Wednesday, March 1, 2017

The Donald And The Speech

Donald Trump rocked the house last night with his speech. I'm going to keep this post short, because there was a huge load of things going well for him, and it wouldn't be fair to try listing them, only to find out I missed a gem.

Yes, Melania and Ivanka both looked elegant and classy last night. President Trump covered plenty, such as showing support to the widow of the Navy SEAL who just died in a raid.  Then there were the families of murder victims who died at the hands of illegal aliens and repeat offenders who got out early from prison and were either deported multiple times or never deported.  Some of these victims were legal aliens who got naturalized, while some were from minority families who broke the stereotype and worked hard to make life good for their families.

The one final moment that stands out is the moment the camera caught Nancy Pelosi looking like she was about to cry and vomit.  Trump must have upset her plans to meet afterwards with the KKK.  Then the rebuttal screed from the Kentucky used car salesman of a former governor topped the over the top oinking from the Democrats.

But I must also give credit to a well known liberal who had positive things to say.  Kristen Powers expressed her approval for Donald Trump's speech.  So there is a bit of hope for some liberals.

All aboard the Trump Train!

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