Friday, January 23, 2009

Obama and "Gitmo"...

Special Thanks to Digg/YouTube user Michael Mooreon and MyFox user rattrapper for their inputs to this blog!

It's official! Mr. President has started making his moves in office. He has made his first Executive Order official: close Gitmo! As Barack Obama promised (or threatened, depending on your view), he has signed the orders to close the detention center Guantanamo Bay in Cuba, and he has signed the orders without a game plan to deal with the terrorists who are still being detained over there. Obama's game plan is a disaster which has just started, with the approval of his partner in crime (if you'll pardon the expression) Vice President Joe Biden. Let the blunders begin!

Obama's policy of "Hear No Evil, See No Evil" will blow up in his face during his Presidency, and it's going to be costly and extremely ugly! I am not writing this to spite Obama; I am saying this out of great concern for all of us who are alive and well. While the far left wing Bush hating extremists have attacked the public with their extremist pile of drivel, they want us to forget that former President George W. Bush did everything he could to protect us from the Muslim Extremists who would stop at nothing to engage in their unholy jihad! Now, before I go on any further, I don't hate Middle Eastern folks as a whole...I hate the acts of evil that extremists have committed, including the 9/11/01 attacks launched against us and the others on the planes and the ground targets the demon possessed extremists flew into. Take a good look at the picture of terrorist al-Zarqawi below upon his death from a raid in Iraq.

Let this be a reminder on why the United States went to the Middle East to protect people from extremists who will stop at nothing to force Sharia Law upon every soul in this world. Now what was al-Zarqawi's reward for the Jihad he participated in? His 75 virgins he got for his reward are 75 of the innocent women he murdered in his Jihad under his god Allah's name; 75 women he brutally attacked and murdered for not bowing down to Allah and Islam! When he faced the true maker of all, Jehovah, he stood in terror, realizing just how he destroyed his own life. And believe me, there were more than 75 virgins standing by, watching him face judgment; it certainly was not a funny moment either!

This is some of the monkey business that we will be facing, in the name of campaign promises! Personally, even though I did not vote for Obama, I want President Obama to do the right thing, and be successful in his endeavors. The "hear no evil, see no evil" attitudes that some of the left wing extremists want the public to believe in will not fly without a painful and costly price to us.
By the way, in 2012, when we vote for the next President, if you voted for Obama this time, don't go blaming the Republicans for all the blunders he commits! Conservatives and Republicans warned you not to vote for him, but you refused to listen! Don't say I didn't warn you either!