Sunday, March 21, 2010


This is getting old, folks! What kind of numb skulls does Jerry Brown think the California voters are? He thinks he can run for another 2 terms as Governor of California, because he had been Governor in the 70s before term limits became law. He claims he knows the most about all the screw ups that have taken place in the Governor's office, and how to deal with each of them. He thinks that he is the most qualified candidate to be the next Governor of California, and that the state would be better if he gets voted in.

Well, I will agree that he knows what the screw ups are, and that he knows how to deal with them. Now why am I saying this? HAVE I LOST MY MIND? HAVE I BEEN INJECTED WITH THE MOONBAT RABIES VIRUS? HAVE I EVOLVED INTO A LIBTARD DONKEY? Actually, Jerry knows what happened BECAUSE HE WAS THE IDIOT WHO DID THE STUPID THINGS IN THE FIRST PLACE, AND STARTED THE CHAIN REACTION MESS!!!!!!!!
So while this political liberal troll in the Attorney General's office drools over the election like Homer Simpson drools for donuts in a nuclear power plant, he also underestimates the public in the same way that Homer Simpson does his job running Springfield's Nuclear Power Plant! He forgets that there are those who are smart enough to look up the video that he did on YouTube, where he tells his goonsquad to make him look like the nice guy when the unions deliver a nasty swipe against Meg Whitman and Steve Poizner. When he tries to disguise himself as a nice moderate guy, as you read the article in the provided link to the Sacramento Bee, he forgets that there are those who have a memory of what he was like, when he ran the state down in the late 70s to early 80s.

By the way, what do you think about California drivers today? You should know that Jerry Brown put a stop to the Driver's Education Programs in the High Schools, when he governed the state in the early 80s. That's just one of the things he did.
Now do you remember the smear he did on Chuck Poochigian, when they ran against each other for the Attorney General's office? He said Poochy was "Too Extreme For California!"

And why didn't Jerry marry Linda Ronstadt back in the days when they were an item? Is Jerry a closet queen? Or was he just plain brainless, like Homer Simpson? Look at what Jerry missed out on!
Let me put it to you Jerry: Too Old For California!
Jerry Brown takes on populist tone - Sacramento Politics - California Politics | Sacramento Bee

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