Sunday, March 21, 2010

Moonbat NancyPelosi Refuses to Negotiate with Pro-Life Lawmakers for More Votes

As expected, the squealer of the House Nancy Pelosi has gone off again, and stubbornly refuses to listen to those who wish not to murder babies by funding abortions with our tax dollars. What is it about her decision to keep on stepping over those who know that this bill is a rotten little stinker that will destroy the fabric of our nation? She is obviously bent on committing democide by her own act of stupidity!

On the other hand, I must say, stay the course Nancy! And by the way, sooner or later, you will do something that will tick off the libtards who voted for you, and they will come out of the closet in droves! When the left turds freaks come marching out against you from the Frisco Gay area after you showed them there is no gold at the end of their rainbow because you killed off their leprechauns with this bill, they will come charging at you, ready to ram something up your smelly little wheezer! Those leftist libtards who voted for you will see the error of their ways, and be so furious, they will have no mercy on you, when they come out of their closets! The Berkeley boneheads will pinko you, when they find out what kind of dead rat you gave them, after they feel the nastiest belly ache of a lifetime! When the Berkeley boneheads pay a visit to their doctors because they have a hard time passing gas, and their HMO refuses to do the badly needed operation so they could pass gas and relieve themselves, they will be so enraged, and come after your political skin with a merciless vengence! When these Frisco closet queens find they can't tinkle, and go to the doctor to take care of their kidney stones, and the HMO declares it as either a pre-existing condition or elective surgery, and refuses to pay for a necessary operation, these closet queens will be PISSED OFF at you, and spray you with a hosing of their own! And then there are those who were just plain stupid enough to vote for you...need I say what kind of things they may possibly face, and not get covered for?
Don't say that the public didn't warn the way, what is in your trough that keeps you so out of touch with the people of this land?

Newsmax - Pelosi Refuses to Negotiate with Pro-Life Lawmakers for More Votes