Saturday, January 17, 2009

Jerry Brown: Too Liberal to remain Attorney General

Some of you may remember the campaign slogan Edmund G. Brown Jr. used against his opponent for Attorney General Chuck Poochigian: "Too Extreme For Attorney General". As a number of you have read my blog on Jerry's stance on Proposition 8, you can see just how livid I am with Brown's political waffling and partisanship. As you know, it is not his job to take a political stance on the issue, but to enforce the laws fairly. With the politiclal usurping he has been doing, I can only say that he should not be reelected as the Attorney General for California! It is bad enough that he refuses to uphold the votes that we cast to pass the proposition, and he makes it worse by usurping the will of the people! Yes, I have not been nice to the elected attorney general - I did not vote for Jerry Brown. On the night of the 2006 California State Elections, I did write a response to an email question to KCOP "MY 13" news, which anchor Rick Garcia read, and yes, I called Jerry Brown a far left wing extremist in my email! As far as I'm concerned, he is even further left now, and will continue to keep moving left until he can no longer move left. His dirty smear campaign against Chuck Poochigian cost the state a fair attorney general we could trust. I'm posting this, so that you who read it and vote in 2010 for California's elected officials will not forget how Jerry Brown betrayed our trust!