Thursday, May 28, 2009

Some Personal Business On My Mind

Knowing someone who suffers from autism has been an interesting ride in my life. I've been friends with this one person for approximately 21 to 22 years now, and he has shown me some unusual "gifts". My autistic friend has problems reading people's body language, and it has affected him in his everyday life. He has some brilliant streaks as a writer, and at times, when he needs to make a major decision, he is given visions of things that will happen in the future. I have actually heard some of the details of the things he had seen in some dreams, and sometime later in the future, I saw those things come to pass. I've mentioned a few things on Twitter, and I've also met some other friends of his who told me about some of the heads ups he gave them, which actually saved their lives. Back in the early 90s, he told me of a Presidential election which had no incumbents in them being at a deadlock, with one tropical state that would determine the winner...a state which had oceanfront beaches surrounding it. It turned out to be the 2000 election with Al Gore against George W. Bush...and he saw the Republican Ticket winning.

In another dream, he had a 2 part dream, in which one part of the dream was symbolic, and the other literal. In this dream, he saw a forest fire rushing through the Montecito Heights area of Santa Barbara, and some of Westmont College's buildings and certain dorms would be on fire. A few years ago, the symbolic part of his dream came to pass, then last year, I called him the moment the news broke about the "tea garden fire" in Montecito Heights. That forest fire destroyed and damaged the buildings he saw in his dreams about the Westmont Campus. The night the fire broke out, I remembered what he had told me about his dream. When I called his home in the inland empire, I told him to turn on the news. In another incident, a missionary friend of his told me about a warning he gave them from a dream he had about a man he saw acting crazy and ready to attempt killing her and her colleagues. A year after the dream, she saw the man he described , and this man tried to attack some people in her party of folks. They were able to stop him, and get him sent in for treatment.

These are just some of many things my friend has seen, and knew what was going to happen. He has also seen some visions with conditions attached to them. One such vision he had was an attack on California, which would only occur, had gay marriage been legalized. As crazy as this sounds, I had heard very specific details as to what could have happened.

There are 3 or 4 things which I have heard which are now unfolding in front of me, with details from the visions coming true with 100 percent accuracy. The unfolding of the next Korean War is in its beginning stage, with the nuclear weapons testing as the start of the event. When Kim Jong-il dies, it will become very ugly and violent. Obama has already blundered in his handling of the Middle East, and his blunders will cost the United States thousands of troops in a needless loss. There are also some disasters looming over the East Coast which I hope will not happen. The protests in Beverly Hills are a sign of what's to come for Obama; there are many who are not going to be happy with him by the time 2012 rolls around. Watch for his blunders with North Korea, and the Middle East, along with the disasters he aggravates on the East Coast. Some of his supporters are getting fed up with him already.


Anonymous said...

Let's see. Your retarded friend has had "visions" predicting a presidential election that hinged on the state of Florida, a wildfire in the state of California and a "for-sure" attack on California if only gay marriage had been legalized. Ooooh. How remarkable. I'd be truly amazed if only most presidential elections weren't dependent on a couple of major states like Ohio and Florida, wildfires didn't happen in California every year and a major attack actually did happen in California after you had published such a prediction. Where did you meet this modern day Nostradamus Mystere? Did you use to ride to school with him on the short bus?? I love this blog. It's always good for a laugh. Of course I'm evil and like to laugh at the simplistic ramblings of retards.

mystere's moonbat slayer club said...

You can try to hide, but one thing that you've proven to me is that you're a coward! At least I had the guts to publish something; you have to hide like a cackling chicken! But let's raise the stakes here. Unlike you, I've seen the results. Autism is a strange can enhance some parts of a person, and shunt other parts. My friend is sharp as a knife when it comes to history and science fiction, but he has problems reading people's subtle body language. Here's one thing out of a few to keep an eye out for: Keep an eye on North Korea's acitivities. If Kim Jong-il dies or gets voted out of office, the stakes may become the military actions of North Korea. Unlike Vice President Joey the gaffe talking Chicken Biden, I'm staying quiet about some details for security reasons.

Just out of curiosity, are you in the U.S.A., and how did you come across the blog?

Anonymous said...

Uh, I don't think you have to be a psychic to envision the possible undesirable consequences of North Korea with a leadership structure in flux. That my simple minded friend is the point. You make it sound like you're in on some unbelievable foresight when in reality any ratiional thinking person can see the possibilities that Rainman has "predicted." Wildfires in California? Possible chaos in North Korea? Come on. Who doesn't see those things coming? And thank you for not publishing sensitive state secrets on your blog. I'm sure the CIA and Homeland security can sleep easy at night knowing that you are safeguarding all the information that they feed you when they seek your opinion on problems that they can't solve themselves. To answer your question, I'm a U.S. citizen and I just stumbled across this shithole of a blog while surfing.

mystere's moonbat slayer club said...

Spoken like a true Obama-bot! Thank you very much! Had McCain been voted in, NoKo would never have done the tests! Kim Is-Ill thinks Borat Obonga is nothing more than a pansy! I mus admit and give credit to Joey "Talking Chicken" Biden and Hilary "Shrieking Mouth" Clinton for being right about Obama: HE IS AN APPRENTICE PRESIDENT! One Big Incompetent Dope in the White House! Obama's gonna wait until it's too late when he reacts to the crises in NoKo and the Mid East.

lib4christ said...

Apparently you are the coward Mystere. First you only allow comments to be posted after you have approved them. Most blogs allow all reasonable comments to be posted so that the readers are exposed to all viewpoints and positions. Secondly, my last comment to you, that you cowardly failed to post or answer, asked you a very specific question. What exactly should Obama do to bring the N. Korea situation under control?? If you can't answer this then you should retract your criticism of what he has done or hasn't done in this situation. It's easy to throw stones, especially when you don't have any answers.

mystere's moonbat slayer club said...

Bwack Bwaaaack!