Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Missing Human Link?? OH MY!!

(Quotes from news story in words in green).

"Hunched around a table at a VODKA bar in Hamburg, Jorn Hurum, a palaeontologist, was about to make the scientific gamble of his life. Thomas Perner, a fossil dealer whom he knew well had insisted they met; he had something VERY SPECIAL to show him."

Oh my! A drunk on vodka "ape scientist" has an alleged find (or scam) to show off to the world! Now what does his cohort have from the monkey
museum to show? More from Guardian UK:

"Looking nervously over his shoulder for prying glances, Perner put three photographs of a fossil on the bar table. 'My heart started beating extremely fast,' said Hurum. 'I knew that the dealer had a world sensation in his hands. I could not sleep for two nights.'"

I would look nervously over my shoulders when a guy presents a photoshop job of a picture, ready to fool the world as something authentic. And being drunk on vodka would make a man paranoid of anything
! And "world sensation" is a code for "big monkey business scam" to be pulled off in the left wing news...not being able to sleep for 2 nights is a side effect of this. and I'll skip some lines of the story to make this short and to the point...they say there were rumors of a SPECTACULAR PRIMATE FOSSIL SPECIMEN being found. And this ape doctor considers himself like a real life Indiana Jones!

Let me skip through the rest of the story...this find is called IDA, and is the remains of a Lemur. Hurum named this ape fossil after his own daughter. HE NAMES THE APE AFTER HIS DAUGHTER!! HOW FITTING! OH MY!!

Well, here's some more stuff from the story:

"This little creature is going to show us our connection with the rest of all the mammals -- with cows and sheep, and elephants and anteaters, " said Sir David Attenborough, who is narrating a BBC documentary on the find. "The more you look at IDA, the more you can see, as it were, the primate in embryo."

Hurum said: "This is the first link in human evolutio
n. A find like this is something for all humankind. It tells a part of our evolution that's been hidden so far." His gamble appears to have paid off scientifically. He and the museum could also be catapulted to scientific stardom. Hurum seems keen on that: "This is our Mona Lisa, and it will be...for the next 100 years."

Here's the scoop: Scientists are saying that IDA is not a
lemur, based on 1 thing: the teeth! Oh come on! Just the teeth determine that Ida's not a lemur? Funny how they could not take a swap onto a q-tip and analyze the remaining DNA? Here's why scientists refuse to classify the ape as a lemur:

Crucially, she was not an early representative of the primate branch that would evolve to be the modern day lemurs and other related species such as bush babies and lorises. Ida does not have a set of fused teeth in the middle of her bottom jaw called a "tooth comb", or a "grooming claw" on her second toe, both of which are characteristics of the lemurs. So it seem
s likely she is on our own primate line, the one that diversified into monkeys, apes and humans shortly after the split with the lemurs.

Oh really now? Just because Ida is missing a few thin
gs, she's not a lemur? HELLO!!!! There's something that happens sometimes while a baby develops in the womb of its mother: It's called a BIRTH DEFECT! It happens to both human beings and animals! While these scientists were in a drunken vodka stupor, they refused to consider the likelihood that this ape had a bunch of defects which led to its early demise one day!

Here's the title of the story which you can find on the internet: "Deal in Hamburg bar led scientist to Ida fossil, the 'eight wonder of the world' (

Eighth wonder of the world? It's the 8th blunder of the w
orld!!! Just do a search for IDA on the web, and you'll come across the story to read. Your credibility is as good as the credibility of this ape in Congress:

You need a "facelift" if you're going to bring some credibility to your ape report!

One more thing to your discovery, ape doctors:



Inkblot said...

Dear Jesus: I promise I will attack evolution with every ounce of my limited intellect because if evolution is real then the world is actually billions of years old instead of less than 10,000. And if the Earth is that old and we evolved from other life forms then things must have died before the first human came about. And if death came before sin then what did Jesus die for. And if Jesus didn't die to give us eternal life in heaven then, Oh Jesus I'm scared!!! Please Jesus I don't want to die. Please let me live forever. I promise to speak ill of homosexuals and non-republicans. You right-wing religious freaks crack me up.

mystere's moonbat slayer club said...


If an ape ever attacks you while you're at a zoo, don't go screaming out cuss words with God or Jesus in might just be a warning to you for mocking God.

By the way, did you slip on some donkey dung this morning?

inkblot said...

Actually I wasn't mocking God, I was mocking you. You're too dumb to understand the importance of Jesus's life and ministry. You think believing that Jesus was God incarnate is an easy way out of an unavoidable death. You are scared to death of evolution because you believe it threatens your fantasy world of eternal life and heaven. So you attack it. God was not mocked. You were. You're not important enough to assume that when people attack you they must also be attacking God.

mystere's moonbat slayer club said...

Ha Ha inkblotch! Since you think we all came from monkeys, what breed of monkey are you? Are you a white monkey? As for my self, I don't have a drop of monkey blood in me! I'm fully human and proud of it! Now inkbloat, if you think you're an ape, that's your prerogative...what breed monkey are you?

Inkblot said...

Ha. Ha. Very clever Batty. Way to totally avoid addressing any of the relevant points and respond to both posts by nothing more than name calling. Truely the sign of a great blogger. But if that's the game you want to play, here it goes. Yeah, I'm white (that's relevant how??). I'm actually descended from a common ancestor of a monkey according to evolutionary theory, but I realize that that finer point is lost on somebody like you. Finally, I won't dispute that you don't have a drop of monkey blood in you. Judging from your picture you look much more closely related to a pot-bellied pig. A little advice Batty. Exercise and smaller portions!!

mystere's moonbat slayer club said...

Ha Ha inkblot! I see your guano came crashing down from the roof of your cave. You better hope you're not next on Satan's Breakfast menu. He's hungry for fools like you; this is just a heads up. Satan may have sent you to try mocking me, but God has other plans. And, no, you can't phase me easily.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, it doesn't look like anything phases you but a bacon and butter sandwich

mystere's moonbat slayer club said...

Is the moonbat tripe soup delicious? I hear it's the moonbat's soup of the day! But I hear it stinks up the trough in the moonbat cave. We regular folks don't touch the soup.