pay you to go to Washington? The Word Is Out! Was it enough to pay for a bunch of new wigs?

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Muslim beheads wife in New York


Friday, February 13, 2009

Radio Is A Business

Imagine yourself as the owner of Ford Motor Company. You are doing very well as a car manufacturer, and you are turning out a bunch of excellent products that the public enjoys buying. But suddenly, the United States Government, in the name of Fairness and Equality, writes a doctrine which forces your company to manufacture your rival businesses General Motors and Chrysler's automobiles inside your factories, using your own tools, your own employees, and your valuable time. The mandate requires your company to give your rivals equal access and time to manufacture their products at YOUR EXPENSE! Your dealers are required to sell an equal number of their products to the public, and you bear the cost of delivering their products to your dealers' showrooms! At the same time, your rivals are not required to share any of their gains with you , in the name of equality. Also, your rivals do not have to give you equal access, since you are the owner of Ford Motor Company, and you have allegedly made a windfall profit at their expense, when they were doing poorly because of their own practices! If you don't comply with the Government mandate, you stand to lose your business, and perhaps you're risking going to prison for not complying.

Now, the above illustration sounds like some far fetched loony nightmare, doesn't it? However, it's not a joke! This nightmare is called The Fairness Doctrine! As of this moment, it looms over the radio industry, ready to snatch up the airwaves in the name of fairness to the left wing extremists. Political liberals have been clawing and scratching at a way to force their views onto the radio listening public, while waiting for the U.S. Government to act on giving them a handout at the expense of radio station owners. There is something that the Liberals don't want to acknowledge: THEIR PROGRAMMING IDEAS STINK! These folks had their chance with their liberal radio network AIR AMERICA, which has sunk into bankruptcy! Liberals like Randi Rhoades and her minions, along with a not so funny comedian Al Franken sank their own boats on the waves of competition. Yet these folks cry like a spoiled big bratty baby over the fact that Conservatives enjoy high ratings in radio.

HELLO! CAN YOU HEAR ME NOW? Radio is a business! That's right, a business, and a huge one for that matter! What makes you liberals think that you have the right to force some radio station owner to run his or her business the way YOU want it to be run? Get this into your thick headed skulls: The Market determines how the radio business is run. The owner must decide on how the programming will be presented to the public. It's the business owner's interest to determine what will be aired, for he, she or they know what it takes in their market to make a profit and stay afloat! Just how fair is it to them if you barge into their facilities to use their equipment, their time, and their reputation to further your own agenda at their expense? Meanwhile, they get stuck with all the bills and perhaps some angry audience members (their customers) for the mess you leave behind at their expense!

Now, in case you fail to comprehend what I just said, let me bring up someone you just might remember from the Obama and McCain campaigns: "Joe The Plumber"! Now, let's say the Joe just completed a highly profitable job. Next, let's say the Government suddenly steps into his face, and tells him he must now have one of his rivals come in to do his next job that he already had lined up, just so that he would give his rival equality! Now, if you have some sane reasoning to justify something like that as fair, please tell me about it!

This is the exact type of restriction the Fairness Doctrine imposes on media business owners and employees! This is a dirty doctrine which restricts free speech and fair business practices. forcing a business to go against a sound business practice only ruins the pleasure that the public enjoys. Not only does it restrict good business, it can lead a media outlet to bankruptcy, and angry listeners who may lead some ugly public protests under extreme conditions.

Just say No to the Fairness Doctrine, if you know what's good for you! Remember that Radio Is A Business!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Al Franken: Tax Dodger for Jr. Senate?

Al Franken has gotten on his high horse again. He is now demanding that the Minnesota High Court to order him certified, even though he has been dodging the IRS over $50,000 in back taxes over 17 states. This tax burglar has the gall to demand the High court to certify his fraudulent turd burglary over "storming Norman Coleman". In the meantime, "Sweathog Smalley Horsass" blames his accountant of 18 years for his swindling the IRS of back taxes. Take a look at these 2 articles dated February 5 on the website: "Al Franken Wants Minn. High Court to Order Him Certified" by Dave Eberhart, and "Al Franken Admits $50,000 Tax Debt" by Ronald Kessler.

Hey Frankey: how does it feel to rob the IRS? You should be sent to prison for your crimes against the nation! You'll have a diet of beans and wieners 3 times a day...or maybe more if you get friendly with Tiny and Momo! You'll also get a huge colon cleansing while they stuff you with the dog bones!

Pawlenty, throw this sad excuse of a joker into prison!

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Stimulus Package In Print

Stimulus Package In Print
(by Bucky The Moonbat Slayer)

Originally Posted By Bucky The Moon-Bat Slayer @ 5:40 A.M.

Now here's the result of porking out:

Any Questions?

Be sure to see Bucky's original post too! See the links on this page!

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Moonbat Radio - The Terror Continues!

The bloody terror continues! The Fairness Doctrine has reared its ugly harpy head! And just who helped rear it? Two people: a flea ridden ape known as Bill Press...yes that ding dong of a Jerry Brown stinkfaced Bill Press, and moonbat Michigan Harpy of a Senator Debbie "Stab-Me-Now" Stabenow. For the sake of some dignity, I'm holding back some choice words, especially since there might be people under 13 who will come across this site. Let me quote something from a Newsmax article "Democrats Look To Muzzle Conservative Radio" a quote from Bill Press' website (in blue): "I'm not a big fan of bringing back the Fairness Doctrine. But if station owners won't act on their own to offer a mix of voices on the radio, this Congress and this new administration will find a way to force them to do so. And the sooner, the better."

Is this dumbo arrogant or what? If there were more people interested in liberal radio, then it would flourish...the real reson why liberal radio flops today is this: IT STINKS! IT STINKS TO THE PITS OF HELL! THE PEOPLE ARE BORED STIFF OF IT! The truth about radio in general is this: if it isn't entertaining enough, it will flop! I know this because I work in radio myself. The marketplace determines the success of the radio broadcasts, and frankly, liberal radio at this time doesn't cut the ratings! So why force a station to put on a bunch of losers? Here's what the Fairness Doctrine really is: CENSORSHIP!
CENSORSHIP! CENSORSHIP! That's correct, CENSORSHIP! Press wants to hold the radio stations' owners accountable? Accountable for what? Having a business that generates profit and entertainment? OH THAT MUST BE A HUGE CRIME! Well, last I know, being an entrepreneur and making money has been the American way...when has it become a form of burglary? Bill Press, if you're reading this blog, please tell me when the law made it illegal to have a profitable business. After all, your days as a commentator have gone belly up! So Billy-Boy, what does your moonbat cave smell like? And how does Debbie's blood taste in your filthy mouth? CENSORSHIP! CENSORSHIP! CENSORSHIP!

Now, here's why you don't hear as many liberals on talk radio: THEY'RE A BUNCH OF BRAINLESS DING DONGS! RADIO LISTENERS DON'T CARE TO HEAR A BUNCH OF JERRY SPRINGLER-LIKE BRAINLESS BABOONS CACKLING AND CAWING OVER THE AIR! If there are audiences who want to hear a bunch of brainless baboons cutting pharts over the airwaves, the liberal programs will be s success! But the market place has proven it time and time again...liberal programs stink to the lowest pits of hell! We don't need to be forced to listen to a bunch of pharting over the airwaves! Harpies like Randi Rhoades have flopped and sunk their own programs! We don't want to bear the stench of their gasses...that would be unfair to us!

Thursday, February 5, 2009

"Welcome Back Carter"

I just couldn't resist writing this one!




"Vichy Goofarino":

"Mr. Kotter":

Oh! Oh! Oh! Oh!
"Mr Obama!"

Sunday, February 1, 2009

This Is Your Future...Any Questions?

Minnesotans, this is your Thief Senator:

This is your future with al-Franken: