Thursday, January 29, 2009

Digital Television Coupon Blunders - Send The Government A Big Message!

Now some of you who either read my blogs on a regular basis may be wondering why I'm saying things about the Digital Television conversion. With the coupon blunders the Democrats have committed, I think it's time we hold those representatives responsible for their stupidity! As you watch television across the United States, every station in every market has given the viewers a heads up on the changes coming on February 17th 2009. The stations have taken every measure to switch over from analog to digital, and we have absolutely no excuse to not be prepared for the changes. While the government has told us to be ready on February 17th by either having a converter box, cable or satellite services, or a compatible new television, they're now saying that they may delay the transition due to their own blunders! While the dumbocrats are divided on delaying the transition to June 2009, they're telling the stations to keep the power on the analog transmitters due to their blunders. My question is this: why should every station consume hundreds of thousands of kilowatts extra every day from February 17th onwards to June 2009 just for Nancy and Harry's big blunders? I say send a message to Nancy and Harry by pulling the plug on the analog transmitters on February 17th permanently even if they extend the deadline to June 2009! Let the FCC deal with some angry folks who call in to whine about not having a signal! In fact, feel free to print this blog up, and send a copy to your local television stations to send the message to those clowns who goofed off in the House and Senate. Stations should not have to use more electricity due to the stupidity of the government's blunders. In fact, tell your local stations to pull the plug on the analog transmitters anyways, even if the government extends the deadline to June 2009! And by the way, this was one of the pork barrel earmarks on the stimulus bill that Republicans refused to approve. Democrats, WHAT WAS THAT ABOUT? And by the way, since you Democrats scream and whine about "global warming", why are some of you voting to extend the deadline, and trying to force the stations to use more electricity to power those analog transmitters?


Polar Bear's FrozenIceDenSexyBlogThingy said...

I think you'll like my latest post. I too am a biog follower of this DTV transition. I want the damn thing to happen ON TIME!!! 2/17/09 = THE DEATH OF ANALOG TV

I know how I've been called a puppet of Obama. But once I learned that Obama supports this transition delay, the puppet cut the strings. I am opposed to that. I think there should be NO DELAY.

Check out my latest item. It's the DEMOCRATS fault for fumbling this now. And it is the REPUBLICANS fault for setting up a shitty system in the first place. Those coupons should never expire. But people not having a coupon is no excuse for delaying it.

rattrapper said...


Polar Bear's FrozenIceDenSexyBlogThingy said...

I agree rattrapper!! This thing is a little more than 10 days away. Just get it over with already. I'm gonna scream next time I see a DTV Transition commercial. WE GET IT!!!