Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Newsmax - Steele Takes Fire for RNC Sex Club, High-End Expenses

Newsmax - Steele Takes Fire for RNC Sex Club, High-End Expenses

In this case, I will agree with the liberals who chastise Michael Steele for what he did.

Michael YOU DUMMY!  What were you thinking!!!!?????  GIVE THE MONEY BACK! 

Happy Last 69er Day Barney Frank

Happy Final 69er Day Barney Frank!  What's wrong?  You look shocked!  Is it 'cuz you're hitting the big 7-OH?  You have this shocked look about you!  Oh wait, it must be the April Fools joke some of your boyfriends have pulled on you?  Oh don't be a big baby Barney!  You're at the perfect age to retire!  Once you retire, you can do all the things you wanted to, but didn't have the time to do so.  With retirement, you'll have all the time in the world!  By the way, in your relationship, are you the husband or the wife?  Just making sure!

Saturday, March 27, 2010

laughs :: PHOTO_7413881_74885_5008449_ap_320X.gif picture by Asmodai_1 - Photobucket

Here's a picture of a laughing chimp that I saw on MyFoxLA.  Asmodai is a blogger on the MyFox sites, and has some great pics!  Enjoy this one!
laughs :: PHOTO_7413881_74885_5008449_ap_320X.gif picture by Asmodai_1 - Photobucket

Friday, March 26, 2010

Fidel Castro Endorses Obamacare!

Newsmax - Castro Endorses Obamacare

Oh Barry O'Urkel, what did you do now?

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Happy Birthday Nancy Pelosi

Wow Nancy, you sure have a guest list for your birthday party!  But remember, this will be your last party here in Washington D.C. 

YOU'RE ALL FIRED!  Oh by the way, Al and John have a nice gig lined up for them!  And Howie knows how to make a few kids laugh, doesn't he?  And what's up with slick Willy and the dog?  Is the dog just being nice to Bill?  And Charlie needs some of your hooch from AF1.  I think he drank some of Barney's moonshine!  Even Barney looks like he's gonna puke!

Monday, March 22, 2010

Jerry Brown Lore | CalWatchDog

Jerry Brown Lore | CalWatchDog  

And this old donkey wants to run for Governor AGAIN????

Smash Bart Stupak and Dennis Kucinich!

You all know what to do now! Get your boots, and get ready to give these fools a big mule-kick in November! When the meltdown occurs, the axis of stupidity will be crying!

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Dennis and Bart's Joy Rides

Well, well, well! Stupak has just caved in to Emperor 0bama! Did the tongue lashing he got from the Daily Kooks have something to do with it? Just look at that pic from their site, which labels him as part of their "Stupid-Pac", as typical libtards see it!

Now what is Bart Stupak thinking? Gee, I wonder! While I commend him for standing up to the libtards who love to hack up innocent babies to make a quick buck, Stupak couldn't find it in his heart to make moonbat feed out of helpless infants...or so it seemed at the time!While Bart Stupak kept on protesting the abortion language on the Health Care Bill, Barry 0bama gave Dennis The Menace Kucinich a joy ride on Air Force One at our expense! Afterwards, Kook-sinner sold his soul to the "allah-boy" for a little crumb of a bill! Now what are we going to do to get these kooks out of office? Oh, and Dennis, snuggle up to your wife, while you can, 'cuz in November, she might have to comfort you when you gush out gallons of tears after you get your stinky @$$ kicked out of the barn!

Moonbat NancyPelosi Refuses to Negotiate with Pro-Life Lawmakers for More Votes

As expected, the squealer of the House Nancy Pelosi has gone off again, and stubbornly refuses to listen to those who wish not to murder babies by funding abortions with our tax dollars. What is it about her decision to keep on stepping over those who know that this bill is a rotten little stinker that will destroy the fabric of our nation? She is obviously bent on committing democide by her own act of stupidity!

On the other hand, I must say, stay the course Nancy! And by the way, sooner or later, you will do something that will tick off the libtards who voted for you, and they will come out of the closet in droves! When the left turds freaks come marching out against you from the Frisco Gay area after you showed them there is no gold at the end of their rainbow because you killed off their leprechauns with this bill, they will come charging at you, ready to ram something up your smelly little wheezer! Those leftist libtards who voted for you will see the error of their ways, and be so furious, they will have no mercy on you, when they come out of their closets! The Berkeley boneheads will pinko you, when they find out what kind of dead rat you gave them, after they feel the nastiest belly ache of a lifetime! When the Berkeley boneheads pay a visit to their doctors because they have a hard time passing gas, and their HMO refuses to do the badly needed operation so they could pass gas and relieve themselves, they will be so enraged, and come after your political skin with a merciless vengence! When these Frisco closet queens find they can't tinkle, and go to the doctor to take care of their kidney stones, and the HMO declares it as either a pre-existing condition or elective surgery, and refuses to pay for a necessary operation, these closet queens will be PISSED OFF at you, and spray you with a hosing of their own! And then there are those who were just plain stupid enough to vote for you...need I say what kind of things they may possibly face, and not get covered for?
Don't say that the public didn't warn you...by the way, what is in your trough that keeps you so out of touch with the people of this land?

Newsmax - Pelosi Refuses to Negotiate with Pro-Life Lawmakers for More Votes


This is getting old, folks! What kind of numb skulls does Jerry Brown think the California voters are? He thinks he can run for another 2 terms as Governor of California, because he had been Governor in the 70s before term limits became law. He claims he knows the most about all the screw ups that have taken place in the Governor's office, and how to deal with each of them. He thinks that he is the most qualified candidate to be the next Governor of California, and that the state would be better if he gets voted in.

Well, I will agree that he knows what the screw ups are, and that he knows how to deal with them. Now why am I saying this? HAVE I LOST MY MIND? HAVE I BEEN INJECTED WITH THE MOONBAT RABIES VIRUS? HAVE I EVOLVED INTO A LIBTARD DONKEY? Actually, Jerry knows what happened BECAUSE HE WAS THE IDIOT WHO DID THE STUPID THINGS IN THE FIRST PLACE, AND STARTED THE CHAIN REACTION MESS!!!!!!!!
So while this political liberal troll in the Attorney General's office drools over the election like Homer Simpson drools for donuts in a nuclear power plant, he also underestimates the public in the same way that Homer Simpson does his job running Springfield's Nuclear Power Plant! He forgets that there are those who are smart enough to look up the video that he did on YouTube, where he tells his goonsquad to make him look like the nice guy when the unions deliver a nasty swipe against Meg Whitman and Steve Poizner. When he tries to disguise himself as a nice moderate guy, as you read the article in the provided link to the Sacramento Bee, he forgets that there are those who have a memory of what he was like, when he ran the state down in the late 70s to early 80s.

By the way, what do you think about California drivers today? You should know that Jerry Brown put a stop to the Driver's Education Programs in the High Schools, when he governed the state in the early 80s. That's just one of the things he did.
Now do you remember the smear he did on Chuck Poochigian, when they ran against each other for the Attorney General's office? He said Poochy was "Too Extreme For California!"

And why didn't Jerry marry Linda Ronstadt back in the days when they were an item? Is Jerry a closet queen? Or was he just plain brainless, like Homer Simpson? Look at what Jerry missed out on!
Let me put it to you Jerry: Too Old For California!
Jerry Brown takes on populist tone - Sacramento Politics - California Politics | Sacramento Bee

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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Nutjob Jihadist Seeks to Assassinate Swedish Cartoonist

Word has gotten out that  law enforcement in Philadelphia have been holding a jihadist white woman linked to  a plot to assassinate Swedish Cartoonist Lars Vilks for his Muhammed dog cartoon.  Colleen LaRose aka Jihad Jane has been in custody for some time, while authorities have been investigating a case.  As  I look at this nutjob, I've been wondering what was this woman snorting?  Or, what was in this woman's feeding trough?  What kind of slop has she been ingesting to drive her into this madness?  Jihad Jane,  if you want to marry one of these whackjobs, it's your perogative, but don't take out your PMS caused by pig slop out on a cartoonist who has the guts to show what Islam is about.  You have the right to renounce your U.S. Citizenship, and go off to an Islamic country, but don't go out, spreading your moonbat guano pile around!  Lars, you go dude!  Keep on shaking out the truth!  Woof Woof!  Arf Arf!

Oh and to you Jihadists:  FATWAH THIS!

Friday, March 5, 2010



"I've Fallen And I Can't Get Up!!!" The infamous cry comes out my moonbat slayers!  What is gonna get shoved up the wheezies when Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi ram this pile of moonbat turds down our throats?  You Moonbats better think before your King and Queen shower this onto the public!

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Newsmax - Report: Former Sen. John Edwards Facing 'Imminent' Indictment

Newsmax - Report: Former Sen. John Edwards Facing 'Imminent' Indictment

This ambulance chaser is going to need some quick survival lessons from Barney Frank, if his future goes as the way it looks like it's going. If there is one politician who knows how to survive in such a wild scene, it's Barney Frank. John Edwards needs Barney to tutor him on surviving, if he's gonna make it out alive!

Newsmax - Democrats Drive Over a Cliff on Healthcare

Newsmax - Democrats Drive Over a Cliff on Healthcare

Like typical moonbats, they think they can fly, but they will crash land into their own pile of stupidity!

Newsmax - Rep. Broun: House Dems Fear Pelosi Punishment

Newsmax - Rep. Broun: House Dems Fear Pelosi Punishment

Newsmax - Obama Demands 'Up-or-Down' Vote on Healthcare

Newsmax - Obama Demands 'Up-or-Down' Vote on Healthcare

Newsmax - Mitt Romney's Blueprint for a Strong Defense with 'No Apology'

Newsmax - Mitt Romney's Blueprint for a Strong Defense with 'No Apology'