Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Nutjob Jihadist Seeks to Assassinate Swedish Cartoonist

Word has gotten out that  law enforcement in Philadelphia have been holding a jihadist white woman linked to  a plot to assassinate Swedish Cartoonist Lars Vilks for his Muhammed dog cartoon.  Colleen LaRose aka Jihad Jane has been in custody for some time, while authorities have been investigating a case.  As  I look at this nutjob, I've been wondering what was this woman snorting?  Or, what was in this woman's feeding trough?  What kind of slop has she been ingesting to drive her into this madness?  Jihad Jane,  if you want to marry one of these whackjobs, it's your perogative, but don't take out your PMS caused by pig slop out on a cartoonist who has the guts to show what Islam is about.  You have the right to renounce your U.S. Citizenship, and go off to an Islamic country, but don't go out, spreading your moonbat guano pile around!  Lars, you go dude!  Keep on shaking out the truth!  Woof Woof!  Arf Arf!

Oh and to you Jihadists:  FATWAH THIS!