Thursday, November 22, 2012

Have You Laughed At A Liberal Today? What The H...Did Jesse Jackson Jr Hide?

I'm borrowing a line from the Tim Conway Jr. Show heard on KFI 640 7-10 PM Pacific Time.  Conway has a game on Thursday nights called "What The Hell Did Jesse Jackson Say" in which he plays some hard to understand audio clip of Jesse Jackson mumbling something. But that's another topic.  Now the question comes up:  What the h... is Jesse Junior hiding?

Long before the election, people wondered where Jesse wandered off to.  Jackson has been under investigation by the feds for allegedly misusing his campaign funds to furnish his home with new furniture.  Did Junior embezzle his campaign dough to redecorate his home?  We will find out soon.

Earlier, Junior said that he would consider resigning if he could retain his benefits for treatment of bipolar depression.  HUH???  Retain benefits for seeing some head doctor?  There are times when one does something and hides his dirty deeds, he will start having physical symptoms of illnesses cropping up, and some symptoms disable a person.  Some wondered before the election whether he would wait until after the election to resign, so that his conservative Republican opponent Brian Woodward would not be voted into the seat, and that Junior would help his left wing extremist candidate win in a special election.  Now that he got voted in, he put his dirty political tricks into action.

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