Sunday, March 21, 2010

Dennis and Bart's Joy Rides

Well, well, well! Stupak has just caved in to Emperor 0bama! Did the tongue lashing he got from the Daily Kooks have something to do with it? Just look at that pic from their site, which labels him as part of their "Stupid-Pac", as typical libtards see it!

Now what is Bart Stupak thinking? Gee, I wonder! While I commend him for standing up to the libtards who love to hack up innocent babies to make a quick buck, Stupak couldn't find it in his heart to make moonbat feed out of helpless infants...or so it seemed at the time!While Bart Stupak kept on protesting the abortion language on the Health Care Bill, Barry 0bama gave Dennis The Menace Kucinich a joy ride on Air Force One at our expense! Afterwards, Kook-sinner sold his soul to the "allah-boy" for a little crumb of a bill! Now what are we going to do to get these kooks out of office? Oh, and Dennis, snuggle up to your wife, while you can, 'cuz in November, she might have to comfort you when you gush out gallons of tears after you get your stinky @$$ kicked out of the barn!


rattrapper said...

By the way, add Nancy Pelosi to the rat list!

Anonymous said...
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rattrapper said...

Anonymous, these guys were 2 of several Democrats who had some reservations about Obamacare. They didn't like what they saw in it, and were ready to vote against it. Nancy Pelosi bullied them back into line with the Democrats, and Obama made an empty promise about abortion funding which he pulled the rug out under it when Stupak caved in. Both Stupak and Kucinich paid the price for going along with Pelosi and Obama. Stupak saw how unpopular he became after he caved in, so he retired in 2010. Kucinich's district boundaries changed for the 2012 elections, and he was defeated. Kucinich now works as a liberal commentator for Fox News alongside Juan Williams and Kirsten Powers.

By the way, if you're one of the guys mystere banned for being vile and nasty, you could have shown who you are...I would have answered anyways. If you're a first timer, no worries. Have a good day!