Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Gays poised to Nuke Voters' Will

It's judgement day for the fate of California's Proposition 8! Will the cry babies get their way, and nuke the voters' will? Or will the voters be heard, and send a message back to the Homosexual extremists? Will Perri Hilton start another temper tantrum over this? The show isn't over until the fat lezzy screams! And the butch is ready to pull the trigger!

Now in a gay marriage, who is the husband and who is the wife? OOOOOOOH! DOES I
T SOUND MEAN & BIGOTED!!!!!???? Haaaah Haaaah! Here's what I think about gay marriages: Kaaaaah-haaaaaaack! Kaaaaah-haaaaaaack! Immorality has no place in this society!

California Supreme Court Upholds Gay Marriage Ban - The Political Jungle


PolarBear said...

I feel the strong urge to ask here, why the hell does this matter? If you are not gay, how can gay people getting married hurt you? This issue is the biggest waste of time. Who cares if people want to get married.

And as far as the voters, I hope the homophobic voters of California get shot down as they deserve to. Why the hell should straight people get to decide if gay people can get married? Civil rights are not subject to public opinion. Should we have voted on whether or not to treat black people as equals back in the Civil Rights Movement of the 1960s? And I'm sure if you put issues like interracial marriage, civil rights and even slavery to a votes, some places in the South would reject the rights of other human beings and be in favor of treating black people as farm machinery.

And the same goes for gay marriage. I'm a heterosexual individual, but I have no problem with homosexuals marrying. It doesn't affect me(or any other heterosexuals) in any way. Why should it? I'm happy for them. They found someone they are attracted to, they fell in love, so why shouldn't their relationship be recognized legally? What about cases of property rights and medical decisions? Why SHOULDN'T someone's significant other be allowed to have the SAME rights in these cases as heterosexuals? I believe this is one of our last civil rights hurdles we must overcome. Just as it was OK to openly bash black people in public just 40 years ago, today it is still OK to bash homosexuals in public. And the original post attached to this comment is a prime example of the open hatred and mean-spirit of the Christian Right. The people who try to shove "the teachings of Jesus" on us, yet do not follow them. The people who transformed the man who loved and cared for everyone into a hateful, homophobic, xenophobic monster. Give me a break, I'm an agnostic and I know more about the true writings/teachings of Jesus than these fundamentalist fools.

The show isn't over until the fat lezzy screams! And the butch is ready to pull the trigger!What the hell purpose did that comment serve? There's a reason why the "majority" opposed to gay marriages has been steadily shrinking over the last few years. People are finally coming to their senses and realizing that this is a pointless battle over nothing being waged by hatred and bitterness. Equality and justice will prevail(as it always does) and bitterness, hatred, discrimination and prejudice will be smashed and put in their place.

Now in a gay marriage, who is the husband and who is the wife?WHO CARES!!! Who is the husband and wife in heterosexual marriages? Maybe the woman goes to work and the man stays at home and cares for the kids. Who cares. Antiquated gender schemas and gender roles are becoming increasing irrelevant in today's modern society. I could give a rats ass about who does what. Just as much as I don't care what kind of sex positions heterosexual couples use.

Immorality has no place in this society!What's immoral about people falling in love? 50 years ago, people would have no problem saying it is "immoral" for a black man to fall in love with and marry a white woman. Years before that it would be "immoral" for someone in the upper class to marry someone in a lower class. Who is the judge of morality on this issue? How does one couple's marriage hurt anyone else? Are you honestly telling me that what other people do in their bedroom, who they love 'bothers' you? GET OVER IT!! Larry King and his young wives is a disgusting thought, but I don't fixate on that crap all day as the anti-gay crowd seems to fixate on gay sex.

PolarBear said...

In summation, even if you learn nothing from my commentary and choose to ignore it, AT LEAST take this lesson: life is too short to waste bickering and sticking your nose where it doesn't belong in others' business. Tragedy puts things into perspective. This weekend was the sixth Memorial Day since George Bush's epic mistake, and 4000+ people have died. Yet even with a new Commander in Chief, we still do not have a real discussion on this issue and the damn war continues until 2011. This weekend I learned someone who I once knew, but hadn't seen in years passed away. In life and death there are many other issues that are far more important than gays marrying. Keep fixating on depriving other human beings of their civil rights. I'd rather live and enjoy life and work for equality and peace for all.

mystere's moonbat slayer club said...


It took me a while to get back to you, due to plenty of other things I had to do, such as watching news reports, and running errands.

Bottom line is this: Gays already have the right to have Domestic Partnerships and Civil Unions. I'm saying define marriage. Marriage has more than 1 purpose...besides love, it is meant to create families naturally by birth. A man and a woman are to be joined in a sexual union to have children. Almost every religion supports having a family...one exception: Satanism. If the gays and lesbians want a civil union or domestic partnership, I won't stop them, even though I don't condone homosexual relationships.

I take it you never heard this phrase before:

"The show isn't over until the Fat Lady sings."

It's often used in opera.

I just did a twist on it to add a sense of humor.

If you heard Lorri Jean's awful screeching, you'll understand why I said it! If Ohio didn't show her screeching, they saved your ears!

Speaking about civil rights, we Californians voted, and we're sick of the losers in Sacramento screwing us over! For once, the judges listened to the voters, and stood by us! Californians are getting angrier by the second over the politicians screwing us financially...sales taxes are over 10% in some areas! Can you see the anger Polarbear? These politicians have become a den of thieves! And Nancy Pelosi is one of them! Barbara Boxer is another one. Just some heads ups for you.