Friday, November 30, 2012

A Fellow Conservative Needs Our Prayers And Help!

ROLL CALL! Amusing Bunni needs us RIGHT NOW! |
Zilla of the Resistance posted this a few weeks ago shortly after the November 2012 Elections.  A fellow blogger Amusing Bunni is facing a life threatening struggle and needs your prayers and other help.  You can find out more and help by clicking on the link above.  This is serious, and not a laughing matter.

Update:  As of 4/30/13. Amusing Bunni passed away from cancer.  Carol Mackie is now resting in peace, watching us from Heaven.  Her blog site Amusing Bunni remains up for all to see.  RIP Amusing Bunni!  You will be forever missed, but oen day, we will see you again when our times come.
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