Sunday, November 4, 2012

Key Words Used For Democratic Brainwashing Points

I have found there are many key words used in Liberal campaigns to convince the voter to vote in a certain way.  Here are some of their key brainwashing points:

1:  Fair share of taxes....liberal code to swindle money from the rich
2:  Lower taxes for the working class:  liberal code to raise taxes so that the government can waste it on union kickbacks.
3:  Separation Of Church and State:  code to brainwash people into doing what the government says.
4:  Equal Rights to marry:  code to allow gays to hunt down underage boys for sex...same with lesbians hunting down underage girls.
5:  Right Wing extremists:  code attack word against those who don't condone the liberal views of the power hungry far left.
6:  Hate Speech:  code used to attack those who do not condone immoral behavior and speak out about it.
7;  Palestinian Rights:  Code word used to attack those who support the right of Israel to exist.
8:  Tolerance:  code word used to excuse left wing extremists' radical attacks against those who oppose all forms of immorality.
9:  Racists:  code word used against those who oppose the policies of Barack Obama or any other Democrat Politician in any given State.
10:  House Negro:  racist term used by the left wing to attack conservative African Americans.

Remember these terms when you see them being used to attack your views as you vote.

And remember, liberals attack Fox News, calling it unfair and biased, while they drool over the liberal chumps I've pictured above.
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