Saturday, January 24, 2009

As the Proposition 8 battle continues...

As I've been going to various blogsites and reading comments on Proposition 8, there is something that has not been addressed by those who opposed Proposition 8. This has to do with polygamy and polyandry laws. In marriage, polygamy is the act of having more than one wife in a marriage. Polyandry is the act of having more than one husband in a marriage. Both polygamy and polyandry are prohibited in all 50 states! A gay "marriage" will have more than one husband or one wife in them, which in turn violates polygamy and polyandry laws!

So, to get around that law, one of the men in a gay man "Marriage" must be designated the wife. In a lesbian marriage, one of the women must be designated the husband.

So, here's my question: in a homosexual marriage (Male Or Female), which one is the husband, and which one is the wife?