Friday, November 2, 2012

Have You Laughed At A Liberal Today? Obama's After Halloween Party

(A special thanks to el Sooper (@SooperMexican of Twitter) for giving me permission to use his artwork)

Word is out that B0B0 had a raging Halloween Party at the White House a few days ago.  He went through several costume changes during his gala.  Here was his first costume.

He got hungry soon after and started having serious cravings for dog meat.  So he got his team together to go to his new business hide out from Shelley.

 He went out on a hunt, and captured Adolf Hitler's pet Fluffy.

 He made several dishes out of Fluffy, including a frozen dessert for himself.

 Word got out to Hitler that Obama ate his pet Fluffy. 

 Adolf hit the roof, when he found out that David Axelrod aided Obama in capturing Fluffy.  He summoned Axelrod and gave him more than an ear full.  Axelrod then broke some shocking news to Hitler.

Obama got his Choom Gang posse to deflect the rage of Hitler:
Chrissi "Tingleleggs" Matthews
 Obama bribed him with another thrill up his scrotum.

Joey Big Bird Biden

Rachel Madcow
Jesse The Nut Chopper Jackson

 And last but not least, Shelley was not amused over his mutt hunting.

 His mutt Bo sent word to Mitt Romney that 0bama wanted to eat his dog Seamus.

 Mitt sent 0bama a message to stop him from eating Seamus.

Mitt rounded up 0bama's posse, and made Donkey burgers out of them.

 Chrissi Matthews saw Romney mince 0bama's posse, and suffered constipation that night.

Joey Big Bird Biden started flapping his wings and let out another gaffe caw to Paul Ryan.

 So when you get out and vote, remember this:
 Pimp Daddy's going to get fired on November 6 2012.
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